Tooth loss due to bone loss

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Avatar f tn I'd rather hold onto the laterals but need to know what the percents of bone loss are for a compromised tooth. I already know the one is going to have to be extracted. My hope is saving at least two or possible three of the others.
Avatar n tn when he examined me he did xrays which showed bone loss around 1 1/2 of the teeth and also that the nerve to 1 tooth had died. my question is, could the bone loss be due to a nasty sinus infection or chronic sinusitis, or to a small cavity which was filled 35 years ago with a gold filling which was replaced with a normal filling 8 years ago. also, if the nerve is dead, even though the infection seems to have cleared up, why is the tooth still aching a little?
Avatar f tn If there is significant bone resorption due to periodontal disease and primary closure of extraction site is not achievable, bone graft to preserve alveolar ridge may not be appropriate. Mutual rapport between you and your treating dentist is extremely important. If you do'nt understand your dentist 's explanation, keep on inquing until you are fully aware of everythong. Please keep in mind many treatment problems arise from poor communications between patient and health care providers.
Avatar f tn I took good care of them on and off and noticed on another xray the there is less bone. I think there is 60% bone loss on the canine and lateral incisor and 80% bone loss on the central insicor - this is my guess. When I went to the periodontist, he looked at my xray and said there was no bone loss, but I think this was the wrong xray because you couldn't see my bar on it. I didn't say anything since he checked for pockets and didn't find any.
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Avatar f tn Bone grafting is usually indicated to replace or augment bone in areas of tooth loss which may occur due to trauma, severe caries, or periodontal disease. The most effective graft material is your own natural bone followed by freeze dried human bone and then processed animal bone, and lastly, mineral bone substitute .It is important to discuss the details of this procedure with your dentist and get a firm understanding before the surgical procedure starts. I sincerely hope it helps.
Avatar m tn My dentist suggested that I should have this tooth removed. I just lost the lower tooth a month ago due to shaky and bone loss in this area. Both teeth have a build up layer around the roots and I really don't want to loose any more teeth. Is there any way I can save this tooth? My gum bleed when I poke into the gum for this tooth. I have tried various treatments like rinse my mouth with salt and water,rinse with Listorine . That seems to help for a short term.
Avatar n tn The first tooth that anchors the bridge is always getting infected and the gumline has receded due to bone loss. Is it possible to pull this bridge off, extract the bad tooth and then re-use the bridge by adding another tooth to the bridge and anchor it to the next good tooth, thus creating a four tooth bridge?
Avatar m tn The horror stories will also include having the tooth and the neighboring teeth just fall out from bone loss due to infection. Please make that appt ASAP. You say it's already been three years since that first infection. Time will grow short for the life of those teeth without dental help. Hope this helps.
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Avatar n tn Otherwise they will have to be extracted due to bone loss and included in a partial upper plate that is currently planned to replace missing upper teeth on the other side. I don't want to go through the expense and pain of a grafting procedure unless the chances for success are high.
Avatar n tn No one answered this person's question, but I'm getting an implant in my number 30 since it had to be pulled due to a crack clear down to the root. Every one tells me it will be fine and there shouldn't be any problems. How does an infection develope with an implant? I think I read two posts on here about patients getting infections from an implant with titanium.
Avatar n tn What I was trying to find out was if the nerve damage in my hand due to an IV sticking in to a nerve while I was in the hospital was going to go away by itself or if I should see someone? Do you know that?
Avatar f tn Food gets trapped between the gums and teeth causing the gums to pull away from the tooth and it turns to plaque which can only be removed by your dentist. If left untreated it can also lead to tooth loss due to bone loss. I hope this helps and wish you all the best. It's tough when you need dental care and can't afford it. Good luck.
Avatar f tn it looks like something happening inside the tooth. Is it calcium loss? Or why is it only affecting that tooth? Also next to that tooth i have teeth loosing bone matter or somethng because is going transparent in some parts. I am brushing with baking soda, does this affect it? Please help. Is the tooth dying? I used to try to push this tooth a bit forward, and push the one sticking out back, because my front teeth are uneven, using my fingers. Does this affect it? Thankyou!
Avatar n tn I immediately went back to the surgeon who is completely at a loss of what to do. His only recommendation is to do more surgery and remove more of the hyoid bone. However, the more they take out the greater the risk of swallowing issues post-surgery. I'm not sure I'm ready to sign up for that again just yet. Since the 1/23 incident, it has happened 3 more times with the last time being only 2 weeks from the previous episode. I'm worried that this is going to continue to get worse again.
Avatar n tn I just recently saw your posting and wondered how things would out for you and your present status. I am going through a very similar situation .. due to a bad / incomplete rootcanal years back it turned out the org infecton spread .. ate a hole through my maxillary sinus which I had to have closed by an oral surgeon using a flap procedure and then several molars also extracted beside it leaving only one premolar left .. the one beside the eye tooth ..
Avatar n tn The leading tooth of the bridge is infected due to bone loss/receding gums. The dentist says all I can do is have the bridge pulled, pull the first tooth and replace it with a four tooth bridge. Is there any alternative to losing the whole bridge and paying out for another costly bridge? The tooth is draining infection daily so there is no pain right now. Also, this will be the second bridge I have lost in the last couple of years due to the teeth underneath becoming infected.
Avatar m tn Once that happens, the tooth is usually not salvageable because it is now very brittle to begin with. A fractured tooth leaves a breeding ground for bacteria and eventual bone loss which can affect the neighboring teeth. If you do need it removed, I highly recommend an implant to replace it. The procedure is no worse than a root canal. It just takes alot longer to get to the finished product because of healing time. My DH has 7 molar implants and loves them.
Avatar n tn You may want to switch to a soft head brush and try to brush more gently but thoroughly. Its important to brush all the surfaces of your teeth but its not necessary to brush hard. Plaque will come off easily with brushing. The teeth can withstand the hard bristles but your gums may not. Hope that helps.
Avatar n tn You may find that dentists do not spend any time counseling their patients relative to the things that cause tooth and root decay, or how to get free from it. Why should they when they make money from dental disease. Dental decay is the number one disease in the world. The primaryPrimary amyloidosis Primary biliary cirrhosis Primary hyperparathyroidism Primary insomnia Primary lymphoma of the brain cause is diet, and no amount of dental work can stop the decay process.
Avatar f tn After extraction, the dentist waits about 4 months for bone to grow back where the root was in order to put a metal post in. I am concerned about impaired bone regrowth due to the tx drugs. Anyone out there have experience with this type of situation?
Avatar m tn Is this the symptom of tooth abscess ? I cannot fully open my mouth due to this. Please give me suggestions on what I can do about this. Thank you so much.
Avatar n tn After an xray this tooth showed to have a cyst to the side of the tooth, which he said was unusual, however, above the tooth next to it was a lump. Dentist said he didn't know what the lump above the other tooth was. He is referring me to Oral spec. but as routine appt (so could be a good 6-8 months wait!). I've got to get the bad tooth refilled and crowned over the next few months, dentist said he would keep an eye on the lumps for me whilst I wait for the appt.
Avatar f tn so when are you going to pull the 3rd tooth? I am facing losing a tooth and I know it is hard, but I would do it to avoid all you have been through. Your post has even convinced me to do it!
619150 tn?1247051874 Any oral surgeon would remove your front tooth due to the abscess. If it can be saved, going to an endodontist or general dentist to do a root canal may be another option. Yes, you should probably be pre-medicated with antibiotics prior to dental treatment to prevent any possible infections in your knees or hip (after replacement).
Avatar f tn A week after the procedure I was still having tooth pain. Canal was done due to sensitivity, I had no infection. At any rate tooth is still sensitive to hot and cold. I went in to the endo who did the procedure and he touchd the tooth with cold and at the time in his office I did not feel much pain, but at the right angle on the back of this tooth, I will feel cold and its a sharp pain.
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Avatar m tn At that point, the tooth can't be saved and would need to be removed to prevent further bone loss and a dental implant (which you had mentioned) could be placed after the bone has healed. She should probably have the tooth removed or she can get a second opinion from another doctor. They can run some more tests to determine if there's a fracture and it sounds most likely that it'll need to come out.
Avatar n tn You may find that dentists do not spend any time counseling their patients relative to the things that cause tooth and root decay, or how to get free from it. Why should they when they make money from dental disease. Dental decay is the number one disease in the world. The primary cause is diet, and no amount of dental work can stop the decay process.