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1806721 tn?1510192923 Hi, I've been having some tooth pain in my back tooth for a while. Recently, the tooth became sensitive to hot/cold drinks. Yesterday, all of a sudden, I came down with flu-like symptoms (fever, chills, severe body aches and headaches), but with no nasal congestions and just very mild dry cough. The fever broke earlier today. But I'm still feeling very weak and sweaty with non-stopping throbbing headache and tooth/jaw pain. I don't have a regular dentist since I moved last year.
Avatar n tn No it is sun and the pain is only bad if I push directly don on that tooth--HOWEVER---my entire jaw hurts on that side now, I have pressure in my sinus on that side and i think I feel a bit of a lump (which is sensitive to pressure) on the bottom of my jaw directly under that tooth. I will go back in the morning but to get a second opinion will take a few days and a couple hundred mile round trip. Any thoughts? I am tired of the pain and even more tired of the pain medicine.
Avatar n tn Sinus tooth ache almost always involves upper posterior teeth. Please keep in mind that tooth ache is not always odontogenic. If your dentist can not identify structural pathology of dentoalveolar structure, seeing an orofacial pain specialist is advised.
Avatar n tn How do I know if this is a sinus infection - which I am prone to getting - or possibly a tooth abcess (the pain is mostly centered over one of the molars)? It does not hurt any more when I bite down. What does increase the pain is if I lay down on my left side any amount of time, whether it be to rest or sleep. Help???
Avatar n tn during which at 2 points in time i felt a jolt of pain through the center of the tooth. I've had constant sharp aching/throbbing pain ranging from tooth-jaw joint-ear & head as well as pressure in the ear. I found discomfort chewing on that side last week so I've avoided it & of course there's sensativity to temperature. I take advil every few hours as it wears off & have gone through a bottle in a week. Due to the holiday docs/dentist was closed.
14726666 tn?1448783292 It did not get better and I was in constant pain in my sinus and lower jaw. The doctor could not see anything wrong with the tooth and referred me to doc for sinus infection. The ent sent me back to the dentist. Finally my dentist recommended pulling the tooth. That was done in May. I am still in constant pain with no relief and the pain now seems to be more on the lower jaw and at the back of my throat. I have a constant sore throat only on the left side.
Avatar n tn who said this was a sinus infection. I searched online and did not find anything suggesting a sinus infection can be caused by a tooth extraction. I read Sinus Infection on Mayo Clinic 's website and it describe more serious immune system problems can cause it , now i am really freaking out. It has been about 7 days now , anyone got any opinions or advise ? I never had this before and if anyone has any opinions , please help.
659608 tn?1318292966 It is however more than possible that you could have an infection in your jaw, say, from an impacted or infected wisdom tooth. Tooth pain can often make the ear and neck hurt as well (just as an ear infection can make the teeth hurt...). There is also the possibility that there is nothing wrong with you dentally either and you are suffering from neuralgic pain.
Avatar f tn For the last year I've had pain and the dentist drilled it down and now I have so much pain. I've had neck pain, jaw pain and dizziness. So much dizziness that I was referred to an ENT. After extensive testing, I was diagnosed the Vestibular Optic Reflex (VOR). I'm continuing eye exercises, but I'm still having pain and motion issues. If there a correlation between the tooth and nerve and my vision? HELP please.
Avatar m tn when the denist took x ray they saw no sign of infection in teeth . my ear is borthing me my jaw my gums under my teeth line has a blister that is filled with liquid my jaw just plain hurts my tooth is constantly throbing. ive been on meds for 6 days now. my question is could theese syptoms be something else other than an infection .if yes what else micicks a tooth ache.
Avatar n tn I have had on & off tooth pain for over a year in my left lower jaw & a bit of the upper. My dentist has said twice there are no dental problems. I have also had high blood pressure for bout the same time. I ve been under a termendous amount of stress as well & have extra weight on. Is there any way this on and off tooth pain can be a heart condition and if so what kinds? If so and i need t see a doctor what kiind of test should i be asking for. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I have a similar problem which is caused by a sinus infection in my maxillary sinus -- It is caused by an infection from a root canal -- it caused a communication from my mouth into my sinuses -- causing the infection. You need to take care of the tooth (filling/extraction/root canal) & then treat the sinus infection (anti-biotics) -- You should see a dentist about the tooth with the deep cavity to make sure you do not have an abcess.
Avatar f tn I'd say because of the tooth pain too it's a sinus infection. You could try saline to help rinse out your nasal passages or go to your doctor. They might give you a Z-pack or some other antibiotic if they suspect bacterial infection.
Avatar f tn And considering the work you had done I wouldn't be surprised if your jaw was quite sore for a few days too. The pain in the cheeks and sinus pain happened to my brothers after their wisdom teeth came out, and for me after my jaw surgeries. They did a lot of work in that region there is bound to be some swelling. If it is there in a week - then I'd go back to the doctor. It has only been two days. I don't have health anxiety but I have suffered from an anxiety disorder.
Avatar n tn It could be a sinus infection. I have asinus infection and I have terible ear and jaw pain.
Avatar n tn who said this was a sinus infection. I searched online and did not find anything suggesting a sinus infection can be caused by a tooth extraction. I read Sinus Infection on Mayo Clinic 's website and it describe more serious immune system problems can cause it , now i am really freaking out. It has been about 7 days now , anyone got any opinions or advise ? I never had this before and if anyone has any opinions , please help.
587537 tn?1220108492 got that 5 day medican, a week later took extrays again and still tells me sinus infection. My nose fells clear, my ears do hurt and my jaw aches, along with swollen gums, only on right side. Started more medican and more pain pills. Now there is another "bone piece" coming thru gum and I can not get to it to pull out myself, this whole thing is driving me crazy. Please Help. Advise is welcome. I am running out of vacation and sick time from work, not to mention money.
1085237 tn?1293764246 A few days ago I got a sudden pain in my head along my left jaw line it hurt really bad. It continued to hurt off and on and developed a feeling of pressure along with the pain, all along the left side of my head. I thought I had a sinus infection so I went to the local clinic and was told there was no signs of a sinus infection but given Cipro 500mg twice a day for a just in case.
Avatar m tn I am 35 years old, and had my wisdom teeth removed when I was 24. But that's not why I'm posting. My current problem started roughly 3 or 4 years ago. My upper right 1st molar had a filling in it...the filling broke, and the dentist I used to have drilled it out and put a very large filling in. Even since that fateful day, I've had problems on and off. For the first 6 months or so, the tooth was tender and my maxillary sinus would hurt.
Avatar f tn If its a sinus problem, obviously resolving the sinus infection would alleviate the pain. Have you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician or ENT?
Avatar f tn Hi, combination of your ear pain and the jaw pain could be due to sinus congestion. There are many cases where individuals that suffering from sinus congestion also experience pressure in the ear, with earaches and even jaw pain. The earaches you are having may be an infection in the ear due to blocked sinuses. Other causes of aw pain can be due to infection of salivary gland like parotitis, infected foci, osteoporosis related jaw disarticulation or fracture.
Avatar m tn Seemed to think problem was other than tooth-- possible ear infection or sinus infection. He gave me two perscriptions. I then went to see my primary care Dr. who examined upper respiratory system. He seems to think I have a sinus infection but said it could also be start of shingles. He converted my dentist's perscriptions to vicodin, azithromycin, & MucinexD. Still much pain 12 hrs. later. Hope this stuff works. Your comments?
Avatar f tn I am on antibiotics for a tooth infection in a broken tooth. I am just finishing a 10 cycle of 3 500mg/day. The pain in my mouth died down the second day on the mess & was manageable for a few days. Then, on days 6 & 7 the pain started recurring, on day 8 there was some but not a lot of pain. Day 9 I was fine for part of the day & then the pain became pretty intense. Sharp, pin pointed, shooting/throbbing pain in the tooth.