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Avatar f tn The dentist was shocked by this and said he would not have believed it possible with teeth like my daughters if he had not seen it on 2 different x-rays. Is it possible her cavity (which cannot be seen except on x-ray?) could be in any way linked to her bone strength etc. It seems unlikely to me that she could end up with a cavity when the tooth has only been in her mouth for a few months. I am obsessive about keeping her teeth healthy and clean. The shock from the dentist shows that.
Avatar m tn If they were doing that kind of X-ray, it's no different than if they X-rayed your chest where your heart is or X-rayed your leg. Now, if let's say you have a tooth problem right now, and that's how come you had that kind of panoramic X-ray done, THAT'S what is giving you a headache and making you dizzy, you got a tooth infection or cavity that is exposing the nerve. So, you'll probably have to go to the dentist to get a tooth filled or pulled or whatever.
Avatar f tn If the tooth has been fractured by any injury, the dentist may perform a root canal to prevent infection and then treat the loose tooth. Bleeding and swollen gums could be due to bacteria or a lack of a certain vitamin that can lead to swollen gums,gingivitis, scurvy, periodontitis etc. In gingivitis there are swollen gums, bad breath, easily bleeding of the gums during flossing or brushing and gums may appear red-colored.
Avatar m tn As you can see on the X-Ray that I joined with this message, my wife is having an extra tooth in his upper gum. She knows about this since at least 3 years. Her dentist saw this today and recommends her to get a surgery as soon as possible, even if she doesn't feel any pain about it. The most worrying is apparently the white spot that you can see over the tooth. It could be some infection that could, in the worst case scenario, turns into a cancer.
Avatar f tn My x-ray has shown mild narrowing of disk space, straightening of cervical spine curve and more confusingly 'small calcific lesion at left side of pelvic cavity, could represent calcified node, bowl content or tooth content of left ovarian dermoid lesion'. Can any translate the latter? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I went to a dentist and he said it looked like an infection in the gum around the crown, took an x-ray which showed nothing. There were deep pockets due to a previous infection causing a deep area between #14 and the last molar, (which has also got a crown), but no root canal. The dentist said I more than likely have an infection and need a deep cleaning and antibiotics put into the area to heal it. I took the time to read all the issues posted here regarding similar issues.
Avatar n tn Yes, you are at higher risk of getting endocarditis than someone who has never had a tooth infection -- but that is a long way from actually having endocarditis. As long as the infection stayed localized in your jaw, you won't get endocarditis. If you did not have any unexplained fevers, night sweats, or other symptoms of whole-body infection, the chances that you have contracted bacterial endocarditis are low -- especially if you do not already have some other sort of heart valve disease.
Avatar f tn However, my mother, a little uneased by the definite proof of an infection on the x-ray declined to have a root canal done on me. My question is, can a tooth infection simply not show up on multiple x-rays? Also, does a root canal have to be done in the case of a tooth infection (other than extracting the tooth of course)? Thank you very much for your help and responses.
Avatar f tn Saw my doctor on Wednesday and he said it sounded like anxiety. Dentist on Thursday, said I had a tooth infection. Freaked out, bc I know that this can spread to your brain. I've had a stye and a sinus infection, so now I'm convinced that it's spreading to my brain. My doctor said it's unlikely, so did the dentist. I'm taking an antibiotic and will be getting the infected tooth out next week. Possibly all 4... It's a top molar that's infected.
Avatar n tn If one of the teeth is in need of root canal therapy and you have a swelling associated with that tooth then more than likely thereis some evidence on the x-ray. I do not know whether this is an endodontic or periodontic(gum) problem. An oral surgeon may be a doctor that should be consulted. A swelling has a cause and should be investigated.
Avatar n tn I have multiple roots, I have lost one tooth because a dentist failed to see a double root. They extracted it and showed it to me. I had lived with the abcess for one year. Aonther time a different dentist realised that I had more roots than anticipated, I was left with my mouth clamed open for 3 hours while he checked other patients inbetween. My present dentist discovered multiple roots on an eye tooth (the fang ones) it took a while to cure, but he saved the tooth.
Avatar f tn So, after months of being on the waiting list I finally went in for cleaning, and I told the dental hygenist about the bump, she felt it and thought I should have an X-ray. The X-ray showed that it was absessed, and so I had to go in for dental work. It took some time for them to work on it, they had to keep cleaning it out. They finally finished about january or febuary. During all this time my lymphnodes would swell up in my neck, armpits and groin area, real big. And it still happens.
Avatar n tn Which tooth was replaced? lower, upper, anterior, bicuspid, molar?
Avatar m tn Some antibiotics have analgesic effect. Therefore, if you feel better after taking antibiotics, it does not mean you have infection responsible for your symptoms. If you do have chronic infection in your mouth, clinical and radiographic exam can confirm. If your extensive dental treatment were rendered for left side facial pain and pain was not relieved, you may have a condition known as atypical odontalgia. Seeing an Orofacial pain specialist is advised.
Avatar n tn I had that problem a few years back, I begged the dentist to remove an aching tooth but an x-ray revealed a pocket of infection compressing the nerves under the tooth.
Avatar n tn Horizontal fracture can be detected from x-ray. Initial vertical fracture can not be seen from x-ray. The abscess of tooth #29 may come from fracure, periodontal infectrion, or periapical infection. Cord packing and impression procedure is not likely to cause infection.
Avatar n tn Is it easy to evaluate with an x-ray? My mouth is super-sensitive and I don't want to cause more pain by having a root canal done. Would a dental CAT scan be of any help?
Avatar m tn the pain has gotten a little better but the swelling has gone down very little. when the denist took x ray they saw no sign of infection in teeth . my ear is borthing me my jaw my gums under my teeth line has a blister that is filled with liquid my jaw just plain hurts my tooth is constantly throbing. ive been on meds for 6 days now. my question is could theese syptoms be something else other than an infection .if yes what else micicks a tooth ache.
Avatar f tn with a retention cyst sitting above the tooth. if when they take the X-ray there is an infection I would go ahead with root canal. if the root tip is sitting in the floor of the sinus I would then ask to see a ent before commencing with a rct. asking the dentist to first get an opg will be a good indercation on if you may have. cyst as it will show in this X-ray. infections in teeth can cause many problems, not just a sore tooth or swollen face.
Avatar n tn I had a root canal a few months ago and for some reason i kept having pain in my tooth for a long time. So i went back to my dentist to get x-rays and he said that there was nothing wrong with my tooth. I got some prescriptions for my tooth but i still had pain. Two days ago, i went to my dentist again and told him that i was still having pain in the tooth. He told me that my pain was from the root canal and that it is a rare case.
Avatar n tn Both dentists took an x-ray and everything looked normal. The 1st dentist wanted to do a crown w/no root canal and the second dentist is doing the sedative filling with possible root canal if the sedative filling doesn't help. He initially wanted to bond an area of the tooth that he said had some abrasion but then changed his mind and did the filling instead. So I guess you can tell I'm kind of confused and don't know what to trust at this point.
Avatar f tn My dentist took an x-ray of my mouth and found no sign of a tooth abscess, even though when she drilled the infected tooth (which had a filling), there was a foul smell, indicating an abscessed tooth. There is also a swelling below my left jaw, and it is difficult to swallow and open my mouth. The dentist didn't explain much regarding why the x-Ray didn't reflect the tooth abscess. When we asked about the swelling in my jaw, she answered (rather uncertainly) maybe, it was because of trauma?
Avatar f tn My dentist did an oral exam and full set of x-rays along with my jaw x-ray and he said that my upper right wisdom tooth is rotten, (it's black and looks real nasty) and needs to be removed by an oral surgeon. I said no way because it doesn't hurt and I don't even know it's I really need to have it removed? Thanks!
Avatar n tn the took an x ray but did not clean the area. it has been a few days since the antibiotics and it does not hurt any more. i will maker sure the infection is gone on wed when i go in for my perm. caps.
Avatar f tn I had an infection in my lower back tooth. The dentist treated it with antibiotics then took out the tooth 2 weeks later. I then had more swelling about a week after and a lump in the side of my mouth. The dentist gave more antibiotics after an x-ray but 2 weeks later the lump has got bigger. The dentist is now confused to what it could be and has sent me to the hospital. I am waiting to hear, but am very worried. The lump is proberly due to the extraction as it was not there before.
Avatar n tn I would say a panorama x-ray is indicated so I would be off to the dentist, first, as an x-ray of some sort I think is needed. If a DR orders a Skull x-ray, there is generally radiologist fees. $$ My take is that should the first round of antibiotics be related to a dental issue you may need a second round. If it is only a sinus infection you may be spared additional rounds. Then there could be an issue of the right antibiotic if some doctor or dentist gets nit-picky.
Avatar m tn Sorry to hear about your mom. Yes, its possible that there's a fracture that can't be seen on an x-ray. Unfortunately x-rays are a two dimensional picture of a three dimensional object and things can be hidden due to the overlap, especially a crack since it can run the wrong way and won't show up. I would have been suspicious of a possible crack due to the lack of a cavity and the symptom of pain on the tooth. There may have been some history of trauma to the area prior to pain.
Avatar m tn Ther was no cavities identified on x-ray. if the offending tooth was vital, the lesion may be associated with periodontitis.however, periodontitis induced lesion should be easily diagnosed by a clinician without problem.I would suspect that a cyst or tumor may be present. Jaw bone cyst or tumor may not be recognized by general practitioner. Seeing an oral pathologist or oral surgeon is advised.
Avatar f tn There was no signs of abscess or infection on the x rays and no signs of inflammation. The tooth itself still does not hurt. Yesterday morning before going to the dentist, the pain finally started to recede but upon waking up in the morning my body felt very weak and tired. Even after getting about 7 hours of sleep last night ( waking up about three times), even with no more jaw pain, my body is still tired.
Avatar n tn The new X-ray shows some bone changes in the twisting tooth. Grinding teeth, that being my main tooth to bite with and it not having moved, were all mentioned as causes. I am annoyed because that tooth was fine before I had my crown and now it's a problem. How convenient that the tooth twisting is nothing to do with the work they have done, or am I being stupid?