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Avatar m tn I thought the endodontist did a very poor job). So now I'm on my 2nd day of 500 mg Penicillin QID, and I'm still having pain. I've been taking 600 mg Ibuprofen Q6HR alternating with 1000 mg Acetometophin Q6HR, which helps, but I was wondering: how long should I wait till I possibly suspect the antibiotic is not doing the job on the infection? Also, it was recommended that I have a redo of said root canal, which I agree with, that going to be a very difficult procedure?
Avatar f tn So now I am on antibiotics to try and care for the tooth infection but at same time fighting inflammed thyroid and constant knee pain, I have been seeing doctors for it all for along time its none of it easy. Thanks for the help.
Avatar n tn when i was younger my front tooth was broken and replaced with a cap. 7 years later it became infected and i had root canal surgery (is this where they take the nerve out? as this is what happened) over the last two years the gum become swollen and sore and receeds around the tooth. what is happening?
Avatar n tn Recently I visited my dentist because I was experiencing extreme pain in my mouth. They told me my upper left wisdom tooth was infected and prescribed me a prescription for an antibiotic and ibuprofen to help with the discomfort, as well as referring me to an oral surgeon. I have an appointment in three days with the oral surgeon for an exam (Its been two weeks already) but I have the feeling my tooth is still infected even after taking the antibiotic.
1654684 tn?1301997588 For the past couple of years or so, I have encountered not so severe pain on my back tooth, also the one on the other side..Normally I just take painkillers. Last month, the pain on one side became unbearable and I got that tooth removed.. But from the looks of it, the other unremoved one is worse. The other day I experienced unbearable pain on said tooth and I feel like even my neck is swollen.
Avatar m tn This tooth had a root filling twice,but that was about three years ago.I had antibiotics over the new year for an infection and more antibiotics a few weeks after the first lot .The dentist said the best option is having the tooth extracted,because another root filling would possibly be not very successful.So I had the tooth extracted.There were several little pieces.A day after I was still in a lot of pain and had to take pain killers every three hours.
Avatar n tn Yes, you are at higher risk of getting endocarditis than someone who has never had a tooth infection -- but that is a long way from actually having endocarditis. As long as the infection stayed localized in your jaw, you won't get endocarditis. If you did not have any unexplained fevers, night sweats, or other symptoms of whole-body infection, the chances that you have contracted bacterial endocarditis are low -- especially if you do not already have some other sort of heart valve disease.
Avatar n tn Just to add - I am 28 years old and i haven't had any of my wisdom teeth removed.
Avatar f tn I went back the next week, as the filling fell out of it, and she said that it was looking better, re-filled the tooth and recommended Corsodyl for a couple of weeks. I followed her advice, and continued with the Corsodyl, and things did seem to improve, but as soon as I stopped using it, the gum started to swell again. I noticed on the bottle that a month's course was recommended for gum disease, so thought that maybe I hadn't used it for long enough to completely knock the infection out.
Avatar f tn Hopefully, they do and don't say i'm positive because you kjnow, i wouldn't want to be, but at the same time they can find my problem... i'm 26.. and oh man.. let a tooth infection go for 3 months with cold sensations with liquid in moth to a lower back molar tooth. from then on i've had various symptoms from breathing problem down to twitching. unbelievable never experienced such symtpoms..
Avatar n tn Hi, I need some advise regarding my teeth. I had a root canal done on my tooth 19th maybe about 3 years ago. 2 years ago my gum swelled because of pus & infection therefore the dentist did another root canal to remove the infection. I found out last sep. that there's some infection underneath that same tooth again, but because of some complication with insurance i didn't do anything about it till now. This time there's no swelling or pain or any sort of discomfort.
Avatar f tn I didn't think of it for quite some time, although I believe I did have pain at first and I couldn't eat on that side, but I don't know for sure. Years later we moved to where we are now, and I finally told my regular doctor about it. He looked at it and didn't think it was an absess because it was so high up in the gums, but he said I should see a dentist about it.
Avatar n tn A tooth (should have erupted at about 12 years old) fully embedded & fused with mandible. Didn't cause any problems for years, but has flared up and is extremely painful. Per general dentist, it lays directly under a good tooth, has abscess/cyst at base and infection in mandible. States it needs to be removed per xrays and consult with oral surgeon who agreed but said it will be a major task since the nerves are tangled, jawbone may break etc.
Avatar n tn is this why my vertigo isn't going away? Can the infection in my tooth be causing fluid to build up in my inner ear which is why I have vertigo symptoms? I can't seem to find an answer! Also, is the fluid in my lymph node from my inner ear or from the infection in my tooth???? Help! Next stop ENT if I can't figure this out!
Avatar n tn Just because the fistula/bump is gone doesn't mean the infection is gone. I'm not a dentist, but I'm a dental assistant (9 years) and I guarantee the bump will eventually come back, it's not good to have that infection in your body(pregnant or not). You need to do whatever dental work your dentist recommended,just let them know you are pregnant so they don't use nitrous. Just my opinion....good luck!!
Avatar n tn Its hard for me to say whether the tooth needed to be removed or not. But since it is out, it would be best to finish your antibiotics and monitor the situation. If you follow your post operative instructions carefully, the area should heal normally. Are there any medical problems you may have that may affect your ability to heal or fight off infections?
Avatar f tn Colloidal silver, i used this for years for all infections an viruses as well. I also have a huge problem with Antibiotics, they nearly killed me a few times from Anapalaxic shock!! And their all mold and really bad for the body period.. I also ended up with rampart Candida form hell!! And the being put on Diflucan caused even more problems. DO NOT let the 'scare monger's' put you off using Colloidal silver, its amazing stuff.
Avatar n tn Or the hygenist from hell, who used that nasty ultrasonic thing, despite my protests, left me in pain for over a week, using salt washes to prevent infection.) More than enough for anyone. A dear friend of mine just admitted that he has not been to a dentist for over 25 years, and he's fine. If I can manage it, I am going to follow his example.
Avatar f tn had a tooth pulled and took pain pills for 1 week for legit pain and another week before I decided I didn't want to go down that road again. Went to Dr for sinus infection and headache and he ask if I wanted pain pill for the headaches and I said no that I like them too much and he was impressed that I was honest, not many people are. He gave me fioriect tabs for the headaches will have to do my research on them now. I've taken a couple and seem to work ok.
Avatar f tn I have been told years ago that I should have my top wisdom tooth extracted now just a little of wisdom is poking through it is impacted and now I have pain in temple area to the touch could infection be traveling to my brain please help
Avatar n tn HI, The gap after tooth extraction will usually fill up and heal by secondary intention within a few weeks time. If it has not healed for 12 years then there must be something that is preventing healing to occur. This can be infection and abscess formation. The gross taste may be an indication. Also anaemia, diabetes or other conditions that decrease a person’s immunity may prevent healing. You should take a second opinion regarding the matter from another Doctor. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I had a rootcanal on tooth #30 about 13 years ago. Two or three years ago #30 cracked. Last year i went to the dentist and he cleaned the decay and put a prefabricated post and covered the tooth with the white filling. over that time i have been experiencing acne on my face and developed cysts under the jaw bone on both sides of my mouth. The dermatologist gave me amoxicilliyn for about 2 years which cleared up the cysts and acne. I stopped taking amoxicil.
Avatar n tn This started about 1 week ago. This tooth had a root canal done about 20 years ago. It is also an anchor tooth for a bridge for #29-31. The bridge was replaced about 1 1/2 years ago. I was having problems with the porcelain fall off so my dentist was remaking it using gold. The pain in the gums around this tooth started about 4 weeks ago after the dentist had to pack the cord around the anchor teeth to make impressions for the new bridge.
Avatar n tn and I'm 42 years old. Wouldn't it be strange if the tooth was in trouble for the past 8 years and I had no symptoms? Is it easy to evaluate with an x-ray? My mouth is super-sensitive and I don't want to cause more pain by having a root canal done. Would a dental CAT scan be of any help?
Avatar n tn I had that problem a few years back, I begged the dentist to remove an aching tooth but an x-ray revealed a pocket of infection compressing the nerves under the tooth.
Avatar n tn After the removal, I had very severe tonsillitis for about 4 days. On 3-15-07, I had my right wisdom tooth removed because it had also begun to give me problems (severe pain and a swollen face). When this tooth was removed it had not fully erupted and needed to be cut out. Due to my ongoing infections, my antibiotics were made stronger (from cephalexin to clindamycin).