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Avatar f tn hi , thx for the response,actually i have got all his tests done Hb is 10.5 g, bld sugar is normal, no sharp teeth,no teeth extraction on left lower jaw, dental hygiene is good. no addictions or spicey food.
Avatar m tn I have left sided burning tongue and left sided facial pain and ear ringing for the last 3 years , it started after my tooth extraction, have seen many doctors but no gain. This discussion is related to Headache, Burning Pain on Tongue, Side of Faceand Scalp, Fatigue.
Avatar n tn I do not know which tooth is involved and the prognosis of that tooth depends on what type of tooth,ie a molar or an incisor etc.I would hope that the tooth was removed from your bite.If you are feeling it when you put your teeth together then you need to have it adjusted.Your next option if the apico does not work is probably extraction.
Avatar n tn The hole from the extraction is slowly closing but the pain in my gum on the side and under my tongue area has not decreased. It feels like blisters or open cuts in that area. I have seen my dentist and had the tooth packed 3 times and also repacked it at home with clove oil and also used an anesthetic gel for the outside gum. I am on my second prescription of antibiotics. My dentist is telling me he will not pack my tooth any more and has also looked at the gum.
Avatar n tn I had a wisdom tooth & cyst removed 2 days ago (09/19/12)--left lower side. Outpt surgery under general anesthesia. The wisdom tooth was horizontal next to a cyst---the crown of the wisdom tooth was pushing against the tooth next to it. Not in to much pain, I'm taking clindamycin & oxycodone. Since the extraction, I have only taken 4 pain pills. Of course my face is still swollen, which is to be expected, but my tongue on the left side is still numb.
Avatar n tn i havent eaten properly because even if i eat from one side my upper jaw touches the infected tooth and throbbing pain starts rite there for 10 secs. Now please tell me whats the solution should i extract it now .please tell me quick i am in deep worry .and does it hurt when it is extracted and whats the side effects of extraction ..waiting desperately for ur reply thanx..and my effected tooth is in the lower right second last tooth..
Avatar n tn At my office when we have a patient in pain because of an extraction we did we fix it no charge. Strange. You could have food lodged in it, which would need to be irrigated out. (Preferably with saline solution which would promote the healing process.) but definately if you have a dry socket you need to get it packed or it wont heal. Your socket is open to air when the blood clot gets dislodged (a dry socket)and the packing replaces it.
Avatar f tn Following extraction of an upper molar and wisdom tooth, I have suffered from miserable coated tongue, a sensation of dryness, and loss some of sensation in my upper lip. Could this be the result of any nerve damage from the extractions?
Avatar m tn My son had an abcessed tooth which caused a lot of swelling in his face, neck and under his tongue. He had the tooth ( a lower, back molar) removed 9 days ago. The swelling has not subsided yet even though he was on penicillin for 9 days and started clindamycin 2 days ago. Any ideas why the swelling has not gone away yet?
Avatar m tn I have felt this for almost 7 months since right after the first tooth extraction. It was between tooth 4and 5 and I thought something was stuck up there initially. After all the dental work that led to the extraction thinking it was the tooth, and it wasn't. I can feel it like it is out in the open now. There are no orofacial specialist in my area . I live in Pittsburgh, Pa. If you know of anyone that specializes in this area I would appreciate a recommendation.
Avatar m tn Check the following link! http://www.webmd.
Avatar m tn The left side of chin and lip from the corner to the center of the jaw is STILL numb. My extraction sites are a bit sore but no real pain to speak of. JUST THE NUMBNESS and now my teeth feel like they are being squeezed together but only on the left bottom toward the front. Day 3: Still no real pain but the numbness is getting me very very worried :( and the squeezed teeth feeling is still there. I have been noticing an itch every now and then but cant feel anything when I try to scratch it.
Avatar n tn well insoy after the extraction did u play with the blood clott with ur tongue? did u follow post operative procedures? cuz what u have maybe something called dry socket...
Avatar f tn Hairy tongue is caused by poor oral hygiene, poor diet and insufficient saliva extraction in the mouth. It can be cured by practicing tongue brushing twice a day. Use soft tooth brush for this. Also avoid mouthwashes that contain peroxide. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Dental-Health/Problem-with-Hairy-Tongue/show/1686615">Problem with "Hairy Tongue."</a>.
Avatar f tn I have never had such pain before after a tooth extraction. Why are my gum lines feeling sore. It is no where near the tooth extraction?
784382 tn?1376931040 next is the crown to be made, then a deep medicated cleaning and 2 fillings. almost done....hopefully.....when they did the extraction the tooth did break so i dont know if that caused the hole to be bigger, but its deff still there i wannt say about the size of a piece of rice, maybe a little bigger.... food still getting stuck in there ALL the time but im really good about rinsing sfter i eat anything cause i can feel the food stuck there......
1809287 tn?1316744936 about a week ago i had a tooth extraction done on my very back molar on my lower right side. the extraction went pretty well, although quite uncomfortable. afterwards, i felt somewhat okay, but about two to three days after i started to feel this uncomfortable pain in my lower jaw bone. the pain is felt in my jaw, my throat, my temple, my neck and my ear. i am having constant headaches.
Avatar n tn I'm very worried about my husband & need some direction. Some background; he went to a Periodontist about a month ago for treatment for gingivitis & had a tooth extraction (tooth 20 I believe), since that time he's had a couple of infections that were treated with antibiotics.
Avatar m tn When mine started, I thought it was a bad tooth, so I went to the dentist. As I was having my tooth extracted, I felt sharp stabbing pain in my upper gum area. After this, it just got worse. It felt as if someone was prying my upper teeth out with a crow-bar. Eating and talking, as well as stress brought the pain on. I do have an underlying neurological disease as well. My neurologist placed me on gabapentin or Neurontin for the neuropathic pain. This greatly helped relieve the TN.
Avatar f tn 8 days ago I had an extraction of tooth 31 done by my general dentist. It was a difficult extraction according to my dentist. She had to cut part of the bone in order to finally remove the molar. She then added a few sutures and I was sent home. I noticed that I could feel a rough patch with my tongue where the bone had been cut on the lingual side of the mandible. Approximately an hour after leaving the office I was changing the gauze for the first time and the suture came out with it.