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Avatar n tn Outpt surgery under general anesthesia. The wisdom tooth was horizontal next to a cyst---the crown of the wisdom tooth was pushing against the tooth next to it. Not in to much pain, I'm taking clindamycin & oxycodone. Since the extraction, I have only taken 4 pain pills. Of course my face is still swollen, which is to be expected, but my tongue on the left side is still numb. My tongue still feels like is did the day of surgery. Which is scary--how long should I expect this?
Avatar m tn It was the right upper wisdom tooth. In the same day after my wisdom tooth extraction, I developed nasal congestion in the right nostril. From that day till now, the nasal congestion has been present everyday and it alternates between nostrils from time to time. I've visited the ENT twice. The first time, the doctor did a nose scope and confirmed that my nose was congested. She then prescribed me Nasonex nasal spray to be used for 6 weeks (2 puffs in each nostril, once a day).
9671341 tn?1443128711 s going on. I went to another place. Oral surgery place. So much better then other place . I feel like something is going on. My immune system down? Does this happen with Ms? I have never had problems like this before! On the plus side I did get in with my neuro today so we shall see if he is gonna get off his arse and order some tests so I can get a proper diagnosis. Wish me luck all!!
Avatar m tn t understand as I was having this pain prior to the extraction, but nobody will answer why I would have the same pain before AND after the extraction. I had to see an emergency dentist at the weekend to have the tooth redressed, she told me in was very inflammed and infected. I saw a dentist 3 days later and she said there is no sign of infection.
Avatar f tn My cheek was prodded at and held open for an entire hour and a half while the students looked for guidance from the doctor while working on me, till he finally stepped in and removed the tooth. Apart from regular wisdom tooth extraction pain, I am now dealing with extreme pain from the hematoma site and I am very scared as to what the consequences of this might be. Is there any way that this could be dangerous? Will this still heal properly after all of the aggravation to it?
Avatar n tn I worked at an oral surgery clinic for a couple of years and what the above poster said is not true. It is entirely normal to experience pain and have a fever for the first week to even ten days after surgery, regardless of whether they were surgically removed or not. The worst days for pain are days three and four, which is today. If you aren't better by Monday, I would call the surgeon and schedule a post-op visit, as you could have a dry socket.
Avatar m tn The left one started bothering me a couple years back and after consulting with my dentist he gave me the number of 3 different oral surgeons. I went to see all three just for the heck of it. The first two were pretty non-nonchalant "you have a wisdon tooth lets get it out." The third fellow I went to was very thorough and really looked through everything and recommended that I "don't kick a sleeping dog.
Avatar n tn Kirsch On Nov 27 I e-mailed a question concerning a wisdom tooth extraction that has left numbness( now 8 days past surgery date) in my lower lip, teeth, and chin on the left side. I neglected to mention that my age is 60 yrs. 11 mos. How much difference should this make in the extraction decision considering also that there was no problem with the tooth at the time. Thank you.
1249608 tn?1269298064 I did ask other doctors and dentists and all of them said that it must be due to the extraction of my tooth. Only the dentist who extracted my teeth said that the extraction has nothing to do with my eye.
Avatar n tn It validates the action I took yesterday (Saturday) - I had the tooth extracted in an emergency oral surgery appointment. I am so glad! The swelling in my face was worsening every day, despite antibiotics. The oral surgeon said the infection was very deep; she had to put stitches into my gum from having had to go deep inside to clean it. And she doubled my antibiotics.
Avatar m tn Oh bless him, I expect he is a bit sore after the tooth extraction. Ring up vet if you are very concerned that he is still not eating, as that is a worry. I had a cat the same age as yours, and I think, like humans (I am 71) it takes longer to get over things. He is obviously unhappy at the moment. See how he goes, but if he continues like that, you will have to see vet again I should think. Oh such a worry. Do hope he feels better soon. Let me know how he gets on.
Avatar m tn because the implant is so close to tooth #9. If I still let that dentist do the extraction of implant, it will put myself in high risk. I have to go to an oral surgeon with right training and equipment to do the work. if so, do you still suggest I spent time with that dentist to go through the plan and cost? because definitely, I won't let him to do the procedure. Also, where I could ask for help for my legal inquiry? Thanks.
Avatar n tn Your tooth area was most likely healed up to the point where you were able to give oral sex with no issue. Then couple that with your saliva which inactives the virus, any fluid which he had would have been minimal. You had no risk.
Avatar n tn I had a complicated tooth extraction a week ago on bottom tooth. The tooth wasn't stong enogh to pull out in one peice, so she had to lossen the bone around the roots to remove it. She put in more bone compund and packed the socket and stitched me closed. I have now developed what I think is a dry socket ( the pain is amazing). I called her back , and she said she can't use the dry socket packing , because we will undo everything she has done ( ie bone compond).
Avatar n tn I had a "Root Canal" on tooth number 15 (Upper Left 2nd molar) 1 1/2 years ago. After a long "Search" to find the reason for my constant sinus infections over the last year, I found that I have a "Chronic apical periodontitis" on that tooth. I went to an Endodontist today who stated that I should have the root canal re-done. Quite frankly, I am tired of dealing with this problem & I would just like to have the tooth removed.
Avatar n tn About two weeks ago I was referred to an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth extraction. All four teeth are impacted and need to be extracted, and it is quite painful. After they took the X-Rays, they told me what procedures I needed to have done. They told me I'd need to have the teeth extracted, and that I'd need a bone graft for each tooth that was removed, and that the bone graft was $350 a tooth.
Avatar n tn My fiancee had oral surgery to remove a wisdom tooth which had its root wrapped around a nerve. Well it's been 5 days since his surgery and he can't open his mouth up to even eat, and not to mention his face is swollen bad. He woke up in the middle of the procedure, so they had to continue without giving him anything for the pain. We were wondering if it is normal for someone not to be able to open up there mouth after this procedure.
Avatar f tn However, my cheek (on my jawline) is still swollen and puffy (not hard, just puffy), as are the gums around the extraction site and the tooth adjacent to the extraction site. When I brush around the wound, the wound itself does not bleed, but the gums beside it do bleed (minimally) and I'm scared. I had my tooth pulled at a dental school and because the tooth was "hooked", it took 2 students and 1 OS resident over 2 hours to get the tooth out.
Avatar n tn I just had a wisdom tooth (on the bottom) extracted on Monday. I followed all of the dentists' instructions post-surgery, but I somehow still lost my blood clot today while I was at work. I had cottage cheese for lunch, as my dentist said that was safe, and when I checked the extraction site in the mirror afterwards I noticed that not only did it appear that the clot was gone, but there were some cottage cheese pieces sitting on the extraction site.
Avatar n tn if it can be moved, it is most likely a bone spicule or small sliver of tooth that may have chipped off during the extraction. It should be pushed up and out during the healing process. If you think it's intact bone poking through, see the dentist who did the extraction.
Avatar n tn It had a cavity which had broken down to my gumline. The dentist just did a simple extraction, no surgery. The shot of novacane went so deep into my gum that I had soreness for weeks afterwards in my jaw bone. I have had earaches and jaw pain on that same side ever since. Our hospital offered a free oral clinic a couple of weeks ago and I went to have a swollen place under my tongue looked at. A dentist there found a knot on the very back of my jawbone that he said felt abmornal.
Avatar f tn I have hypercementosis(mis spell) and had an extraction of number 4 tooth 6 weeks ago. I'm experience a lot of pain and the only thing that helps is my finger in place of the missing tooth. I've had two course of antibotics. The area has been checked twice and they thought I might need a root canal in tooth number 5. Specialist checked with no reaction to hot, cold and pressure so she prescribed oral rinse. I looked and the area is white but doctor said that it's healing.
Avatar n tn Elimination of the infection can be achieved through, redo root canal, periapical surgery with retrograde filling, root amputation(multirooted tooth), or extraction with thorough curettage of socket.Seeing an endodontist is advised.
Avatar f tn Ok great!