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Avatar f tn m also feeling really down about this, The pain is in my neck and in my ear, i have gums that are very red and around the area of the bad tooth the gums are raised, I have had a deep filling in my tooth in the tooth that is bad, I had this pain for sometime now, on friday I will go have the tooth taken out, Is there anything I can do to stop the pain until friday I take solpadol codeine which the doctor gave me which helps but now i have stabbing pain near to my arm and sometimes I have pain in
5593804 tn?1372869274 But did say if the pain was really serious it would br better to get it out, the stress it can put on your body can effect the baby. I kind of wish I would have just done it when I first went in, because I have really painful episodes, they dont last for more then a day, but at this point I need to just wait it out (38 weeks) they like to do it in the second trimester if possible.
1809287 tn?1316744936 about a week ago i had a tooth extraction done on my very back molar on my lower right side. the extraction went pretty well, although quite uncomfortable. afterwards, i felt somewhat okay, but about two to three days after i started to feel this uncomfortable pain in my lower jaw bone. the pain is felt in my jaw, my throat, my temple, my neck and my ear. i am having constant headaches.
Avatar f tn the problem with fixing childrens teeth is that they are going to come out and your son is around the age where most of his teeth should be out if not all. and if for some reason the dr does not get all of the decay that decay can affect his permenat teeth and they will come in needing the same thing done. but the decay that close the the nerve... depending on hoe close the perm. tooth is to the baby tooth it could already have a bit of decay already.
Avatar f tn I really dont want him to have these extractions, i dont want my son to have no front teeth, im very worried about the bullying he might get at school. I have heard that early baby tooth extraction can lead to a lot of problems such as chewing,speech and problems with adult teeth. We are devastated and feel so guilty for letting him have a bottle, i know we are to blame for this and i hate myself....They have given us a few days to decide what to do, but i dont know what to do.
Avatar n tn Question: My son is 15 years of age and has not lost all his baby teeth as his four "eye" teeth are still in his mouth and the new adult teeth are right beside them. He is terrified to have them pulled and insists they do not hurt. Can this be detremental to him later on in life? Should I insist he has them pulled to make sure the adult teeth grow in properly. He has had to have other baby teeth extracted and it was not fun. The teeth simply do not fall out! Confused and worried mom.
Avatar f tn Been to the dentist twice in just over two weeks, both unplanned, first visit an extraction after a tooth broke second visit a temporary filling until baby is born then an extraction... Prior to pregnancy id had one filling in my life!
Avatar f tn I have braces on my upper jaw and I just got my lower wisdom tooth extracted, its been 5 days, the swelling did go down but I can notice that my face has changed. Do extraction of wisdom tooth make the face fat ? Thnk you.
Avatar m tn Hi, The process of an extraction essentially involves getting consent, providing home care instructions after the extraction, numbing of the area, removal of the tooth and then cleaning of the area and controlling of bleeding prior to dismissal and prescription of pain/antibiotics as necessary per the doctor. Not sure what the best dental company is. I'm assuming you don't have a regular dentist. Ask whom your family or friends go to.
2020005 tn?1628125976 Has anyone had a tooth extraction while pregnant?? I'm 23 weeks, having serious pain in a cracked molar, it started to swell up last night so I went to the ER and started amoxicillin, saw my dentist today and he suggests getting it removed next week. I'm concerned about a risk of preterm labor with an extraction, although I know it's there with an infected tooth also. Anyone have any experience with this?? Thanks!
Avatar m tn My dentist said one of my back tooth was a bit weak and that they will need to check it up every 6 months. Well it hurts every once in awhile, but I can't have it checked because I have camp. The inner tooth hurts. I did have my wisdom teeth taken out about 2 and a half weeks ago, could that be the problem? I don't remember MAYBE my tooth hurt even before the wisdom teeth extraction.
Avatar f tn Only in extreme cases will a dentist recommended a tooth extraction. The tooth is completely removed if the cavity is very bad and the tooth can't be saved. Root Canal When the tooth is severely damaged by the cavity, a root canal removes the pulp and nerve and seals the tooth. This completely prevents any further decay.
Avatar n tn I think a big concern I have is going ahead with RCT but eventually having to have the tooth extracted anyway - but of course, there is no way of knowing that. I'm hoping that the filling will do the job, although today the pain is a little worse and I have a LOT of pressure coming from my jaw (but i'm guessing it's just as likely the inflammation has just irritated TMJ as opposed to anything else?
Avatar n tn It depends on the difficulty of the extraction. With kids teeth, usually its a pretty quick recovery but if its an adult tooth, the healing time may take longer. Assuming its a baby tooth, he should bounce back pretty quickly and shouldn't be a problem on the flight.
Avatar f tn I she still has the rest of her teeth, one extraction should be no big deal. What you need to find out from your vet is HOW the tooth in question got that way, and what her chances are of other teeth doing the same thing.
Avatar f tn The oral surgeon informed never once mentioned bone grafting- until I got to the counter and the recptionist was putting together the treatment plan- and then it was mentioned that it was recommended to have bone grafting done after the extraction of the bottom two wisdom teeth. I have read many posts on here about this same situation and like many others- I am the only person I know that this has been suggested to when having their wisdom teeth extracted.
Avatar n tn I had an extraction done with a general dentist, it took him almost an hour to get the tooth out. He was suppose to extract two teeth but I was scared that something wrong might happen so he decided to reschedule me for the second extraction..he ended taking out too much tissue with the tooth . I am so worried as to how my teeth structure is going to look like when it is all done ..
Avatar f tn I have a cracked tooth that needs work, I've been putting off a root canal/extraction for about (I know really bad) the tooth is starting to bother me again, & I don't want to risk a big infection during pregnancy. I'm 21 wks tomorrow, and have heard it's best to get dental work done now- during your 2nd trimester. I have MAJOR anxiety when it comes to dentists-- they gave me valium for the procedure but that was Prior to me becoming pregnant.
Avatar n tn Tooth #16 is a wisdom tooth, which is generally indicated for extraction, unless specific condition dictates .
Avatar m tn After researching I am little concern about the side of extraction. The gums in front of the extraction (teeth 18,19, 20) are bleeding when I floss, and when I put pressure on them with my finger. There is also a slight pain as well. Is this normal? Or is this an infection of some sort?
Avatar n tn infected teeth are very difficult to numb. usually a course of antibiotics before the extraction works well. have the tooth checked it might just be a case of needing the root canal redone and an extraction is not necessary.
Avatar f tn It seems to be affecting the tooth in front of the extraction site as well as the extraction site. I am still getting the tingling in my chin and also have some nausea.
Avatar f tn Can a cavity on the root of a tooth be filled. I have a cavity on the root of my front tooth and I was told nothing can be done until I have tooth pain and then it has to be pulled. I do not want to loose my front tooth. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/637912'>cavities between teeth and possibly under gumline?</a>.
Avatar f tn I have 3 teeth in need of extraction and one in need of a root canal. It ***** to have to wait.
Avatar n tn About a year ago, I had an apicoectomy to have the abscess removed (choosing it as an alternative to extraction with the aim of keeping the tooth at whatever cost). The surgeon showed me photos of the abscess and said it was a large one. The tooth was fine for about 6 months as well as the nasal pain. But now there is once again a swelling and the site of the swelling feels uncomfortable. Moreover, I have been feeling easy fatigue and little ability to concentrate or focus effort.
Avatar f tn Tooth extraction is the process which is used to remove teeth from its socket in the bone. After tooth extraction, recovery takes a few days but if you are feeling any discomfort, contact your dentist to get confirmation about infection.