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Avatar f tn i am on suboxone and need to have a tooth extracted is the medication they use to numb the area gonna effect my taking suboxone? moreless will it hurt me health wise by combining them.
Avatar f tn A visit to an emergency dentist revealed that my tooth was abcessed and the nerve was dieing so I was offered extraction. The extraction went smoothly, only took a few minutes and apparently it came out intact. I seem to have clotted up ok and have a white film over the extraction site. I am in a considerable amount of pain... which the painkillers sometime eliviate, sometimes they don't. The tooth next to the extraction site has a painful pulsing throb almost constantly.
Avatar f tn I have a cracked tooth that needs work, I've been putting off a root canal/extraction for about (I know really bad) the tooth is starting to bother me again, & I don't want to risk a big infection during pregnancy. I'm 21 wks tomorrow, and have heard it's best to get dental work done now- during your 2nd trimester. I have MAJOR anxiety when it comes to dentists-- they gave me valium for the procedure but that was Prior to me becoming pregnant.
Avatar n tn Assuming you aren't pregnant, I would say that you should continue with the pain medication as an anti-inflammatory to help calm the nerve/tooth down before you get your extraction. If there is indeed pain, I would recommend getting it taken care of sooner. You may want to ask your dentist if antibiotics or a different pain medication is needed.
4355363 tn?1353293932 My mother is 50, she had a tooth extraction last Wednesday, 5 hours after the event she still do the dishes and other household activities. the next day she has a meeting with the credit group, minutes after, the meeting has an argument and not noticing she raises her blood pressure. when she was brought to the hospital she was referred to the OPD. The laboratory testing was done all and found nothing is wrong.
Avatar f tn why have i been prescribed anti biotics after a bit of dry socket after a tooth extraction even though there is no infection as such.
Avatar f tn I had a tooth extracted (top right) on thursday! over the weekend the pain was so intense, after taking sooo many pills and nothing stoppin the pain, yesterday (monday) returned to the dentist where she said i had an infection, i had it packed with stuff that tastes vile (and has given me a vile taste in my mouth) BUT the pain still there :( I am also taking co-codamol and nothing is helpin, what can i do??!!!!!
Avatar m tn Tooth 30 (lower) got a temp crown put on. After 2 hours of fixing that my dentist told me the next tooth (tooth 31) needed to be extracted. Since I was already numb for the crown I said ok. I was prescribed 10 Lortax pain med. After a week I still felt like I had severe pain. Called dentist and he called me in penicillin and 10 more lortx. Its now the 16th (15 days later) still in pain. I was given a rinse called Peridex to flush the whole out with. NOW my problem.
Avatar f tn There's still a lump on my gum to the front of where the tooth was and a small hole in the middle of where he took the tooth out that I think is draining, I have a slightly salty taste in my mouth. Hopefully, this will all clear up with time. He did not, however, tell me to come back, unless it got worse. He prescribed enough Erythromycin for a week of 1000 mg a day. It's just that the pain is wearing me down. It's better, just never completely pain-free after 11 days.
230262 tn?1316649534 Im supposed to have the tooth pulled on tuesday and did I mention I always get dry socket with every extraction Ive ever had?? (if you dont know what that is, its a very painful thing where the blood clot doesnt stay in the hole and air hits your nerves and bone causing excrutiating pain). I am going to my regular doctor tomorrow, monday, to beg him for some percocets or something to take for the extraction but i very highly doubt he will oblige.
Avatar n tn I need help and don't know where to go from here. I presently have swelling around the site of the last tooth extraction which my dentist said swollen bone. Back to the surgeon who did the extraction and how do I convince him that I feel an infection as he said there was nothing wrong with the tooth he removed. The one benefit I have from that is I can breathe better through that nostril which I haven't been able to do in years. Like I said I'm at my wits end and so tired of dealing with this.
Avatar f tn To remove the wisdom tooth, your dentist will open up the gum tissue over the tooth and take out any bone that is covering the tooth. He will separate the tissue connecting the tooth to the bone and then remove the tooth. Sometimes the dentist will cut the tooth into smaller pieces to make it easier to remove.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, the nerves criss cross in the head and you can experience referred pain. Pain medication that the dentist prescribed should help with the pain. As the extraction socket heals, the pain and symptoms should subside including the ear pain. If the ear pain has intensified or is constant after a week since the extraction, I would consult with your doctor.
Avatar n tn She prescribed me Medrol to keep it from swelling, which I don’t think it’s a usual prescription for tooth extraction. I honestly feel like she didn’t do such a good job. With your expertise can you tell me by trimming the bone, does that mean trimming the bone that covered the tooth or the jaw bone underneath? My initial guess would be the bone that covers the tooth.
Avatar n tn after having a tooth pulled it leaves a hard trama to your jaw and around the area it was pulled from so yes you will be in pain and yes some swelling will happen. I had the same issue after having a bad tooth took about 2 months for that knot to finally go away, use an ice pack on the side ot where the knot is, it will help sooth the pain. 2 days ago i just had 6 teeth pulled and guess what, i got the knot back again.
Avatar f tn Today is friday and it is still SUPER PAINFUL!!! the pain is NOT located at the extraction sites, it is located on a surrounding tooth. If google(( U.S. Tooth Numbering Chart ("Universal" system) )) is correct, i had tooth 21 removed BUT the pain is located on tooth 22 - which was NOT pulled. its a strong shooting pain, as if the nerve was damaged.