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Avatar f tn I have a cracked tooth that needs work, I've been putting off a root canal/extraction for about (I know really bad) the tooth is starting to bother me again, & I don't want to risk a big infection during pregnancy. I'm 21 wks tomorrow, and have heard it's best to get dental work done now- during your 2nd trimester. I have MAJOR anxiety when it comes to dentists-- they gave me valium for the procedure but that was Prior to me becoming pregnant.
Avatar n tn They are the ones that i eat. So I dont want to loose them. Also one tooth next to the one which has inection in the root has bone loss. Dentist says that unless i take the other one, I will loose both. Could you please give me your suggestions. is there no other treatments beside extraction?
Avatar n tn Today it seems more swollen than yesterday. It doesn't hurt near as bad as it did before or just after the extraction, but there seems to be something leaking from it. Is this just the infection coming out or should I be concerned? (The is what seems to be is a small white line coming from it).
Avatar n tn 1 week ago I had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled. My headache is so bad now I can't stand it. My jaws hurt, my temples hurt, the top of my head aches. The dentist checked my sockets and says they look good and really gave me no reason for the headaches.
Avatar m tn Hi, The process of an extraction essentially involves getting consent, providing home care instructions after the extraction, numbing of the area, removal of the tooth and then cleaning of the area and controlling of bleeding prior to dismissal and prescription of pain/antibiotics as necessary per the doctor. Not sure what the best dental company is. I'm assuming you don't have a regular dentist. Ask whom your family or friends go to.
Avatar n tn it was extracted 6 months ago, and ever since it the next day afte extraction, i felt discomfert not by the tooth but below next the jaw line under my teeth. It feels hard, I went back to the dentist, and told him about it, and he saw no problem. He would touch the area and a few hour later i would feel discomfort. the area it self dosnt hurt, but its hard, and feels like it gets harder when i smile, and when I eat it hard food. it gets harder.
Avatar f tn I had a tooth extracted (top right) on thursday! over the weekend the pain was so intense, after taking sooo many pills and nothing stoppin the pain, yesterday (monday) returned to the dentist where she said i had an infection, i had it packed with stuff that tastes vile (and has given me a vile taste in my mouth) BUT the pain still there :( I am also taking co-codamol and nothing is helpin, what can i do??!!!!!
Avatar n tn Tomorrow is the start of day 4 of tooth extraction healing, now I havent felt alot of pain but im worried about dry socket. How easy is it for the clot to be removed and if you do have dry socket can you see a whole or what? when my tooth was removed it had been chipped so when I look in my mouth at the extraction site I see only a little bit of white where the clot was. I am assuming it was because I only had a little bit of tooth left there before the pull. IM JUST AFRAID OF DRY SOCKET.
Avatar m tn Hi, thanks! The tooth is severely cracked. The crack goes all the way through the tooth, my tooth is essentially split in two! The dentist said that because of this an individual crown is impossible. Does that seem right to you?
Avatar n tn Prior to starting treatment all my blood work looked good. My tooth is absessed and infected (tooth broke, filling fell out) and there's no saving it. The dentist prescribed antibiotics which I started today. Now the toenail I could probably just wait until it falls off naturally instead of having the doc remove it. It is not infected nor does it hurt. I've just kept it bandaged so as not to snag it on anything.
230262 tn?1316649534 Im supposed to have the tooth pulled on tuesday and did I mention I always get dry socket with every extraction Ive ever had?? (if you dont know what that is, its a very painful thing where the blood clot doesnt stay in the hole and air hits your nerves and bone causing excrutiating pain). I am going to my regular doctor tomorrow, monday, to beg him for some percocets or something to take for the extraction but i very highly doubt he will oblige.
382218 tn?1341185087 When something unexpected happens I would rather be unaware of it until later. Erupted wisdom tooth extraction is a lot easier. Mine were impacted, lying sideways in the gum. I've never regretted the decision to be completely out of it. Then again, the older I get the more I hate the dentist. If I could nap while they do a cleaning, I would - gladly.
1413004 tn?1281770364 I dont really know how this journal stuff works first day on here lol so bear with me, I guess I just want to vent and maybe I'll get some helpful advice. On Thursday 8/12 I went to the hospital to get my upper right tooth removed #2 I believe, I've been having pain for months now and didnt see a dentist guessed it no insurance. I started at a temp agency but they only call when they need help not a very good situation.
Avatar n tn Your tooth area was most likely healed up to the point where you were able to give oral sex with no issue. Then couple that with your saliva which inactives the virus, any fluid which he had would have been minimal. You had no risk.
Avatar m tn It was a difficult extraction and broke up as expected and was extremely painful during the extraction despite the 4 needles. Two days later the tooth next to that one has become sensitive to touch and hurts if I tap it gently. This is familiar to me because of my history of dental problems and the tooth has been extensively filled in the past and actually has a little metal pin in it for strength.I don't have the partial inm because it didn't fit and has to be altered.
Avatar f tn I got my bottom left Wisdom tooth taken out 10 years ago and 1-it was a soft tissue impact, 2-it didn't hurt as much 3-I went back to work 2 days later, and COULD HAVE gone the next day. I missed 3 days of work this time. Could I have an infection, but the penicillin is just keeping it at the line of being a full blown infection? And why wouldn't the penicillin eradicate the infection? Thanks for any answers.
Avatar f tn I had a tooth extraction 6 months ago and I still feel pain and when I touch it feels tender and open and the other day I felt something hard, and it hurt a lot. I do not whant to go back to that dentist because she is too sloppy, she messed up my bite first and I do not trust her. How do I know if there's any piece of tooth left inside?