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Avatar m tn At the time of extraction, the dentist told me I need have bone graft and it should be done at the time of tooth extractio or at least within two weeks after the extraction. But I did not follow his advice and just simply had the tooth extracted. My question is if I am to have an implant later, can I still have bone graft at that time?
Avatar n tn About a year ago, I had an apicoectomy to have the abscess removed (choosing it as an alternative to extraction with the aim of keeping the tooth at whatever cost). The surgeon showed me photos of the abscess and said it was a large one. The tooth was fine for about 6 months as well as the nasal pain. But now there is once again a swelling and the site of the swelling feels uncomfortable. Moreover, I have been feeling easy fatigue and little ability to concentrate or focus effort.
Avatar m tn You may consult with a restorative dentist first.If the tooth is indicated for extraction, you can have immediate implant or delayed implant, depending on the clinician's preference and experience.consultation with an implantologist is advised.
Avatar n tn I recently had a wisdom tooth removed (tooth #1) because of decay. The tooth was errupted and the removal was done in the dentist's office with novicaine and had no complications. After receiveing the bill, I realized that the dentist had charge for the extraction as well as an alveoplasty.
Avatar n tn About 6 months ago I was told I would need a root canal because I have a lot of decay in one tooth. The tooth in question is the last tooth on the upper left hand side, number 16? It has recently started to really hurt and I will be going to a dentist soon. My question is since it's way in the back can I just have it extracted to avoid the cost, pain and future complications associated with a root canal? In general, I brush at least twice a day and floss everyday. Thank you.
Avatar n tn hi, i am 23 years old and i have a tooth growing behind my top teeth. I'm going to the dentist Monday, but I'm freaking out because I'm scared I might loose my big front tooth. Has this ever happend to anyone and what happend. I don't have any insurance, so who knows how much this is going to cost. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/421180'>Bony lump underneath gum, behind lower front teeth, in front of tongue</a>.
Avatar m tn because the implant is so close to tooth #9. If I still let that dentist do the extraction of implant, it will put myself in high risk. I have to go to an oral surgeon with right training and equipment to do the work. if so, do you still suggest I spent time with that dentist to go through the plan and cost? because definitely, I won't let him to do the procedure. Also, where I could ask for help for my legal inquiry? Thanks.
Avatar f tn I personally agree with your concerns about the expense for the work mentioned and the time the tooth will remain in the mouth.  Is there a permanent tooth present that will erupt later in the area?  This affects decisions on extraction. Your child will most likely need an ortho consult by age 7.  The other thing is... The dentist stated it was "close" to the nerve and did not state it had "invaded" it. This was key to me. If it were my child...
Avatar n tn There is a huge gap between these two options. Onlay is to save your tooth and extraction is to get rid of it. I can not tell you why you should not have the onlay done, because that seems like the most conservative form of treatment for a tooth and most cost effective way long term, unless there are reasons why this treatment is not going to be long term.
Avatar f tn I have a cracked tooth that needs work, I've been putting off a root canal/extraction for about (I know really bad) the tooth is starting to bother me again, & I don't want to risk a big infection during pregnancy. I'm 21 wks tomorrow, and have heard it's best to get dental work done now- during your 2nd trimester. I have MAJOR anxiety when it comes to dentists-- they gave me valium for the procedure but that was Prior to me becoming pregnant.
79258 tn?1190630410 It is NOT done that much anymore because it is NOT highly successful (in my experience) and involves alot of work and cost. (cutting the tooth, extraction of half of it, root canal, gum tissue repositioning, a post, and a crown.) Common sense should tell you that after doing all that, how strong can what is left be??? And since there are teeth to either side you can almos guarantee food will get caught under it when all is said and done because half of the roots are gone !!
Avatar n tn "This may seem weird but one thing I had not noticed until I got home today is that the tooth hurts when it is tapped on or near the sides BUT if I place my thumb under the bottom of that tooth to apply pressure and THEN tap, there is NOT ANY pain at all." Just read your comment how is your tooth now? Im experiencing the same problem after being preped for a crown on Friday. I have no lump or any facial swelling but by god am I in pain.
Avatar n tn s got a tooth abscess in a healthy tooth and that the tooth should be extracted. He said it is unusual in cats and that they don't know the cause. He also suggested some antibiotics for a few days before the surgery to help with the infection. Just wondering if it is worth trying to save the tooth. Go through the course of antibiotics and see if he gets better. My vet made me feel like I was just being cheap and that conventional wisdom is to just remove the tooth.
Avatar m tn Brought the child tooth extraction, the doctor gave the former patients after tooth extraction, tooth extraction in gloves again give me children, in the process of tooth extraction, before a patient came to the front of the doctor, for some money to the doctor's hands, the doctor took the money into the pocket, but there is no change gloves again, but with the took the money hand continue to give the child tooth extraction, in the process of tooth extraction, the hand bleeding was forced to
Avatar m tn Unfortunately the sinus infection continued after the extraction and to make matters worse the tooth next to the extracted tooth is now giving me pain. X-rays of this tooth (last tooth before the wisdom) now show possible degradation in one of its roots. My questions are: Should I try another antibiotic to battle the sinusitis (eg Amoxycillin/Clavulanate 875/125mg) ? Could the sinus infection be causing a problem in the root of a perfectly good tooth? Will a CT scan help?
Avatar m tn If you choose to have an extraction, then what? You'll need an implant which can cost $2000. I'd probably go for the root canal on the gamble that I could save my natural tooth.
Avatar m tn The lower left wisdom tooth is clearly impacted and should be the next tooth to come out; however for the upper two wisdom teeth combined with the already extracted 1st molar would there be a possibility of creating too much empty space to fill through brace-work? 3. The bills are quite hefty for all this work and she has no insurance over there; she would very much prefer to spread the cost out by delaying the braces until late August.
Avatar m tn t think to ask that day, arg), saying I needed 1 wisdom tooth extraction (the other, since impacted but attached or blocked by bone, would require breaking what I assume would be zygomatic bone), 2 crowns ($400-500 per crown (porcelain v. gold)+$100 so already $1000), mentioned possible work with inlays (fillings I assume), and mentioned no implants. This clinic also mentioned possible diseased regions up above the gum line which the first clinic didn't mention.
Avatar n tn Extraction only a THIRD WORLD SOLUTION? Well I don't know what world YOU live in but I'd sure like a part of it because I don't know too many people in my world able to fork out $2500 for a root canal, cap & core when an extraction of a barely visible tooth is only 10% of that! Get it yanked.
Avatar n tn Since I am not the model patient that takes immaculate care of my own teeth, what would be the long term effects of an extraction, besides the obvious loss of tooth. Due to economic reasons, I am leaning towards an extraction, but honestly would like to keep the tooth. I can finance the root canal/crown, but the problem in the back of my mind is; after I commit to the cost factor, what would be the odds of my retaining the tooth with my dental habits (brush fairly daily and do not floss).
Avatar f tn I have hypercementosis(mis spell) and had an extraction of number 4 tooth 6 weeks ago. I'm experience a lot of pain and the only thing that helps is my finger in place of the missing tooth. I've had two course of antibotics. The area has been checked twice and they thought I might need a root canal in tooth number 5. Specialist checked with no reaction to hot, cold and pressure so she prescribed oral rinse. I looked and the area is white but doctor said that it's healing.
Avatar n tn I intend to extract my molar tooth. I am 63 yrs, Can i take the aspirin and do the tooth extraction or take after the extraction. Your advice will be much appreciated. thank you.
Avatar f tn I have never had such pain before after a tooth extraction. Why are my gum lines feeling sore. It is no where near the tooth extraction?