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Avatar m tn Bone graft after tooth extraction helps preserve alveolar bone, which facilitates implant placement. It's a cost- effective investment.
1415174 tn?1453243103 I went to the dentist today and he said it was a benign bone spur. So I'm going to a oral surgeon for a consult. I may get it grinded down since it is cutting into my tongue.
Avatar n tn if it can be moved, it is most likely a bone spicule or small sliver of tooth that may have chipped off during the extraction. It should be pushed up and out during the healing process. If you think it's intact bone poking through, see the dentist who did the extraction.
Avatar m tn The bump does not hurt to be touched and the tooth below it does not hurt. This position is 5 teeth away from the extraction site on top. I have poked at it and it's not able to be popped, it looks like a tiny bone. Here are my questions: Could the bump be caused by the infection that I already have? If not, what is this thing? Thanks!!!
Avatar f tn In a normal tooth extraction, it takes about 6 to 8 weeks for the gum and bone to completely fill. But still you are facing the pain after six month of tooth extraction, then you need a professional help to get relief.
Avatar n tn To make a long story short, I have been to doctors 7 times since tooth extraction for aches face, jaw, neck, ears clogging, upper left arm aching, swollen glands under chin, as well as two chest colds, and also diagnosed with sinusitis. I am now on my 5th round of antibotics in 8 months. And each time I finish I feel good for a week or two and the symptoms return.
Avatar n tn I recently had a wisdom tooth removed (tooth #1) because of decay. The tooth was errupted and the removal was done in the dentist's office with novicaine and had no complications. After receiveing the bill, I realized that the dentist had charge for the extraction as well as an alveoplasty.
Avatar m tn Did it swell up again? Usually with the extraction of the infected tooth, the swelling and lump will go down. It may be just bone that's healed in the area and its changed shape. If it due to swelling from the area more recently (bone doesn't grow in days but over a month), it may be an infection from another source.
Avatar f tn It,s probably a bone spur, frequently seen after recent extraction.
Avatar m tn I went for a cleaning appt , when they did x-rays the tooth deteriated in the gumline and bone .An oral surgeon extracted the tooth and did a bone graph due to bone loss. I was never givien antibiotics. After a wk I still had swelling in my face and the site was oozing pus. It was the weekend I had antibiotics of my husbands (enough for 3 days)I was sure this was an infection.I made an appt w/the oral surgeon . My jaw felt dislocated I couldnt chew and could barely open my mouth.
Avatar f tn To remove the wisdom tooth, your dentist will open up the gum tissue over the tooth and take out any bone that is covering the tooth. He will separate the tissue connecting the tooth to the bone and then remove the tooth. Sometimes the dentist will cut the tooth into smaller pieces to make it easier to remove.
Avatar n tn I am concerned about this, knowing the bone is still healing and regrowing in the molar extraction socket next to it, and I am very worried about damage to the new bone that is still growing. I would rather put back the surgery a couple of months (the wisdom gives me almost no problems so it is not urgent) until the bones has completely healed. I would like to know your opinion on this please and hopefully set my mind at ease or confirm that I should indeed postpone the extraction a while.
Avatar n tn I had a complicated tooth extraction a week ago on bottom tooth. The tooth wasn't stong enogh to pull out in one peice, so she had to lossen the bone around the roots to remove it. She put in more bone compund and packed the socket and stitched me closed. I have now developed what I think is a dry socket ( the pain is amazing). I called her back , and she said she can't use the dry socket packing , because we will undo everything she has done ( ie bone compond).
Avatar n tn For one year the tooth was fine. Now, I feel the pain again. I went to my dentist yesterday and he told me the bone is infected and the tooth is dead and needed to come out. I would like to take antibiotics again in the hopes that it may give me a few months to weight my options while not in pain. If he takes my tooth out I will then have to get an implant, he says, which costs about $5,000. I would like to postpone this expense. Is it okay logic to ask for antibiotics instead of extraction?
Avatar f tn Tooth extraction is the process which is used to remove teeth from its socket in the bone. After tooth extraction, recovery takes a few days but if you are feeling any discomfort, contact your dentist to get confirmation about infection.
Avatar n tn Upon having a tooth removed the dentist discovered the root had seared to the bone. I went to an oral surgeon who removed the root which left me in excruciating pain for a week. I saw another o/s who advised me an exposed bone had been left which was causing the pain. he romoved the bone and reconstructed the gum around the bone to cover it. it has been a week since this procedure and i am still in pain.
Avatar n tn The periodontist is recommending extraction, bone graft, and implant. Are there any other options to treat and save this tooth?? I've heard some people get tooth roots "amputated" -- does that offer options for sealing a hole in the tooth, and replanting the post properly?? Are there any other questions I should be asking the dentist or options I should be exploring before I agree to extraction and grafting... Any perspectives would be much, much, much appreciated!
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Avatar m tn The decay extends down to alveolar bone, pulp is probably non-vital, which may need root canal treatment in order to rescue the tooth. However, restoration is difficult.Ideally, crown lenthening is needed in order to establish biologic width. However, after crown lenthening procedure, interdental papilla may recede and there may be black triangle present between tooth#9 and #10, which compromise cosmetic result. In addition, crown-root ratio needs to be considered.
Avatar m tn A bony spicule is when after an extraction, the jaw bone is sharp and painful to touch. So when the gums are depressed, the sharp bone may stab the gums. These sharp spots go away by themselves as the bone changes/remodels but you can also perform surgery to remove these bony spicules. As you can see, there are plenty of possibilities but since your dentist said dry socket, I'd go with that explanation.
784382 tn?1376931040 It is also possible, that this is the jaw bone, or a piece of the jaw bone which has been hurted during extraction. It really needs to be checked, it is good that you are going to the dentist tomorrow i think. Me i also will, just like my aunt did it. I will go to Hungary to the empireclinic, she - my aunt - was very satsfied with the treatment and especially with the prices and the quality she got there.. I'll see it soon as well, if you want to, just check their site!
Avatar f tn Extraction of teeth and bone graft are simple procedure . There is no need to worry. It appears that you are going to have immediate denture after tooth extraction. Immediate generally requires soft liner, and may need periodic reling , depending on the material . I personally would place implant 3-6 months after bone graft, depending on the healing process. If you have question, you should discuss with your dentist thoroughly.
Avatar n tn She said that I had bone spurs and put me back on antibiotics and pain pills. She said that the bone spurs will work out.