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Avatar n tn My tooth extraction blood clot fell out is it unsafe doiI need to go to the denntist again
Avatar f tn I had a lower double tooth removed a week ago. Two days after the extraction I suffered from extreme pain so I went to the doctors who gave me amoxillyn antibiotics, I took these for 3 days along with pain killers, I went back to the dentist 5 days after having the tooth removed because I was still in severe pain. The dentist numbed me up again with 3 injections and then cleaned out the area, hoovered it and rinsed it then packed it with clove paste.
Avatar f tn This pain could possibly be due to dry socket. Dry socket is alveolar osteitis formed when blood clot is not formed or dissolved due to fibrinolysis.Dry socket is treated with medicated dressing consisting of analgesics and antiseptics. Gargle with lukewarm salt water and application of ice at dry socket may provide symptomatic relief. Regarding the gap it is best to discuss it with your dentist about what options are available. Do keep me posted. Best wishes and take care!
Avatar m tn Get in to see your dentist. You are supposed to have a blood clot at an extraction site but, not hanging over it. If there is not a blood clot in the extraction site then you may end up with a dry socket. Are you having any pain?
Avatar f tn I had 2 wisdom tooth taken out with a simple extraction just numbing of the area and pulling it out. The top tooths blood clot is visible and looks like it's good the bottom tooth I can't see the blood clot on it all I can see is a yellowish film.
Avatar f tn I had one of my back bottom teeth removed 2 days ago, I have no pain what so ever and just a little tiny bit of blood every now and then. The blood clot seems to be going good but I have this weird yellowy goo patches on some of the blood clot. What could it be, should I be worried? I rang the dentist but he said don't worry about it?
Avatar n tn Did you get the blood clot and did it stay? That's a big tooth and I'm wondering why your dentist did'nt put a stitch in it. Some do and some don't. Maybe you need to go back in to see what can be done about this hole.
Avatar f tn Hello, After tooth extraction it is important for the blood clot to form to stop bleeding. Be careful not to dislodge the blood clot while brushing your teeth near the extraction site for at least 3-4 days. Carefully wipe the area with a clean, wet gauze pad. If you are worried about the size of clot it is best to get it seen by your dentist. That will help allay anxiety. Take care and regards!
Avatar n tn Antibiotics are great but they won't help with a dry socket. A dry socket is simply when a tooth is pulled a blood clot forms, if the clot falls out too soon a dry socket can occur and then the site becomes extremely painful! Hope this helps. If it's a dry socket, they will usually pack the site with Eugenol, a clove based medication. The packing is changed over the next several days and usually the socket will heal and the pain goes away.
Avatar n tn You could accidentally lose the blood clot that forms as the first part of the healing process. This is called a dry socket and it is very painful. I would try to chew on the other side of your mouth and avoid rinsing, spitting, smoking, drinking through a straw, and drinking anything carbonated for at least 36 hours.
Avatar m tn And before that, I spit out a blood clot from the tooth extraction wound (a pretty big clot, almost the 4/5 size of the fingernail). I fear that could be body fluids spilled on me from a HIV patient, and that the fall off the blood clot may leave my wound susceptible to the virus. The Aidsmap website says "HIV transmission has not been reported as a consequence of contact with spillages of blood, semen or other body fluids.
Avatar n tn Tomorrow is the start of day 4 of tooth extraction healing, now I havent felt alot of pain but im worried about dry socket. How easy is it for the clot to be removed and if you do have dry socket can you see a whole or what? when my tooth was removed it had been chipped so when I look in my mouth at the extraction site I see only a little bit of white where the clot was. I am assuming it was because I only had a little bit of tooth left there before the pull. IM JUST AFRAID OF DRY SOCKET.
Avatar f tn Hello, I had a tooth extraction a week ago yesterday and I have had a really weird smell and taste in my mouth. I have run my tongue over the gap and I can feel a cotton type wad in there. I pulled a small amount out and it appears to be part of the gauze with old blood on it, and it smells. Silly question but is that meant to be the clot or should I just take the rest of it out? I dont want dry socket but my dentist is away for a week.
Avatar n tn I had a tooth pulled on Friday and now the blood clot that was over the extraction site is gone and I can now see what appears to be either bone or a piece of tooth sticking out of the site. I have eaten nothing but soft mushy foods since surgery, nothing I have had to chew. I have been lightly rinsing the mouth out with warm salt water. I'm afraid to try and eat solid foods cause the socket just doesn't look protected anymore, and I don't want the infection to get worse.
Avatar f tn There's still a lump on my gum to the front of where the tooth was and a small hole in the middle of where he took the tooth out that I think is draining, I have a slightly salty taste in my mouth. Hopefully, this will all clear up with time. He did not, however, tell me to come back, unless it got worse. He prescribed enough Erythromycin for a week of 1000 mg a day. It's just that the pain is wearing me down. It's better, just never completely pain-free after 11 days.
230262 tn?1316649534 Im supposed to have the tooth pulled on tuesday and did I mention I always get dry socket with every extraction Ive ever had?? (if you dont know what that is, its a very painful thing where the blood clot doesnt stay in the hole and air hits your nerves and bone causing excrutiating pain). I am going to my regular doctor tomorrow, monday, to beg him for some percocets or something to take for the extraction but i very highly doubt he will oblige.
Avatar n tn I have read to wait several days as it could cause the blood clot to dissinegrate and i could get a dry socket. I have had one before when my lower tooth was removed, of course that was a very difficult extraction, the surgeon had to cut it up into pieces and left a big hole. What is your advice?
Avatar n tn It is also called acute alveolar osteitis. This is caused by the loss of the blood clot in the area of the extracted tooth within the first few days after surgery. Another possibility is infection if there is no swelling. This is easily treated by your dentist with a dry socket dressing. There may be some complication in the healing process. Your dentist may examine you and take up dental X-rays for detecting the root cause of the problem. I hope it helps. Best luck and regards!
Avatar n tn Two days later, its still bleeding a little, i looked in my mouth, the site of the extraction is dark red so i assume there is a blood clot there, so why is it still bleeding a little? The dentist said a little bleeding and oozing is normal for up to 24 hours, but then to call if it's bright red and profuse, but its not profuse, so i dont know what to do.
Avatar m tn I had an upper tooth pulled last Wednesday. it was second from the last tooth (not including wisdom tooth, it never formed). it ended up being a "surgical" extraction, whatever that means. the tooth and roots came out separately. and I was in the chair for over half an hour. my question is about packing that was put in socket. the dr had the assistant put some sort of medicated packing in there. i think she said to *not* take it out. it would come out on it's own.
Avatar n tn You also need to rinse your mouth out as well and that helps to. When ever I have a tooth extratced my Dentist alsways said the blood will clot but also rinse so this way you do not get huge clots.
Avatar f tn I just got my top left wisdom tooth out on Friday. It was a simple extraction as it was already out of the gum. I got numbed, and he yanked it out. I wasn't given much instructions though. I was told I can eat solid food but only on the other side of my mouth. I no longer have swelling and no bleeding and my teeth do not hurt, only my cheek hurts a bit and there's a small bump as if I bit it. When can I eat solid food on both sides of my mouth?
Avatar m tn Bite down hard on the moist cotton gauze the dentist placed over the extraction wound for 30-45 minutes to support a solid blood clot to form. At home a wet tea bag can serve as a replacement. If it keeps bleeding contact the dentist.While the mouth is still numb because of the local anaesthesia, be very careful not to bite or burn the lip, the inside of your cheeks or your tongue. Most important: do not smoke or drink alcohol for at least 24 hours after the procedure.
Avatar m tn My saliva touched it, and I kind of swallowed back the saliva. And before that, I spit out a blood clot on the tooth extraction wound. I fear that could be body fluids spilled on me from a HIV patient, and that the fall off the blood clot may leave my wound susceptible to the virus. The Aidsmap website says "HIV transmission has not been reported as a consequence of contact with spillages of blood, semen or other body fluids.