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Avatar m tn It is most likely that the recovery of a tooth extraction will only take a couple of days, but there are some instructions that will lower the risk for post-operative issues and may help on the road to recovery.Always follow the instructions of your dentist to avoid slight or even serious problems, so: Be a good patient and pay attention to your dentist. Bite down hard on the moist cotton gauze the dentist placed over the extraction wound for 30-45 minutes to support a solid blood clot to form.
Avatar n tn i just had a dental bone graft this morning with tooth extraction as well it was fine. when should i get worried and rush to the hospital, i have this bleeding 2x2 soaked with blood, i spit blood clot. i am dizzy too, i don't know if it is from the vicodin or am i loosing to much blood. dentist notified and was assured that there's nothing to worry about. thanks. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn I'm wondering if a dry socket can cause pain in the neighboring tooth . . . I had a lower molar extracted a week ago by an absolute a** of a dentist (didn't believe me when I said I wasn't fully numb and begged him to stop, called me hysterical, and the sum of my aftercare was a prescription for two Tylenol 3s and instructions to pray to Jesus to take away my pain).
Avatar n tn Hello.. I recently had an emergency abscess drained and a tooth removed because of the infection. I had the draining done on a Sunday morning and the extraction done on Monday morning. Monday morning I was very nauseuated, prior to the extraction. The dentist said this was normal. My face swelling had went down alot, but was not back to normal size. After the extraction (day 3) I am still nauseated at times. My face is still swollen, though not as bad.
Avatar f tn Hi there, After having pain following the 2nd part of root canal treatment, on my upper left 1st molar, my dentist informed me there was an infection around the tooth. He told me he could give me some antibiotics and try to finish the root canal or extract the tooth. I was already taking some antibiotics (Cefalexin) prescribed from my Doctor for something else. I decided to have the tooth extracted last Friday (09/09/11).
Avatar m tn yesterday morning, I had to have a molar tooth taken was even complications, because it had split, and it was cracked, thought dentist was going to have to cut my gum to get it all out, but he didnt have too, he just took his time, and it worked out, it was very stressful, and pretty painful at first. Yes I went thru alot. But I prayed sooooo hard the nite before, and that morning before I went, and while I was laying in the dentist chair, God is sooooo good.
Avatar m tn Made it 3 weeks when a nasty/painfull tooth infection really set me back. Had the tooth pulled and more pain pills came my way. You all know the story...I started off taking only two a day with plans of quitting after the tooth extraction...I did not quit and found myself at 40-50mgs a day within a month. THe reason I quit the first time is I ran out of my script a few days early and deiced that I never wanted to go through wd again.
Avatar f tn I relapsed again, on Vicodin 7.5/325s. Up to about 8/day every day. Then I had a tooth extraction so added vicoprof to that. Not cool. And I know I need to stop. I'm so miserable and irritable all the time. It's ruining my life.
Avatar f tn I don't trust yet having them out in the open in my home.My husband had a tooth extraction when I was about 3 months clean from methadone and left the bottle on the night stand.I woke up to it staring straight at me and immediately broke into a sweat.I mean I seriously had a panic attack.I had to instantly grab that bottle and hand it off to my 18 year old son.If I would have stared at the bottle one more minute I know I would have helped myself to some.
Avatar n tn Often it is better to loose a tooth than have that unimportant tooth continue decay and damage an important tooth. If what I think is happening in your baby's mouth is really going on (xrays under anesthesia will tell), it is best to extract teeth and not try to save them. All too often a borderline tooth is much worse than we think and damages other teeth and the body. Again, remove any damaged tooth. Bio glass - I think you are referring to a product called Consil.
Avatar f tn I had BEFORE becoming a drug user. I only began taking Vicodin because of a tooth extraction, and when I found that it took my anxiety and breathing problems away, I stayed on it because it was the first time in a year that I felt "normal" again. At first, I always thought that I just had this anxiety out of the blue, and that it was a mental condition. But after talking with several people, I think it is from being a pot head for years and then deciding to stop one day.
Avatar m tn I stoped about a month ago taking percs and vicodin, was doing really well untill my wisdom tooth was removed and i thought that i would be able to control myself with the vicodin, well i didnt and now its been two straight weeks of poping about 15- 20 a day, i should have known better but for the firat 3 daysafter the extraction of my wisdom tooth it did hurt like hell as i ended up with dry socket which i do not wish on my worst enemy, but i guess my question is anyone relaspse like this unint
887117 tn?1241912149 If you did not like it, but it worked I would suggest going back or finding some time of support group and this forum is a good start. Even after a lot of clean time, without any aftercare it is so easy to fall back to our addict behaviour and forget what we fought so hard to get back. Stay strong and fight through this craving, get busy and do whatever it takes to not use TODAY. If you look in the top right, you will see health pages.
Avatar m tn Unfortunately a lot of doctors and dentists will still offer you opiates, even after a tooth extraction for example. It's best to be honest with your doctors and tell them you've had opiate dependency problems in the past. For acute pain, there are still a few effective non-opiates for them to choose from, as long as they know.
Avatar m tn I am a 30ish male that got my first taste of pills about 4 years ago when I went in for a wisdom tooth extraction. Leading up to it, I was in a lot of pain, and my mother had hydrocodone that she would give me so I could make it through a night of work. Afterwards, I knew I liked the feeling, but understood the dangers and just sort of let it go. After that, I would pop a couple pills every week or so, to enhance the things that I loved doing.