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Avatar n tn I had a root canal and crown on #20 in October 2008 without incident. X-Ray showed (prior to) large dark area just under the large filling. Dentist felt the old filling had a hairline fracture, which allowed bacteria to get into the tooth, causing decay. I had no symptoms whatsoever, no sensitivity to heat or cold, nothing But It was obvious from the X-Ray, to me there was a problem with #20 and something had to be done in October 2008.
Avatar n tn In the photo, there was a bright red spot on my tooth. The X-ray revealed a large shadow around the root of the tooth that she said had been there for a long time like the hole. She said I need a root canal so, in complete shock, I just went along with it. She handfiled the roots a bit before applying medicine and providing a temporary seal for the tooth. I'm due to return tomorrow to complete the treatment. What do people think?
Avatar n tn If there is a dark area between where the crown meets the root on the x-ray it could indicate an open margin or that there is decay. When you look in your mouth do you see the crown and then it just goes straight to the gum or do you see the crown and then tooth structure and then your gums? Maybe you have been brushing too hard and some of your root is exposed which can be very painful. Maybe you should have your dentist probe your periodontal ligament. This is the area around your tooth.
Avatar m tn I said yes, from pollen (I think) but also maybe residual issues from having a cold about 3-4 weeks ago. He said the x-ray showed no infection in the tooth and no decay. He prescribed me amoxicillin (500 mg, 3x per day for 6 days, and a refill if necessary. He said if the pain doesn't go away then I might need a root canal or have the tooth pulled anyway.
Avatar f tn I have decay under crown and dentist wants to remove tooth but I also have a bridge next to this and the supporting tooth for this has roots going sideways due to an impacted tooth in gum line. This may become unstable after extraction and i end up with a large gap . what is the alternative. I have no pain under crown but gum is soft due to the decay.
Avatar n tn It is sensitive - but not overly so - to cold and heat. I went to my dentist and he took an x-ray this week and saw no sign of decay or abscess. What could the problem be?
Avatar f tn They'll probably just do a cleaning and unless the problem is obvious, nothing else until after baby. They wouldn't even clean my teeth without a slip from my dr.
Avatar n tn I have two crowns in those two back molars (did not have root canals on those molars) the dentist said the tooth (#29) appears to be fine (no decay according to X-Ray) and sensitivity may be due to an exposed root (on tooth #29). He proceeded to apply some type of coating (smelled like nail polish) to cover any exposed areas of tooth #29 and crowns, but I am still having a problem. That has gotten progressively worse.
Avatar m tn The decay extends down to alveolar bone, pulp is probably non-vital, which may need root canal treatment in order to rescue the tooth. However, restoration is difficult.Ideally, crown lenthening is needed in order to establish biologic width. However, after crown lenthening procedure, interdental papilla may recede and there may be black triangle present between tooth#9 and #10, which compromise cosmetic result. In addition, crown-root ratio needs to be considered.
Avatar n tn decay interproximally (between the teeth) can only be detected by xrays. catching a cavity early can be more cost effective in the early stages with a filling. waiting until the cavity is larger can then become more problematic needing a crown, or possibly a root canal. id rather spend a few dollars on xrays then the $800+ for root canal and $800+ for a crown.
268698 tn?1222553884 You may want to take your x-ray to someone else to give you a third opinion. What tooth number is it? Does the decay extend below the gums? Are the roots straight forward or are they hooked at the ends? Ask these questions if you haven't already ... Also, hurry up before your insurance maximum runs out at the years end.
Avatar f tn the best strategy is to have a periodic dental exam, including x-Ray, fix a cavity whenever it is identified.
Avatar m tn Well, if rough description would help (I saw both the X-ray and photo pictures)...using palmer notation, teeth 6 on the upper left and right definitely need a root canal and a crown. The central portion of my upper right has decayed to the point where I can touch the gum line (with a instrument) and my upper left has visibly decayed by roughly 30%. Both recommended extraction for my upper wisdom tooth.
Avatar m tn I booked an appointment to see a dentist and within the first 5 minutes of completing the x-ray she said I need root canal or extraction. Immediately, I went back home and booked to see a different dentist at a different dental clinic. The second dentist took an x-ray and told me to come back a week later. When I returned, she said that it's "a big question mark" and that she can attempt to save it by filling it.
125112 tn?1217273862 Why don't you have an x-ray of the tooth to check it out for any possible decay that might be present.
Avatar n tn Malodored breath is generally associated with tooth decay and periodontitis. Seeing a dentist for comprehensive check-up is advised.
Avatar n tn I just had a root amputation done. Afterward I read that: "I have sometimes seen root amputations performed without doing a retropreparation and retrofill. That would be the same as doing a root canal without placing a permanent restoration. Bacteria will leak in and contaminate the root canal". What exactly is a a retropreparation and retrofill?
Avatar n tn My dentist, who I thought could do no wrong, capped a bottom right molar. Right afterwards, I saw an oral surgeon to inquire about gum grafting. She did a panoramic x-ray and found extensive decay under the new cap. I asked the surgeon why my dentist would cover a obvious mess like that? She told him that dentists don't what to have to 'swallow' the cost of a new crown - which is what he would have had to have done if he acknowledged the decay.
Avatar n tn I decided beginning antibiotic and went with another dentist ....finally this Dr. made x-ray and saw a huge mass(aprox. 2cm) that affected jaw bone ....this molar and next are moils so he decided extraction of the molar with previous root canal ,emotion of the tumor, curettage of bone and clean this area ....
Avatar f tn I recently ordered a HydroFloss oral irrigator to reduce and hopefully eliminate tooth decay and gum disease. I read that most people brush too hard and that causes erosion and staining results and more susceptible to decay.
Avatar n tn the root area, and I just need some additional time for that to heal? Also, would an x-ray show if the tissue was damaged, if the post is too long, etc... or do I just have to wait it out? I am supposed to go in two weeks for the permanent crowns, and I will not let them put those on until this pain issue is resolved. Any advice is appreciated.
Avatar n tn Many dental questions are tough ones to answer without examining the patient or their x-rays. Some decay under bridges can be treated without removing the bridge. It depends how deep it is and where it's located.
Avatar f tn ) just call your dentist and let them know about the pain! Depending on how long ago you had the decay diagnosed and had x-rays taken they may want to take a new x-Ray if the symptoms have changed. (You can decide with dr if that's something that's safe/recommended) Just talk to your dentist and he will help! Hope you feel better soon.
Avatar n tn s office. I went back in today, they took an x-ray of the tooth. The dentist thought maybe the root canal had re-grown nerves. But after he looked at the x-ray, he saw no evidence of nerve regrowth. However, he showed me on the x-ray, there is this large (size of a quarter) white mass underneath my root canal. He said he had never seen this before and didn't know what it was. He said it looked like a boney growth under my tooth.
Avatar n tn Go see your dentist and they can take a x-ray of the tooth with the sore near it and see if there is an abcess forming. Maybe you could have a root canal to save the tooth and maybe us the bridge you have as a temporary until you save the money to get a new one made. Don't wait too long because if the tooth gets too far gone it may not be able to be saved and you will loose this tooth also.
Avatar f tn It is my upper #4 tooth, but the pain radiates to my temple, ear, and back to the entire upper mandible. My x-ray showed very little infection/inflamation. But he did notice what would appear to be a fracture high up in the tooth.( I apologize for the laymens terms.) He prescribed amoxicillin 500mg tid. But, they forgot to call it into the pharmacy, so I'll get it today. This tooth was filled last fall and it was a large, deep filling. It had started to discolor prior to filling.