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Avatar f tn Trust me i know i need serious work done too i got one more wisdom tooth to go then i have to get 2 crowns done and a tooth pulled all after the baby is here which will be soon
Avatar f tn an oral surgeon, got different opinions, but a common ground answer was that it is probably my wisdom tooth that is causing all this & a less doubt that the molar with the root canal may need to be re-treated again.
Avatar n tn I am going to get my wisdom tooth pulled to see if it will allow the gum line to expose enough tooth for a crown 15 was cracked and i left it alone for a while decay was bad and after consult with endo he told me that he would have to see if he could find the canals--he did and root canal was painless and complete--everyone in the office has been great--The only thing i am worried about now is that i had the root canal and the dentist said to be careful not to crack the tooth --i am just worrie
Avatar f tn anyway im wondering if i can somehow slowdown the progression of the decay, so i can wait my month or 2 and just get the wisdom tooth pulled out when i get my insurance. i take horrible care of my teeth, i know its bad but true. if i were start brushing flossing, using mouthwash, chewing on garlic, whatever it would take, to just slow down the cavity so it doesn't get any worse, would that work? is it possible?
Avatar f tn Wisdom teeth are so far in the back of the mouth that they are difficult to brush, floss and do dental work on. Doesn't mean it's impossible, just more difficult. Generally we don't need these teeth and they just cause problems, which is why our modern society believes in extracting them. Sometimes, I've heard, if you lose another molar, the wisdom tooth can migrate into it's spot and take its place.
Avatar n tn Is it the 3rd molar commonly called the wisdom tooth or the second molar? If it's the second molar, probably worth saving the tooth assuming you have a full complement of teeth. If you do not have an opposing tooth then you may consider having the extraction as opposed to a root canal therapy and crown.
Avatar f tn s called) and when I went back he told me I had a really bad infection under the tooth in front of my bottom right wisdom tooth and it would need root canal treatment as the infection is really close to the jaw bone... I had no pain in that tooth but I thought back to a few months prior when I was having painful aches in my jaw, it felt like I couldn't open my mouth and so it made sense... Ok I said do it... but then he went ahead and removed the wisdom tooth behind the infected tooth...
Avatar n tn Tooth #16 is a wisdom tooth, which is generally indicated for extraction, unless specific condition dictates .
Avatar n tn If this tooth is a wisdom tooth then I would not consider doing the rct unless it is a critical tooth and has sufficient bone support. If it is not important then I might consider filling it, if that doesn't work then extraction is a very viable option.
Avatar n tn pain, infection, decay in an adjacent tooth, decay in the wt, crowding, poor bite, inflamed gum tissue around the wt (pericorinitis), pocketing around the wt, cheek biting........get a second opinion before doing anything.
Avatar n tn Had a wisdom tooth removed. Less than a week later, the tooth next to the old wisdom (already worked on twice as the dentist said there was a cavity in it - filling caused pain when chewing so he redid the filling a 2nd time and still a problem) and the crowned molar next to it started throbbing. Feels like it's coming from the area between the crowned molar and the one next to the old wisdom tooth. So, I go back.
Avatar f tn I have wondered for some time now, if I should keep my wisdom teeth and when the time comes simply remove my molars. One tooth is on the verge of a root canal because the recent "Redone" filling by my EX-dentist is so sensitive that I haven't eaten anything other than pudding on that side of my mouth for over 6 months. I haven't seen a lot of information about this topic online and so I am digging a little deeper and asking for a few educated guesses.
Avatar n tn Wisdom tooth pain can radiate and cause a lot of problems, especially if they become infected or are impacted. Fillings can also be sensitive after having them done. Especially ones where a white filling material is used due to the bonding materials used during treatment. It is reasuring that you Dentist has taken xrays which shows there is no apical infection present or any decay. If you still have problems I would go back to the Dentist you saw.
Avatar f tn I am 24 years old and have recently had a root canal on my #2 tooth, the last molar in front of my wisdom tooth. Because of the amount of decay in the middle of the tooth, the endodontist removed a lot of the middle and placed a temporary crown. In order for my dentist to place a permanent crown on my molar, he said a "core build up" is required, which jacks the price up to $650 total. Is this normal for permanent crowns?
Avatar n tn No, this tooth does not have a root canal... unfortunately. That is one thing I have learned the hard way. I now always get root canals with a crown, no matter how well they are done, they always seem to hurt sooner or later if I dont't get a root canal. Thanks, I am going in tomorrow, looks like they will be cutting it off.
Avatar f tn Hello, It's been 8 days since I had wisdom teeth surgery to remove two of my right wisdom teeth. Yesterday, I had the stitches removed and the doctor said that everything looked great. While checking my teeth, I noticed a small hole in the lower part where my wisdom tooth was. I'm not sure if the same goes for the upper part as it's hard to see. Is this normal or should I go get it stitched? How long until my gums go back to normal?
Avatar m tn t think to ask that day, arg), saying I needed 1 wisdom tooth extraction (the other, since impacted but attached or blocked by bone, would require breaking what I assume would be zygomatic bone), 2 crowns ($400-500 per crown (porcelain v. gold)+$100 so already $1000), mentioned possible work with inlays (fillings I assume), and mentioned no implants. This clinic also mentioned possible diseased regions up above the gum line which the first clinic didn't mention.
Avatar n tn Hi shar03! I am in no way a "certified" dental expert, however, when someone (myself included) spends countless hours on the internet trying to find the source of a "smell problem", you tend to learn a thing or two..... Anyway, it sounds to me that you MAY have what's called "impacted wisdom teeth." It's where your wisdom tooth/teeth are stuck between open and close in your gum.
Avatar f tn U might want to consult a dentist. Tooth decay can be bad for you and baby. I would definitely get another opinion.
Avatar m tn I had a filling replaced on this molar and some decay was removed within the tooth during replacement. It is now several hours later and the pain is still there when I bite or put pressure on the tooth only in a forward direction. Please help. Thanks, Oliver.
600904 tn?1226321997 I have 3 wisdom teeth with bad decay, to the point where one has actually collapsed in on itself because of the size of the cavity, now I have a huge open hole in my tooth which smells and tastes revolting. More than that (I have no pain) I worry about the decay bacteria entering the bloodstream and hence the placenta, and harming the baby. I have heard that dental decay can cause a miscarriage. I am 9 weeks pregnant and couldn't handle losing the baby. Any advice?
Avatar f tn Why doesn't he just fill the cavity? I never heard of pulling a tooth because of a tiny cavity. My dentist doesn't work like that. I lost one wisdom tooth because I injured it but the other three are fine and dandy and I intend to keep them. I don't understand this pull happy approach.
Avatar f tn I had my lower left wisdom tooth extracted 2 days ago because of decay. It was a simple extraction that required no anesthesia and no stitches. I was not given an antibiotic or pain killers. I was in and out of the office in 30 minutes. Just took 2 tylenol and I was fine. I felt fine yesterday, which was the day after the extraction, but this morning I woke up with a sore throat on the side where the tooth was pulled out. It only hurts when I swallow.
Avatar f tn whats tooth decay and what can happen
Avatar m tn The lower left wisdom tooth is clearly impacted and should be the next tooth to come out; however for the upper two wisdom teeth combined with the already extracted 1st molar would there be a possibility of creating too much empty space to fill through brace-work? 3. The bills are quite hefty for all this work and she has no insurance over there; she would very much prefer to spread the cost out by delaying the braces until late August.
Avatar n tn My question is that ever since I have quit smoking and had my wisdom tooth taken out, I've noticed soreness in my upper back area, and on the lower mollars there is blackening around my crowns. My mouth has a bad taste and odor to it as well. I've been using an electric tooth brush, and floss alone with listerine. Do I need to make another dentist apt. or is there something I can do to get rid of the blackness and odor?
Avatar f tn I have a huge cavity in my bottom wisdom tooth and decay in the top wisdom tooth on the same side (left) it's so painful. I'm terrified ofvttrvremoval pain. But it can't get much worse than it already is...right?