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Avatar f tn I have heard that drinking mountain dew is really bad for the baby. Is this true?
Avatar f tn I really want some mountain dew.. lol I haven't had any throughout my pregnacy,I've had soda &tea, Do you think it is okay if I get a bottle of mountain dew?
Avatar f tn So I havent been able to drink soda the 1st month now my baby wants mountain dew. And it makes my tummy feel better but I would like to know if its okay to drink mountain dew if not what would u try or maybe u have been in this same boat please help!!!!
Avatar n tn she smokes, she drinks mountain dew, she hardly eats ANYTHING else.... would smoking/mtn dew be about the two worst things if shes constantly on an empty stomach? Any other input on what she might have.. whats strange is she does NOT have heartburn or chest pressure.. just the esophagus/mucus/throat symptoms...
Avatar f tn What are the ramifications of continued use of canned air coupled with drinking quarts of Mountain Dew? My closest neighbor is a forty +/- year old man who "is too sick to work" and spends his days huffing (or whatevery you call it) canned air and dring large amounts of Mountain Dew - he then vomits, and repeats the cycle.
Avatar f tn Open margin tends to encourage decay
Avatar f tn I got in the doctors office after drinking it and about 3 minutes after walking in there I went in the bathroom and puked and got so dizzy and HOT! I had to retake it. My doctor told me that I could drink a mountain dew instead and that'll do so I got one and then I went back and retested and
Avatar f tn Idk info bout it but in the beginnin of my pregnancy the only thing we had to drink was mountain dew so of course I drank some nd it made ne super sick :/ haven't had one since!
Avatar f tn whats tooth decay and what can happen
Avatar f tn The only thingwe have left is mountain dew. Is it okay that i drink a 12 fl oz soda if i take sips of water inbetween?
Avatar f tn I have decay under crown and dentist wants to remove tooth but I also have a bridge next to this and the supporting tooth for this has roots going sideways due to an impacted tooth in gum line. This may become unstable after extraction and i end up with a large gap . what is the alternative. I have no pain under crown but gum is soft due to the decay.
Avatar n tn A related discussion, <a href="/posts/Dental-Health/Treat-decay-under-bridge-anchoring-tooth-with-removing-bridge/show/1775171">Treat decay under bridge anchoring tooth with removing bridge</a> was started.
Avatar f tn mountain dew i think has more caffeine then the average pop so i would avoid having more then one caffeine drink a day. since that's the recommended amount for all pregnant moms. also unlike coffee pops leech calcium from your bones and since you already have baby sucking out all your calcium too its a bad situation for you not really baby. so if you can avoid pops nothing good in them for you or baby.
Avatar f tn but the decay that close the the nerve... depending on hoe close the perm. tooth is to the baby tooth it could already have a bit of decay already. a root canal and a crown are very expensive to be doing on a tooth that will be falling out very soon. if you plan to get him braces have the tooth extracted to prevent any possible decay to his adult teeth if it hasnt already. and that will give the adult tooth the space it needs to come in if it is close enough any ways.
Avatar f tn it turned out that I do have decay on this tooth and I feel pain because it goes under my gum.. so baically my gum hurts. They put a temporary filling in and we wait now.
Avatar m tn hello im 18 years old and i have tooth decay and cavity,i have only pain near jaw teeth and head, as i see no swelling or fever i went to dentist she said that it does not look like Tooth abscess and told me to come in a week,can i ask during Tooth abscess your face always gets swollen yes?
Avatar f tn It usually originates from a bacterial infection which has accumulated in the soft dead pulp of the tooth. It can be caused by tooth decay, broken teeth or any extensive periodontal disease. There is no definite time it takes for this abscess to form. It depends on the severity of the organisms and their virulence. This is merely an advice and not a substitute for clinical examination. I hope it helps. Best wishes and regards!
7212646 tn?1389388222 2 cans a day is fine. Up to 200mg a day is safe.
Avatar n tn suggesting that I do not have a bleeding gums or the gums are not wounded or broken and bleeding... just a tooth decay.. did I get infected also... I have done it last Saturday evening, July 12, 2008, I do not clearly remember if I give her the oral sex longer... because the morning I have a headache and feeling not ok like I would be having a fever and cannot eat well, and so my stomach is little troubled also... should I think it is but a Hang Over?
Avatar n tn Dont drink it then, try something else see if it happens only with the Mountain Dew ...
8650265 tn?1421565413 So i was at work and my blood sugar was crazy, i got it under control after trying a few things oj was the fix.. a co worker comes to me and says, "be careful with how much mountain dew you drink, my daughter drank soo much, they thought her daughter was a crack baby".... really!?... lol that sounds soo stupid i wanted to ask her if her daughter had a drug problem she didnt know about.. cause how would they confuse caffeine with crack!!?? Am i right or is that actually possible?
Avatar n tn if the filling that exists in the top of the tooth is large, and if this newly discovered decay is extensive, the tooth may need a crown after the decay is cleaned out and the cavity filled. remember that the more "filling" a tooth has, the more prone to fracture it is. when teeth do fracture, sometimes they cannot be restored at all, so placing a crown befoe that happens is oftentimes prudent if the fillings are large.
Avatar m tn Removing gum is never a good idea, doing this leaves room for bacteria to get under the crown and decay the tooth and especially as you age because our gums just naturally recede. You will be able to eat as always just maintain good oral health. Brush 2-3 times a day, thoroughly but gently with a soft toothbrush. Floss thoroughly but gently every night and use a toothpaste containing fluoride and a mouthwash that helps strengthen your tooth enamel and kill bacteria.
Avatar f tn So I have one upper molar tooth which was root canaled 10 years ago and one next to this which was root canaled 4 years ago. Last month my dentist mentioned I have a decay on one of these (i dont remember which one). We have arranged an appointment for the 15th of December. But this week this tooth hurts :( I can not imagine how.. root canaled teeth can be decayed ok but pain? Why am I feeling pain if this tooth is basically dead for years?
Avatar f tn Also I've learned since being pregnant lol...that mountain dew and mello yellow have way more caff than the darker drinks....pregnancy makes you pay attention to everything lol..