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Avatar f tn and if for some reason the dr does not get all of the decay that decay can affect his permenat teeth and they will come in needing the same thing done. but the decay that close the the nerve... depending on hoe close the perm. tooth is to the baby tooth it could already have a bit of decay already. a root canal and a crown are very expensive to be doing on a tooth that will be falling out very soon.
Avatar n tn The longer decay is left the harder it is to restore a tooth. Decay that is left can also cause the nerves in the tooth to die in the future and subsequently cause a lot of pain.
Avatar m tn I went to a local hospital and they treated my teeth by removing the decay area and apply some white material and they call the method as compositing. It has been done just months ago and now in some teeth, tiny dots of decay appear from the area around the filling. Now my question is did the doctors did not composite well or my tooth starts to decay again slowly on its own again?
Avatar n tn Simply your veterinarian is right. I wish that removing the tartar by any method was 1) thorough and 2) successful to keep problems away. Unfortunately the product you mention will do neither one of those. IF it will remove tartar, which remains to be seen - it does not stop the infection that has happened at/under the gumline. Antibiotics are usually not enough, either. I do not believe PetzLife is a VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council) approved product.
Avatar n tn It sounds like your child has a specific case & it will be a little hard to say whether or not the advice you are receiving is good advice or bad advice. I am going to make the assumption that the advice is proactive treatment. First, though, your dentist is recommending stainless steel crowns because that is the only option there is. They provide strength for the tooth structure that other options cannot.
Avatar f tn Not juice, only water, at night. If a baby falls asleep with formula or juice in his or her mouth, something called "baby bottle mouth" can happen, and tooth decay can happen very fast. My poor nephew had to have crowns put on several of his teeth before he was 3, because of this, and I think his parents had to pay two thousand dollars for the dental work.
600904 tn?1226321997 So what I am asking is, will waiting the extra 3 weeks until I am in my second trimester to have the teeth extracted, as is recommended, am I risking damage to my baby or even a miscarriage, due to the bacteria in the decay passing into my bloodstream and hence into the baby via placenta? Should I get the tooth/teeth extracted NOW?
Avatar n tn other than night bottle what else can cause a severe decay in 3 year old..??? and what's the remedy..???
Avatar n tn One of the teeth under my bridge has a bad decay. I have lost about 25% of the tooth. Is it possible to build up the core for that tooth and use the existing bridge.
Avatar n tn t know for sure shaedow but I have had more tooth decay in the last yr thatn ever in my life and I take care of my teeth...
Avatar f tn They said they need to extract 4 bottom back teeth, 4 top back teeth and also his two front teeth. The dentist said they could put crowns on 3 of the back teeth, or just extract them, but the other 5 back ones are beyond repair. I really dont want him to have these extractions, i dont want my son to have no front teeth, im very worried about the bullying he might get at school.
Avatar m tn He said the x-ray showed no infection in the tooth and no decay. He prescribed me amoxicillin (500 mg, 3x per day for 6 days, and a refill if necessary. He said if the pain doesn't go away then I might need a root canal or have the tooth pulled anyway. I'm skeptical and asking for advice here because I had a terrible root canal experience on the other side of my mouth about two months ago and the tooth ended up being pulled after a week of excruciating pain.
789066 tn?1239872611 Often, we will put watches on teeth that have something suspicious, but not actually decay. Many times the tooth can go for years on watch before anything happens to it that would need treatment. If there is decay, it cannot be removed effectively without removing the crown. Redoing a crown just because it needs a root canal is overtreatment, as you can still get many years out of the crown after.
1047019 tn?1256719961 The daughter has had a silver tooth, and more recently major fillings in some of her back baby teeth, for which the dentist wanted to put her under general anesthesia. My friend insists diet Coke is perfectly fine for teeth?
Avatar n tn During my treatment I got an abcess on my tooth and tried to have a surgery to save the tooth with no avail. Eventually I had to have the tooth pulled. My teeth have never been the same after treatment. I have sensitive teeth and more cavities. They look grey to me. I would never tell anyone else what to do about thier health. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had problems with thier teeth.
Avatar n tn I just noticed that I have a cavity in last back molar that in near/on the gum line facing my cheek. I can see it. It is in a tooth that has had a filling in it for the past 15 years. It currently doesn't hurt and I wouldn't have noticed it if I hadn't gotten a piece of lettuce stuck between my teeth in the back. I have an appointment with my dentist but it isn't for two weeks unless they get a cancellation. My question is: how difficult is it to repair a cavity by the gumline?
Avatar f tn It's possible that you could just have it filled if it's an actual chip in the tooth itself. Because it's the bottom front teeth, it is a possibility that it is plaque that has formed at the tooth base and has chipped off. It has a tendency to form there and harden the most. You should have a dentist check it because if it is actually the tooth that has chipped off it will decay much quicker not having the enamel to protect it.
Avatar m tn hello im 18 years old and i have tooth decay and cavity,i have only pain near jaw teeth and head, as i see no swelling or fever i went to dentist she said that it does not look like Tooth abscess and told me to come in a week,can i ask during Tooth abscess your face always gets swollen yes?
Avatar f tn My two year old has had severe tooth decay since her first teeth came in. She breast feed until 14 month and then was switched to rice milk due to a dairy allergy. At 18 months I noticed decay. She had 6 caps and 4 fillings at 2 in April. She stopped using rice milk then. Just last month at a check up and cleaning she had to have another tooth filled and one of the crowns pulled.
Avatar f tn It usually originates from a bacterial infection which has accumulated in the soft dead pulp of the tooth. It can be caused by tooth decay, broken teeth or any extensive periodontal disease. There is no definite time it takes for this abscess to form. It depends on the severity of the organisms and their virulence. This is merely an advice and not a substitute for clinical examination. I hope it helps. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar f tn So, if you haven’t been brushing and flossing but you’ve noticed your teeth are getting whiter keep in mind you might be well on the way to decay.
Avatar m tn Well, for the woman being positive it's just an assumption that she is. She might not be for all we know. As for sweat, I did thought that too but as I was sucking on her nipple, I strongly believe the salty discharge came from her nipples. I know there negligable to no risk but my concern is the discharge coming in contact with my decayed tooth (my tooth decay doesn't hurt too much, just a little bit).