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Avatar m tn I have a tooth crown towards the front (next to one insissor) that may need replacement soon. Been this way for 7+ years and it came off a year ago since the tooth inside started going bad. My present dentist glued it back on and its held for a year so far. Dentist tells me that she may not be able to reglue it back on if it breaks off again. I however want the matter addressed asap b/c stuff is going inside this crown and causing decay.
Avatar f tn Hi there, There are few indications for replacing a crown like secondary or recurrent caries; crown fracture, tooth fracture, endodontic problems and occlusal problems etc.Do consult your dentist if these tiny cracks in the crown can be repaired. If you are not satisfied with your dentist’s opinion it is best to seek second opinion. A clinical examination is must for correct diagnosis and treatment. Keep me posted. Best luck and regards!
Avatar n tn Hi! It is not that bad, believe me, as long as your own tooth- or the rest of the tooth - is not on the surface, you still could - if you are careful enough - "survive" with that temorary replacement. Try not to chew on that tooth i would suggest. Next time, you could also consider, if you need a bigger treatment to go abroad! My aunt is just done with a bigger treatment in Hungary at the empireclinic, they really are a good team with a very high - level of quality!
Avatar f tn Now, a week later I am experiencing pain under that crown. Could it be that the stump of the existing tooth has gone bad ? It is a root canal tooth as well. I will do what ever it takes to have nice breath & be pain free.
Avatar n tn I have recently had a temp crown on the tooth and am getting fitted for a perm crown - it is made of metal on the inside and has porcelain metal on the exterior.
Avatar n tn I have been having some gum pain and bleeding around the tooth next to the crown tooth. She said that the crown was not shaped correctly and that it needs to be removed and remade. I am not happy to hear this as it was not a pleasant experience. She says that the crown is shaped to round and that it doesn't fit correctly to the tooth behind it. That is why it is catching food and forming a pocket.
Avatar n tn My dentist recently recommended a replacement for a crown that had been on my tooth for at least 8 yrs (after a root canal). He did take an impression of the tooth and make crown. Upon completion, I had pain along my gum line on one side of the molar tooth. I went to visit him a few days later and he thought it was sore from the novicane shot (although I thought otherwise) and sent me on my way. Approximately 5 weeks later while out of town, the permenant crown fell out.
Avatar n tn My tooth #3 is badly decayed on the mesial side. It will likely need RCT and a crown (it currently has a temp. filling). Most of the tooth mesial of the pulp chamber is gone, and the decay goes down to the gum (there's maybe 1-1.5 mm of tooth left to the bone). The distal side also has some decay but not anywhere near as much and there is plenty of tooth above the gum on that side.
Avatar m tn One of the anchoring teeth had had root canal. It ends up this tooth had a double root and the dentist only did a root canal on one side and did not do the other side prior to placing the bridge. I recently had a tooth infection in this tooth and went to an endodontist who drilled through the bridge and completed the other root canal on this tooth. I know have a bridge that has a hole in it. What are my options at this point.
Avatar f tn My teeth have gotten whiter in the last few years and as a result my front right crown (please see attached photo) is noticeably yellow. This along with the dark ridge above the tooth is something I wish to get corrected. I know the only way to get a super white crown is to get it replaced. I remember distinctly though, that when I got this current crown, it was "A2", which was second to the whitest that was available from that dentist. Does this make sense? Is there a chart?
Avatar n tn When I was about 17 I started getting an adult tooth grow behind a baby tooth, at the time I didnt know my baby tooth never came in and I didnt have insurance so never took care of it.
Avatar n tn 2 years ago i got 6 crowns. within 2 weeks, 1 of them started smelling horribly. right after using mouthwash and brushing, the smell was just as strong. the smell from the floss was unbearable. i didn't return to the dentist due to other health reasons, and it took me 2 years to get back to one. the smell has gotten much worse, nothing gets rid of it. I can taste a rotten taste with food or occasionally just from the crown itself.
Avatar m tn The second crown if located in the front part of your mouth may need replacement because the materials used today are extremely hard to match what was made 20 years ago, plus the second crown has had 20 years of coffee, tea, stains galore that he'd have to contend with. This would be an estheic nightmare for your dentist. This is most likely the reason why he wants to replace it but ask to be sure. Good luck.
5697758 tn?1372611154 I thought if I was to be fitted for a crown they had to shave down most of the tooth. Eg My wife has 2 crowns and the back of her teeth are flat. What also annoys me is I was told it was a vaneer until the point when I'm sat in the chair ready for fitting. To be honest I was in a vulnerable position to be told I'm not getting what I thought I was getting.
Avatar n tn With a gold crown I read that the molar only need 1 mm of tooth has to be removed for the crown to fit and a gold crown needs the least amount of tooth material to be removed. Is this true? Is a gold crown the most long lasting? Why do you recomend a root canal? Can I just have the tooth shaved for the gold crown without a root canal? When my next silver filing wears our what do you recomend for a replacement? Thank you foe all your help.
Avatar f tn Mefenamic and antibiotic what dosage should be... Last year my dentist make my teeth a jacket/crown then in the next few month it swell and have some kind tumor..and not been heal.. And now its swelling again... What treatment should I do.... Help me.. Again sorry for my english.... Ty.. Hope you answer back..
Avatar m tn m paying a premium to get a crown that looks like a natural tooth, and not a tooth with, what might look like a filling or a cavity on it. When I asked the dentist about it, he was very casual about it and even made it sound as if it was my fault for the flaw, by saying that I bit down too hard when asked -- they ask you to bite down on a film marker so that they can grind it down to fit your bite. My question is; Do I have grounds to ask ask the dentist to replace it, which I'll do?
Avatar f tn If I had realized just how much this process involved, I would have given it a lot more thought. I had a tooth with a crown and root canal. The tooth continued to be somewhat troublesome, but not painful-more of a nuisance. This week I got a "flipper" as a temporary tooth replacement. Of course that costs more out of pocket, but it was just too obvious for me to be comfortable in the apparent months that are ahead for this process to be completed.
Avatar n tn I went to a new dentist and she said that i needed a crown put on. She preped the tooth and put a temporary on. And two weeks later my crown came in. After having the temp taken off and the crown examined, it was decided that the crown didnt fit at all and it wasnt the right color. They sent it back and put another temporary inplace. I didnt have any problems with the temporary one. My tooth wasnt even sensitive really. Two weeks later they put the new crown on.
Avatar f tn When I went in for the replacement I was not experiencing any pain or sensitivity to hot or cold. The dentist told me the tooth was cracked and needed a crown. He proceeded to numb the area, but he seemed rather rough and excessive. My ear was even numb. He prepped the tooth and sent me away with a temporary that left the receded gum area exposed. When the novacaine wore off I experienced intense pain, but attributed it to the roughness with which the dentist had prepped.
Avatar f tn i had replacement crown on my upper tooth (#21) due to cracked ceown and bad odour coming from it. 2 weeks after it replaced i can smell bad odour again everytime i suck it or floss it.. people around me started cough or snizz everytime i go near them. i dont feel comfortable at all. i went to 3 different dentist from the xray the first dentiat said he would recommend implant but of course it cost too much he said there is black thing between the root inside could be an infection.
Avatar f tn Replacement of missing tooth by implant is very promising if procedure done correctly.
Avatar n tn Root canal teeth usually require additional treatment like a post and core and crown to properly seal and protect the remaining tooth. Make sure your dentist discusses all the costs involved from beginning to end including the option of removal and replacement with a dental implant and implant crown. The choice is usually left to the patient. Both options are widely acceptable.
Avatar m tn I have a tooth crown towards the front (next to one insissor) that may need replacement soon. Been this way for 7+ years and it came off a year ago since the tooth inside started going bad. My present dentist glued it back on at its held for a year so far. Dentist tells me that she may not be able to reglue it back on if it breaks off again. We are discussing options such as implants and bridge. I am just wondering if there are other better options out there that is not as costly as implants.
Avatar m tn Back in July, I needed a crown put on a molar that I chipped. About 3 days after this, I had very unusual symptoms (I was also in PT for a neck issue but the PT was going fine prior to this). I was getting some weird balance problem and felt like I was going to pass out at times, but never did. I even suddenly was having issues with heights when I never did in my life.