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Avatar f tn I recently had a dental crown fitted. The dentist has made a long dental crown, over Tooth 16, extending to Tooth 14 so that the gap left by Tooth 15 is covered by the crown. It is a procelain on metal crown. I am not comfortable with the crown, there is a very tiny gap, near the gum on the inside/back part of the crown, where food gets stuck and I have to use my tongue to remove it or use a tooth pick.
Avatar n tn Does the tooth have root canal therapy? Sounds like there is decay at the margin or under the crown. I would have the crown taken off and check for decay. Good luck.
Avatar f tn my problem is there is a visible margin on the back where the crown meets the gum (or in this case doesnt meet the gum). it also feels like theres a slight ledge where the crown meets the tooth. it feels huge when prodding with my tongue but on visual examination its quite small. i know people who have had an overganging crown between their teeth which made it difficult to floss bet that is not the case here.
Avatar n tn If the tooth presents a cosmetic concern then I think the margin of the crown should be placed 1/2 to 3/4 of a millimeter below the gum. There are crowns today made out of a very strong material(Zirconium) which extremely cosmetic and kind to the tissue.(Procera) I would ask your dentist about it.
Avatar n tn Over time I noticed a darkness around the margin of the crown and in the gum above the crown. I want to get the crown redone to a all ceramic crown to get rid of the darkness. Is it a good idea? The crown I have now is completely sound and cavity free. The endo looks fine too. Would just changing the crown to all ceramic make the darkness go away? Or will the post need to be changed too? I'm afraid of the worst, ie like the root fracturing.
Avatar n tn ve been told I need 2-3 mm crown lengthening surgery both to ensure there is enough space from the crown margin to the bone and to ensure there is enough solid tooth beneath the core buildup to have a good ferrule effect. My dentist says it should be possible to do the crown lengthening only on the mesial side (ie b/w #3 and #4), and then put on a crown with a margin that goes lower on the mesial than on the distal.
Avatar n tn I told him I think the crown just did not fit properly, that it should cover the entire tooth. The back part of the crown covers the entire tooth and I have no sensitivity or pain there. I think they just do not want to admit the crown is too small in the front exposing the root of the tooth and they do not want lose money having to replace the crown.
Avatar n tn what do you mean by open margin? a space between the crown and gumline can be fine a gap between the crown and the tooth parts that are covered isnt.
Avatar n tn But the problem was the tooth with the crown. Now I have had both teeth pulled because root canal crown came off and was infected and the problem was the tooth with the crown. have your dentist x-ray before deciding to pull teeth.
Avatar n tn It looks to me that the first photo does indeed have an open margin at the time. Did the doctor adjust the crown after the initial x-ray? It may have fit better after it was cemented in. Also, its not as obvious on the other photos either because of the adjustments that were made or because of the angulation of the x-ray.
Avatar f tn My tooth had a root canal over 40 years ago and was shaved down to a peg, and was capped using a porcelain fused metal crown. The underlying tooth is severely discolored and dark. I now need a new crown and my dentist is recommending all porcelain. He is also encouraging me to choose a slightly lighter shade than my surrounding natural teeth to compensate for the discoloration since concerned of the possiblity of it showing through.
Avatar n tn I then had crown lenghtening surgery in the same upper back area as I had develped a deep pocket (I was told there was not enough margin from gum to tooth from the original crown placement) After several months of healing, I had the permanant crown placed on the two back upper teeth. The very last back tooth seems to be fine. The second to last tooth has been sensitive since the temporary crown was placed. Its been over 3 months and it is still sensitive to the touch and when I chew.
Avatar n tn it sounds like the crown. it could be that the crown has a margin (edge) that is open (not flush up against the tooth) or too thick (which can irritate the gum tissue), or poorly contoured (can also irritate the gum tissue) or it could be that the edge of the crown extends too far under the gum line, which can also cause gum irritation. in any of the first 3 scenarios, the crown should be redone, as these are correctable scenarios with a proper fitting/properly contoured crown.
933010 tn?1246474092 Your friend is correct that x-ray can not tell whether the crown is loose or not, but it does reveal that if there is gap between crown and tooth interface or overhanged margin. If a gap is present, redo crown is a better option.
Avatar n tn If the crown is well fitted to the teeth with no secondary caries suspected below the crown then there would be no reason to replace the crown. Following root canal the tooth would be assessed for its response to treatment for a period of 6months to one year. During this period a semipermanent restoration may be placed in drilled crown space.
Avatar n tn you could have a recurring abcess in the tooth, or the crown may be impinging on the gum tissue becasue the edges of the crown were buried too far underneath the gumline. or it may be as simple as some extra cement that needs to be removed.
Avatar n tn In addition, proper contour and smoothness of crown margin need to be established.
Avatar n tn So my dentist removed the filling and placed a crown. The crown has a short margin and exposed root on the outside, because of previous gum surgery. The crown took a week to settle down, then I felt fine and could chew and eat anything. After a couple of months, I felt sharp momentary sensitivity to sour and cold and also some momentry pain when chewing dense or crunchy foods. Went back to dentist, he did the biting stick test, again I could not reproduce the pain.
Avatar n tn What crown design/installation options can minimize tooth/crown interface problems in terms of any imperfections increasing bacteria, interfering with cleaning, and appearance? 3. What is the state of the art in crown materials (including bonding)? Is there anything around the corner (in FDA approval/on shows) that can make a difference? 4.
Avatar f tn my gums are swollen and sore. and the teeth where I just got my rooth canal the gums are swollen around the crown and my mouth is just sore. What is this. I'm do everything i can to save my teeth. What more can i do? please help me!!
Avatar n tn Why should I get pain so long AFTER the root canal if nothing is wrong. Do you think I should get the crown taken off? I had not pain in the tooth before the root canal, now I have a pain in my mouth. I have my recent xrays.
Avatar f tn Crown prepararion is not always associated with gingival trauma. Depending where the crown margin placed. If crown margin is supragingival, gingiva would not be traumatized by crown prep procedure. If crown margin is subgingival, minimal trauma of gingiva is inevitable .Cord pac king may cause minute recession of gum.However, gingival necrosis is unlikely to happen.If necrosis does happen, blackish and sloughing of gingiva tissue would appear.
Avatar f tn There is a gap between my crown and my other tooth where the GD ground my natural tooth away to fit the crown in. Both of mine have to be replaced the Prosthodontist stated. Lots of money in them. And the bad part is the GD thinks he did nothing wrong.
Avatar f tn if you have been having regular dental care it shouldnt be anything serious, i have a crown thats turning 30 this year. after the first few years the tooth margin turned gray. later on the gum changed to gray also. the metal in the filling material caused the color changes. have it checked by the dentist but dont worry yet. it could be nothing.
Avatar n tn In thies condition, meticulous probing generally can detect decay around the margin of crown. If the tooth is mobile, it probably results from occlusal trauma, x-ray exam may reveal widening of periodontal ligament. Seeing a competent and experienced dentist is advised.
Avatar f tn If crown prep margin does violate biological width, crown lengthening is warranted. However, violation of biological width may not provoke clinical symptom. Seeing a periodontist or prosthodontist is advised.
Avatar n tn remember--- root canal specilaists do root canals. i would see another general dentist (based on a good referral from a trusted friend) before i saw a root canal specialist. or you can do both, but do not let them start a root canal till you get another opinion from a general dentist who does alot of crown and bridge. "Ill fitting" could mean a slew of things from poor margin (edge) adaptation to a crown that simply does not fit well on the tooth....maybe the lab did a poor job.
Avatar m tn No, I mean without the temporary, the gums will grow onto the tooth where the margin of the crown will sit on. This will result in more difficult getting a good fit for the crown and a seal to prevent bacteria from entering. I'm not sure what you're referring to about years. It grows back in days.