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Avatar n tn He tapped the crowned tooth and each tooth on either side of the crowned tooth. No pain for me there. He applied cool air around the area. No discomfort. He applied that cool gel to the crowned tooth and to the teeth in the front and back of the crowned tooth to check the nerves. I felt no pain. Of course the crowned tooth felt no sensation because of the root canal that was done on it. He poked around the ridges and gumline and no breaks or leaks were evident.
Avatar f tn It was obviously coming from the tooth with the crown so off I went to the dentist. The tooth had apparently died long ago and caused an infection. It developed a sinus channel through the gum and finally drained on its own. Had I not had a crown on the tooth, I would have known something was badly wrong almost immediately. All I needed was a root canal and to have the crown reglued and that was the end of that little episode.
Avatar n tn I am starting to feel pain on the right gum line next to the very last molar. Is this pain from the crown? Or will I need a root canal? I am not positive, but it is near the area of where i recieved multiple shots for the numbing.
Avatar n tn Afterwords I had a temporary crown put on the tooth. No pain or toothache post root canal.The tooth was tender after the procedure so I didn't chew on that side. In December, I had the permanent crown placed on the tooth. The crown immediately felt tight and gave me the sensation it was pressing on the gums around the crown. I continued to eat on the right side until the soreness went away. After about 7 days, I could chew on the left side and everything was fine for 4 weeks.
Avatar n tn The gum around the tooth is hurting me real bad. The dentist said I needed a crown because my tooth was cracked. He said my gum was not infected and I only needed a crown. I went about 10 days ago and had the temp. put own and it still hurts around the gum and the pain feels like it is nerve and not the tooth. I can not eat anything on that side of my mouth and I am having to take pain medicine every 4 to 6 hrs for pain. The only relief I get is when I lay down and go to sleep.
Avatar m tn This was extremely painful for a few days, the gum went white underneath and there was a lot of pain in the jaw / gum but no pain in the tooth. I think this was due to long term problems I have with TMJ but cleared up after a few days. I returned to dentist for crown prep and explained the situation. She prepped the tooth for the crown and said that due to this problem with the temp filling and the fact that the hole went close to the root cavity I may need RCT.
Avatar m tn Dentist put in temp filling for few week - extremely painful for few days, gum went white underneath and lots of pain in the jaw / gum but no pain in tooth (prob due to LT problem with TMJ). I returned to dentist for crown prep and she said that due to this problem with temp filling and fact that hole went close to root cavity I may need RCT.
Avatar n tn It sounds like the gums are inflamed, possibly due to a poor fit or excess cement trapped around the crown causing an irritation. I'm surprised they put you in a temporary for 5 weeks. When are you planning to put the crown permanently in?
Avatar f tn Can he not remove the crown and take put decay and make you another crown? I would ask about that of course if the decay has gone to far into the root then he may not be able to do that.
Avatar n tn In addition to thermal sensitivity, occlusal interfernce of a new restoration can result in soreness of tooth and/or gum, jaw bone heaviness, muscle soreness, pain or discomfort upon chewing.
Avatar f tn From the day that they did the second half of the root canal until the crown prep, was there still significant pain? Is the pain the same or is it different now? It sounds to me that you had some pain inside the tooth from the root canal area but then its changed since then to an irritation of the gums. Sorry, I need more information on how the pain has changed (or if it hasn't since) to get a better idea of your situation.
Avatar n tn When I massaged the gum with my finger, I got a really foul taste from the gum. So I went to the dentist. He examined the gum and the crown/tooth joint and didn't see anything that looked bad. When he massaged the gum, he didn't see anything, but I still got a slightly foul taste (but not nearly as strong). He then did a percussion test, tapping firmly on all surfaces of the tooth, and I had no pain.
Avatar n tn you could have a recurring abcess in the tooth, or the crown may be impinging on the gum tissue becasue the edges of the crown were buried too far underneath the gumline. or it may be as simple as some extra cement that needs to be removed.
Avatar n tn I then had crown lenghtening surgery in the same upper back area as I had develped a deep pocket (I was told there was not enough margin from gum to tooth from the original crown placement) After several months of healing, I had the permanant crown placed on the two back upper teeth. The very last back tooth seems to be fine. The second to last tooth has been sensitive since the temporary crown was placed. Its been over 3 months and it is still sensitive to the touch and when I chew.
Avatar n tn Well, now my whole upper left side of my gums hurt and I keep getting headaches, and on top of that, the crown feels like it will fall out every time I try chewing on it or if I drink water, it feels like the water is going beneath the crown. It also keeps hitting the bottom tooth when saying specific words... What could this be? What should I do? My dentist said that he would only shorten up the bottom teeth and that the crown was a perfect fit...
Avatar n tn It has been about 2 months sice the crown was put on, and this past weekend I started to have pain in the tooth. it was just a throbbing pain at first but after two days it is almost unbearable. Now the whole right ride of my mouth is in pain. I cant bite down, and parts of my face around the gum, upper lip, and part of my nasal passage has a numb throbbing pain. The Dentist i have been seeing had been closed from Friday to Sunday, so i'm going by there first thing in the morning.
Avatar f tn If the periodontal tissue is healthy, gum pain is frequently caused by occlusal interference. Specifically. gum pain is generated while you close the jaw or chewing. Periodontally induced gum pain is generally spontaneous, although biting may aggravate the pain. Not to my know of sympathy pain in dental literaure. However, there is a condition known as sympathetically maitained pain, which does'nt appear to be consistent with your presentation.
Avatar n tn Hi I have a crowned tooth in the right front of my mouth and have noticed some tenderness in the gum in the tooth next to it. The tooth next to it is healthy but I noticed this morning there is a pocket (absess, I assume) at the top of the gum over the second tooth (near the crowned tooth). Could that be from the crown? The crown was placed over a year ago and was never seated straight (although the dentist said it was). My gum does bleed when I floss between those two teeth.
Avatar f tn i searched for my tooth and i found it i didnt feel any pain except in my inner lip it was bleeding my tooth too....but nothing in the gum above my tooth...i went to the dentist immeadiatly he told meafter the x ray that the nerve is exposed after removing it he found a crack a vertical one from the right to the left....he told me that he cant put a crown and an implant must be done...
Avatar n tn The tooth and above the gum did have some pain after the crown, but no redness of the gum, no swelling, and no tooth sensitivity and the pain subsided after an antibotic. Could there still be a need for a root canal? If not, what are some possibilities for the pain.
Avatar f tn However, the upper left I can feel with my finger where crown ends. Should they have taken xrays of tooth w/out crowns on? Because he says tooth looked great and roots showing nothing wrong. There is talk of sending me to a root canal specialist which is so stressful since I got the crowns done now to avoid a root canal.
Avatar n tn Still cannot chew on that side, not even cheese, and the gum is still inflamed from the crown prep. Occasionally get pain near my sinus above teh tooth, and some radiating to my chin. Today I finish with the clindamycin. I'm afraid there's still some infection in there. I've had two crowns before (not on RCd teeth) and never had any similar problem with them. Perm crown is scheduled in two weeks. What's going on? Could a canal have been missed?
Avatar m tn I do see some gum recession and swelling. It could be from the filling. I take it they did an impression for the new crown? Did that hurt when it was done? You can always call your dentist and ask if you can stop by to have it looked at. It does look like irritation, but you want to make sure there is no infection going on.
Avatar f tn It seems to be most sensitive between the temporary crown and the tooth just behind it. Is it possible the root to the tooth behind the root canal is damaged? I went back to my dentist and he said everything looks fine and the pain should subside with time. I'm just concerned about permanently placing the finished crown (appt is next week) without finding the cause to my existing pain. ..any advice would be most appreciated!
Avatar n tn Hi..I'm having chronic (4+ months now) daily gum/roof of mouth pain from a permanent crown that was done on tooth #14 in Oct 06. I also had new crowns put on 15 (year ago) and 16 (at about the same time as 14) to replace cracking CERECs (done 3 years ago by another Dentist). I've also had recurring bite problems over the past 3 years after the CERECs were done, that no Dentist has been able to get right - even after 20+ (combined) visits.
Avatar f tn I have a tooth - my upper right lateral incisor - that has had multiple problems over the years. When it came in as a child, it had a small nick out of it near the gum line that later became a cavity and I had filled. Over the years (I'm 38), I had it filled a few times as the filling would wear out. The last time, there wasn't enough to have it filled, so my dentist put a crown on it - twice (the first one wasn't high enough into the gum so the lines were visible and wearing).
Avatar n tn tooth #19 Went to dentist for toothache and heat sensitivity with lingering pain as well as cold sensitive. No pressure pain and crown not loose. X-ray shows root canal done properly and opposing teeth are fine. Given two weeks of antobiotics which I've finished and no relief. There is a bit of recession at gum line of this tooth. What do I do now? I have been taking ibuprophen 2-3 times daily for last month.