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Avatar n tn then get a crown? That is what I have to do with my right front tooth because it got knocked loose in a motorcycle accident.My left front tooth was knocked loose from a baseball when I was in high school and I had bonding put on it and quite frankly the bonding looked like ****!!!So I went a year later and had a crown put on it & I was satisfied with the crown other than the fact that it stuck out more than I wanted it to due to the prior bonding that I had done!
Avatar m tn However, after crown lenthening procedure, interdental papilla may recede and there may be black triangle present between tooth#9 and #10, which compromise cosmetic result. In addition, crown-root ratio needs to be considered.The presenting x-ray does,nt show complete image of the entire tooth.Ideal treatment may cost you root canal by endodontist, crown lenthening by periodontist, restoration by general dentist or prosthodontist.
Avatar f tn Thanks alot for the reply. The crown is permanently fixed. Does this mean I have to have it removed & get a new one made to close the 'open margin'? I was thinking of having the 2 teeth (16 & 14) fitted with individual crowns & removing the long double crown I have now - which is covering the gap. Does it make dental sense to have individual crowns done & then getting braces fixed to close the gap?
648217 tn?1273537754 t put a crown on a tooth after root canal because of severe periodontal disease. Had to see the periodontist who told me I'd start lost losing teeth if extensive treatment weren't started right away. Cost for his treatments would run about $9,000 plus the cost of general dentist to do root canals, crowns, and extractions at another $6,000. Went to see another dentist who came highly recommended and was told things weren't that bad.
Avatar n tn I would have to see the tooth and how much tooth structure was removed to do the root canal in order to say definitively if the tooth should have a crown.
Avatar n tn Shawn Sadri and other park avenue types they can charge you anywhere up to 3000 dollars just for the crown.
Avatar n tn I had a root canal done for a cracked molar 6 months ago buy an endodontist who was referred by my general dentist. Ever since, I have had a mild aching in the tooth which seems to be gradually getting worse. The endodontist took a new film and said he could not see any problem but would re do the root canal, basically, for no cost. The problem is that a new crown is not covered by insurance, so I am looking at $1300 for a new crown if the root canal is redone.
Avatar f tn My dental crown ( two years old ) fell out for the FOURTH time last night ( in a six months span ) while eating. For that reason, and a few others I'd like this remaining tooth removed and also the root canal. I can't keep going to the dentist once a months for adjustments, it's really annoying. This crown refuses to stay in my mouth. Do I have to see a special dentist or will mine do this procedure? How much is a dental implant for the vacant space?
Avatar f tn You may think you are saving $85 in the short term but may be doing damage that will cost you alot more in the long term. Do yourself a favor and don't play dentist. Let the professionals do their job.
Avatar m tn Call your dentist's office and ask what this will cost. If the cost is an issue ask for a payment plan...neither of these procedures are cheap.
Avatar f tn In 2000 I had a root canal done on one of my molars. I was told to get a crown put on eventually. This past February I finally went to get the crown on (it wasn't bothering my up until that time and I had put it off because of money reasons).
Avatar n tn I do not know what a two tooth crown is. If you could give me a better explanation I would certainly try to help you.
Avatar f tn crowns cover the entire tooth and offer more support. veneers are more brittle and offer less support. in the case of a root canal i would go with a crown. if you will be likely needing a crown in the future it might be more economical now instead of paying the same amount again in the future.
209227 tn?1242346745 so the tooth already had a root canal and its had the crown for awhile. there are still many things it could be. there could be a missed canal that is infected or a root fracture. i dont have insurance either and am slowly getting one tooth at a time done. the first dentist should have mentioned you needed a crown and given you the opportunity to save up for the crown instead of deciding to leave it with a band.
Avatar f tn Yes, its possible that there's a cavity underneath the crown and its destroyed the tooth underneath it. If that's the case, the tooth may not be restorable and may need to be removed.
Avatar n tn Now a new dentist is telling me that the tooth needs to be re-treated because there is a cotton ball still in there and the temporary filling is no longer completely sealing the tooth. He said that this has caused an infection due to saliva leaking soaking in to the cotton ball (which I had no idea was in there!! I know that's standard, but had I known there was a cotton ball still in there, I would have tried to get this taken care of a lot sooner.
Avatar m tn I have implant done on tooth #10 , which is a front tooth, in the middle of April, 2008. no abutment put in, and the suture was taken off after two weeks of the surgery. suppose the gum will close several weeks after the suture removed, but now, 3 month passed the surgery, my gum still not closed. I am deeply worried if that will cause any problem. if the gum still not close after 6 moths of the surgery, do I need to do gum regeneration? how much will it cost?
Avatar n tn I think they just do not want to admit the crown is too small in the front exposing the root of the tooth and they do not want lose money having to replace the crown. My dentist offered all other avenues of trying to seal up the gap like grafting gum tissue in that area, having a root canal to end sensitivity, sealing the area with a bonding resin, all things that would cost me more money and more pain. Please tell me what you think.
Avatar m tn Where the tooth has broken off, there is a little bit of enamel above the gum line. There was an old filling in that tooth and is partially still there. I am not in pain at present. Dentists is recommending Onlay-porcelein/ceramic-four or more surfaces. He said I could go with a crown as well, one with preferably high nobile metal, either porcelain fused or full metal.
Avatar f tn t good then unwould have had pain a lot sooner.
1327032 tn?1288840755 Wear grind protectors at night... Cost like 20$.. Stress will have you grinding or sliding your teeth in your sleep!
Avatar m tn wasnt covered (Safeguard discount plan) and was $70 for the two applications and it was optional - said go ahead if it means I dont lose a tooth, so visit cost $120 (normally it costs nothing). I was also told they wanted to do another cleaning in four months (not six), I was tol my gum disease level was a 3 out of 5.
Avatar f tn i have a brand new crown thats one week old. it cost a month of pay but hopefully it will save my cracked tooth. its a top molar and i opted for the extra durability of all gold. i was informed that its a whopping 77% gold which i guess is really good. the bite on the tooth is perfect. my problem is there is a visible margin on the back where the crown meets the gum (or in this case doesnt meet the gum). it also feels like theres a slight ledge where the crown meets the tooth.
Avatar f tn I had a root canal on a tooth 10 years ago. The crown was not a good fit. I have had some pain since. I switched dentists and was told 5 yrs ago that during my root canal a file must have broken off because he could see it in the xray. Now i can see that my tooth is turning black under the edge of the crown. What options might i have and which would be the most cost affective.
Avatar f tn ve ever had done, the dentist took a mold of the tooth before the procedure, then once the crown was ready, I went in and they shaped the tooth and put the crown on immediately ruling out the extra fillings. One tooth had to have a temporary crown, but it was molded to fit over the tooth that was left. Isn't a temporary crown supposed to cover the whole tooth?
Avatar m tn t want to try any more for fear of breaking the tooth. Dentist said the uncemented crown and tooth would be fine and that he had a couple of other patients were same thing happened and they were doing just fine after many years, one as long as twenty years. He also said if it came loose and was damaged or lost he would replace at his cost. My concern at this point is, do I need to worry about bacteria getting under the unsealed crown and causing decay/infection?
Avatar f tn Once you get your perm crown in place you can address tooth #14. In the meantime, yes, rinse with warm salt water and eat soft food on the chance that #14 is just traumatized and will heal on its own. If you can take OTC ibuprofen, take that. It's an anti inflammatory and will help #14 settle down. GOOD LUCK. Once you get your perm crown I think you'll be much happier. Do let us know. We LOVE success stories!
Avatar m tn I recently had a crown done by my dentist and since then I have not been able to chew where the crown is because it is painful. I have returned to the dentist to have them correct the problem and it was pointed out to me that the problem may be caused by a piece of filling under the crown. Without my knowledge they had decided to leave this piece of filling in because it was too close to a nerve. They suspect that this piece of filling is what is causing the pain.