Too much testosterone in children

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Avatar n tn s like going through puberty every month. When you first get the shot there is too much testosterone in your system. Then, toward the date of the next shot you are low on it. That produces mood swings; highs and lows best described as feeling one's oats followed by possible depression. My wife saw this early and convinced me to switch to oral testosterone. That stopped the mood swings. The patch and topical testosterone such as Androgel are better alternatives IMO.
Avatar f tn m concerned and turns out I have extremely too much testosterone in my body, like male levels. She mentioned the number 500 something but I'm not sure what that means. This was via a phone call. Said there's nothing to be done that it just has to burn off. I have scheduled an appt with my dr to discuss further what caused this and will this be an issue in the future. I may end up getting back on Estradiol pills and getting the Testosterone shot. I need something consistent.
Avatar n tn Both testosterone and progesterones are major factors in acne. Patients who take these medications (for birth control, sex change etc) often experience acne. Eloise.
Avatar f tn My seven year old son is "helping too much" in class and has basically alienated himself from other kids. He gets good grades, he's very active and is always into something. How can I explain to him at his level that helping the other kids is not always "helpful". I've tried but I don't believe he understood because he did it again. He also has been caught in lies but I think this is normal behavior for his age.
Avatar m tn ve been off the t3 since wednesday and i have cut my patches in half (dr approved). I feel much better. It was just too much for me. Maybe I can work my way up to one patch. It will be interesting to see if I gain weight now that I'm off t3. That would be wonderful! I may move back to oregon. It depends on work factors. Thank you for being a life line. I wish I could do something to return the favor.
Avatar n tn Does,this happen at school it is up to the Teacher to be able to control it,and anyway why is it she has not to talk ,you dont say her age but I gather she is,quite young ,we used to encourage children to talk and tell us things.has it changed so much children must sit quietly and not express themselves.what does the Teacher consider is 'too Much"and what tone' must" your daughter use?
Avatar m tn Thank you very much for your time in getting back to me. The problem I have is not that of small penis but that of under-developed penis. I will become 23 years by august of this year but my kid brother has a far much bigger penis than mine. My sex organs are like that of a 14 year old boy. My penis is barely the side of a condom when it is erect in girth. My penis if less than 3 inches when flaccid. So you can see the enormity of problem I have.
Avatar f tn OK good and thanks lol my mother in law got it in his head that the baby will get stuck if I over sleep..
Avatar f tn I am 22 years old, I have two full time children and a stepchild every other week, I've just started a third shift job and I should also add I'm 6 months pregnant.
Avatar f tn My daughter will be 2 in may. She seriously has enough toys for 4 children! How do I politely ask for no more toys! We don't need anything for the baby on the way except diapers and clothes (if we have a boy) I don't want to sound ungrateful b/c its wonderful how much family and friends have done. But I don't like to be wasteful at the same time.
Avatar m tn thats not tat much some pple do it every day r even more
Avatar n tn Im 32 weeks and yesterday my dr said baby is in too much water, is this something to worry about and what does it mean?
Avatar m tn I am 49 male.I have 2 children. Having good relation with spouse.Last year in August all of sudden I felt the cold in AC & shrinkage of Pensis. Since then I consulted 3-4 doctors. My testosterone level was low. Doctor prescribed Multi-vitamin tablets, injection to improve testosterone level.I am in regular contact with Doctors but nothing improved. The pensis is small, non active & hardly erect.Sometimes feeling pain on the top-middle side.
Avatar f tn his 11 year old daughter visits every single weekend. I never really minded too much ans in the begining (first 3 years) she was still young and I enjoyed doing kid oriented activities for her. I also knew my boyfirend didnt raise her and enjoyed the idea of having her for the first time in his life. BUT in recent months( she just turned 11 last week) she has not been very nice.
1081864 tn?1257519948 2008. my current lab level of TSH was 1.45, all other also normal. my female hormones are in range too. all my other blood test CBC CMP etc. were normal too, some to the lower side, but still in range. have irregular periods since always, lucky to have 2 boys. had always some cysts on my ovaries which always caused pain or not and went away on their own. but was hard to even get pregnant.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend and i have been living together for a year now and I am sensing some fear in my daughter when she is with him. He has just recently been more involved in her dicipline for about the last 4 months. She went through a point where I could not get her to stay in bed she would get out every 3 min for hours and i finally had to resort to spanking. Only with her pullup and PJs on and never enough that it would hurt her. Sometimes I work nights and my boyfriend would do this.
Avatar n tn I'd just like to add that your thyroid numbers look good. Both antibody tests are negative, so you don't have autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashi's). FT4 is a little on the low side, but since you're not on thyroid medication, that isn't too much of a concern because your FT3 is nicely up in the top third of the range. FT3 is the thyroid test that best correlates with symptoms.
Avatar n tn Well as happens I am taking the medication for different reason and different form (pill format and control of dystonic spasms) and I've taken it as a cough medicine in the past and at prescription dosages it can have side effects of concern in higher dosages.
Avatar f tn Why do you think that 6 foot 1 inch is too much for your 17 years of age? How much larger are you compared to others in your class? How tall are your mother and father? I did some looking around and found this type of info on gigantism. "What is Gigantism? Gigantism is a rare condition that causes abnormal growth in children. It occurs when a child’s body produces too much growth hormone. Early diagnosis is important.
Avatar m tn Hello, If your sexual organs are too short it can be due to testosterone deficiency, pituitary hormone deficiency, hypergonadotropic hypogonadism and growth hormone deficiency.Various investigations required are chromosomal studies,hormone studies like Gonadotropins (LH and FSH), Testosterone and DHT levels,thyroid hormone lvels,ultrasonography and testosterone therapy. I would suggest you to consult a urologist and discuss this possibility with him I hope that helps.Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn The Geiers went looking for signs of precocious puberty in the autistic children in their clinic and found about an 80% incicence in their patients. Lupron is a drug known for lowering testoserone levels. It has been to control precocious puberty. The Geiers theorized that if they were able to temporarily turn off testosterone production with lupron, they might be able to release these trapped stores of mercury.