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1699730 tn?1306956387 A child who had a single episode of tonic clonic seizure will have any more seizures depends on several factors. Most children will outgrow their epilepsy.Usuallyanticonvulsants are stopped after taking treatment for 2-3 years if there is no recurrence of seizure. A normal neurological examination goes in favor of not experiencing a recurrence. An EEG may be done to confirm the diagnosis. Best luck!
Avatar n tn The first one at the was at the end of November and I had incontinence with urine, as 30mins had past which I had been unaware of I assumed this seizure had been a tonic-clonic seizure. At the start of January I had a seizure that my sister witnessed which resulted in duel incontinence but she said it had only been a partial seizure. I had one this morning that also resulted in duel incontinence.
Avatar n tn Hi sapna_grn, How are you? Grand mal seizures also called generalized tonic clonic seizures are the most common and best known type of generalized seizure. Usually, they begin with stiffening of the limbs (the tonic phase), followed by jerking of the limbs and face (the clonic phase). During the tonic phase, breathing may decrease or cease altogether, producing cyanosis (blueing) of the lips, nail beds, and face. You can see the diagram in this link: http://www.epilepsyfoundation.
Avatar n tn Hello. Your worry is apt. Let me give some information. "Grand mal" seizures are seizures which appear all over the body, and which have a tonic-clonic nature. (Tonic - tensed up / Clonic - alternate contraction and relaxation of the muscles). Our Brain has right and left parts. The right Brain controls the left half of body. That's the reason why she gets the seizures on the opposite side. Migraine may not at all be related with the lesions.
Avatar n tn Around Thanksgiving she had a seizure, which I believe was the beginning of a tonic clonic. She now has the VNS so I used her magnet which I believe helped stop the seizure. It was very different than her complex partial seizures in that she was shaking, her aura was different (she usually sees lights but this time she said the room was spinning around) and during the five minutes of this happening, she spiked a fever of 102.5.
Avatar f tn blood pressure, but a slight blood clot got to the brain from the hole in the heart and caused a stroke 8 months ago. Last week he had a Tonic Clonic seizure this happened after a very active day of therapy for his left hand which is still not responding, hours at a the YMCa working out and working with his Saebolt which opens and closes the hand. He did have 3 beers the previous day with a buddy and his wife thinks that is what caused it, but the neuorologiest said no.
Avatar m tn Can complex partial seizures progress to tonic-clonic in the absence of any additional TBI? I am a healthy 57 yo active male with no additional health challenges. Seizures are well controlled, 250mg Lamictal bid. A craniotomy 1973 plus large doses of radiation therapy plus several frontal and parietal lobe TBI since. Seven to eight areas of increased T2 subweighted increased signal intensity present on imaging. Could there be a large probability of my TLE progressing to tonic-clonic seizures?
Avatar f tn Sutures separate each individual skull bone and early closing leads to an abnormally shaped head along with increased intracranial pressure, seizures and possible developmental delay. The seizure that your infant is throwing could be a generalized tonic clonic seizure where one has vigorous shaking of all the limbs not stopped by intervention, rolling of eyeballs, symmetric movements on both sides as if your kid had, could be pointers.
Avatar f tn I was on it for three days and then my epileptologist stopped the medication. The following day, I had another tonic clonic seizure on the stairs in the barn and landed on the concrete floor. I was transported by Life Flight to the hospital where my epileptologist worked. The paramedics reported that my breathing was very shallow and my blood pressure was through the floor. I had two more seizures following and was given Ativan to stop the seizures.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend had what I believe to be a tonic-clonic seizure on Monday. Today is Friday and he is still having problems with his short term memory. I was just wondering how long it will be before his short term memory comes back?
Avatar n tn I am a 29yr old male. In Nov 2008, I had a tonic-clonic seizure for the 1st time. Contrast MRI showed a lesion in Left Frontal Region. I was prescribed 300mg eptoin. 3 weeks later I was diagnosed lymph node TB in the chest. And I was put on Rifampicin 600mg, Mycobutol 1000, Pyrazinamide 1000mg X 2. Since then I had 5 more seizures till now. The latest contrast MRI shows no increase/decrease till now. A MRS was also performed which suspects a Astrocytoma. No biopsy has been done till now.
Avatar f tn I was on it for three days and then my epileptologist stopped the medication. The following day, I had another tonic clonic seizure on the stairs in the barn and landed on the concrete floor. I was transported by Life Flight to the hospital where my epileptologist worked. The paramedics reported that my breathing was very shallow and my blood pressure was through the floor. I had two more seizures following and was given Ativan to stop the seizures.
1196289 tn?1265061316 He has had seizures all along but much worse as of last 6 months. Up to 15 tonic clonic per day. Last weak we went down on his Levoxyl and he is now having only 2 per day. Is there any research explaining this huge shift? He also never had a tonic clonic sz. until the first day on Felbatol. The neuro Dr. treats the sz's and the Endo treats the hypopit. Could He have Hashimoto's Encephalopathy? not Thyroiditis. He seems to have many of the symptoms.
Avatar f tn How to taper tramadol in a patient with the history of 3 events of tonic clonic seizure in the past 12 months.
Avatar n tn My daughter had a generalized tonic clonic seizure and a EEG that showed spikes, could this have been caused by meds she was on or is that not possible.
Avatar m tn My fear is that I will have a seizure, I have delt with someone else having a medication withdrawal seizure (tonic-clonic, or clonic tonic I forget what the order is) and that dreadful noise is forever stuck in my head! PLEASE, I want to know what the likelihood of me having a seizure is, I have been taking the fioricet for a few months now, and have lowered it down to 3 a day. I must have a professional estimate or reccomendation before I have another breakdown!
Avatar m tn 30am. The aura was the same. Later this same day he had some partials that were preceded by flashing lights and hallucinations occuring in the pediatrician's office. He then suffered with these partials for three weeks before seeing a neurologist finally! His MRI's have all shown nothing. His EEG had shown epileptic spikes. We began a regimen of anti-seizure meds. He continued having some issues as we increased his meds again and again. Then we changed his meds.
Avatar f tn I have had epilepsy for 11 yrs now, frontal lobe and tonic clonic (grandmal). Yes, heart palpitations is an aura to a seizure. Usually happens as a warning or just proceeds a seizure. Good luck on getting seizure free. Dr's. def. do not know all there is to know about this disease but are learning more everyday. There are eptileptologist that specialize in epilepsy that are an option.
Avatar n tn my son has recently(since thanksgiving )started having seizures. he has tonic-clonic, absent, myclonic and atonic seizures. last monday he had three tonic-clonic seizures and the last one we had to take him to the emergency room because he would not come out of it. this one lasted 2 hours before they could get him out of it.since then he has myclonic seizure and atonic seizures almost every 5 minutes although yesterday they slowed way down he is still having them.
Avatar f tn The seizure (generalized tonic-clonic) began almost immediately after i was administered a shot of Motrin to assist with pain due to the infection. The doctor on staff told me that the seizure was probably a reaction to the pain of the shot; essentially he said that my pain tolerance could have maxed out between the infection and the injection, causing a seizure. At the time, I didn't think it made much sense but took his word for it.
792706 tn?1239708261 When I was 8 years old I began having seizures, which at the time were diagnosed as tonic clonic seizures, I was given anti-convulsant drugs (epilim) and after two years of being seizure free (age 11) I was taken off the drugs, I never again suffered a seizure until I was 28 years old and in my 8th month of pregnancy. My seizure in pregnancy was not tonic clonic, it was more of a partial seizure affecting the left side of my body. I am now 33 and still suffer from these 'seizures'.
Avatar f tn Recently diagnosed after partial spread to tonic clonic. E.R. visit Cat scan, Mri, neurologist post op. From what I understood Frontal lobe. That I had migraine?(I don't remember any bad headache), went to TIA, partial to tonic clonic. Past history 2 TIA's almost 10 years ago, (from factor V Lieden blood clotting).
Avatar f tn Seizures can take the form of classic convulsions of tonic-clonic seizures, or less obvious focal seizures, in which muscle twitches or mental confusion are observed. However, both cerebral palsy and seizure disorders can be treated with anticonvulsants. For other concerns, consult your doctor. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn t stop drinking until having an unexplained nocturnal tonic clonic seizure in 1998. I encountered a second episode roughly 45 nights later and results from EEG, CAT scan, and MRI still offered no clues. I would like to know if complications from HCV might have caused them.
Avatar n tn My son is 16 years old and was diagnosed with ADHD at age 10. He has taken Adderall XR at various dosage level throughout the past six years and is now taking 30mg/day. He recently experienced a tonic-clonic seizure at home. He doesn't have a history of seizures, but an EEG taken 16 hours after the seizure revealed an abnormality, specifically high voltage slow wave and spike activity.
Avatar n tn When a person has a seizure, especially one known as a tonic clonic seizure, one's body can undergo some pretty violent and strenous activity. You are correct, those symptoms are consistent with a radicular neck pain (ie bulging disk). It is very possible that while you were suffering a seizure that you could have injured your neck or shoulder. You should see your PCP about the symptoms as well as a diagnostic work up.