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237053 tn?1258832026 My tongue has been sore since before begining treatment. Now it's getting more sore and it has whitish/yellowish coat on it. I've shown dr's and none of them had said anything about yeast. However I posted on another forum and the majority of them said it sounds like yeast. But I don't have any vaginal itching or stomach problems. My LLMD said in his notes I had a slightly furred tongue. When I looked up furred tongue it said it can be caused from infections such as HIV or Syphillis.
1070570 tn?1283439813 I've been feeling really badly for the past 3 months and my doctor has just decided to treat me for possible yeast overgrowth based on the recurring sinusitis, vaginal infections, white tongue,etc that I have. His treatment is10 weeks long beginning with a yeast free diet then starting Nistatin Powder, and starting Diflucan on the 4th week, so that I'll be on the Diflucan for 6 weeks total and the Nistatin 10 wks. Has anyone had any success with this type of treatment?
Avatar f tn Could you please tell me what treatment should be used for a vaginal yeast infection for a patient with liver disease? Is a 7 day Monistat cream safe? I have read where it is contraindicated for use with liver impairment but don't find any other suggestions for treatment. Thank you.
237053 tn?1258832026 my lyme doctor told me that is one of the signs of lyme, swollen tongue, with the abx treatment mine has went down a lot, talk to your llmd about it.
Avatar n tn why is my tongue sore, numb and tingling and ulcers on my mouth all of a sudden
Avatar f tn Does anyone have strange tongue sensations? My tongue feels like I burned it drinking coffee too hot, or something, even though I didn't. It feels like it is irriatated or scratchy or some weird thing. I'm new to this whole disease process, so I was curious if others had experienced similar issues?
Avatar n tn i have a bright red burning rash on either side of my tongue. Ive had this for about 4 weeks following a pretty bad throat and head cold. Should i go to the doctor? When i put orajel on the red spots i feel it in my ears.
Avatar f tn I think that I also maybe going through some kind of yeast infection where I have thicker coating on my tongue and itchiness especially the private parts. Can yeast infection cause fatigue and is there any treatment that may relieve CFS symptoms. I also notice that when I drink coffe more than usual the fatigue seems to exacerbate. Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn Given the atypically prolonged course, possible yeast infection, and poor response to treatment, I also have to wonder whether you are at risk for HIV and whether you have been tested for it. If you haven't done so, you should ask all these questions of your current providers, including their advice about whether an infectious diseases consultation might be warranted. The need for that depends at least in part on your current providers' expertise.
Avatar n tn I pierced a capsule with a needle and sprinkled a small amount directly on my tongue. I then spread it all over my tongue and left on while showering and then some, about ten minutes. It formed a whitish crud which I brushed off and then rinsed with regular mouth wash. That evening I couldn't really see any orange (normally end of day my OT was whole tongue and very prominent!) so I decided to repeat the Tetracycline sprinkle after supper.
Avatar n tn Since there is no treatment for geographic tongue, that is generally what happens. I have had this conditon for many years now, and more than anything, mine is unsightly. The main concern is that your is painful. Avoid irritating your tongue with hot or spicy food, alcohol, or tobacco. These substances can be what is triggering your pain and irritation.
Avatar m tn I had the white bumps and yellow tongue also and found out i had a yeast infection in my mouth. I'm not saying that you have the same thing but its something to possibly think about.
Avatar f tn Okay...this is not even mildly humourous anymore. When my tongue first started burning, I thought it was freezer burn from eating ice cream. Obviously, now that weeks more have passed, that's not the case. I kid tongue stings all the time and it is so painful. I hate the litocain. It seems worse to not feel your mouth at all! I have 5 more weeks to go. Is there any chance this tongue thing will go away?
11318065 tn?1462988079 The last 2 weeks I have been having problems with my tongue. It always burns when I brush my teeth or when I smoke (which I should quit too!!)... and there looks like little white dots on it only on one part of it though that kind of hurt. Did anyone else have anything like this as a part of a detox symptom? I know my body is still going through changes even after 30 days so Im just curious. I do have a dentist appt at the end of the month and will check with him if its not better by then.
Avatar f tn Hi All, Along with all my other ms symptons, I have had something new for a couple weeks now. The top of my tongue feels like its tingling, like when your a kid and eat one of those lollies called fruit tingles. Also the back of my throat feels it as well, and when I take a deep breath, it feels like I'm inhaling chemicals, or like I have held a battery on the top of my tongue. I also happen to know that tonge tingling is also another ms sympton..... Am I correct in this? Thanks again...
Avatar n tn Long story short- I found a doctor who finally treated me for Lymes with Doxycycline and I low and behold, I got better and consequently--no more orange tongue (it's been a year since treatment). The orange, I believe to likely have been from one of one of the bacteria I had contracted from a tick bite. As I grew more and more ill, my skin under tones also changed to orangish/copper like color (enough to have had to change the colors of my makeup).
Avatar m tn white tongue teeths mark in the border (swollen tongue) raised taste buds in the tip/border of the tongue (with random pain) excessive saliva I have these symptoms since June 2012. I am writing this in March 2013. No improvement in any of these 4 things. I have been tested for HIV 5 times. Also tested for several other things (read my journal for more info) All this is very suspicious and I think my tongue problems are related to that sex encounter.
Avatar n tn He also mentioned that my immune system needs boasting and I have started taking quality multi vitamins. When I am finished this treatment for the yeast I will also begin HCp synbiotic kit providing complete pre & probiotic protection. I think you can be sure your symptoms are from a very heavy yeast infection. You are either failing to get rid of it or something else is comprimising your immune system and causing it to reaccure.
Avatar m tn On April 14th I had unprotected intercourse with another woman. The days passed and I did not think much of this encounter until a couple of weeks after the event a rash appeared on my penis. I went to a GP on May 14th and took a blood test. The doctor thought it was herpes. A couple of days after my blood test I developed a sore throat, then a runny nose, then a slight fever with fatigue. I diagnosed this as a cold and did not think much of it.
Avatar m tn About 3 days after i got extremely dry mouth and noticed a small white bump on my tongue. after using some antibiotics the white bump when away, but speracticly I donu if stress or bacteria coaused this. Fastforward two weeks later and in the back of my esophagus and upper mouth are covered in white spots, also in the back of my tongue the taste buds are swolen red. my throat is not to sore but when swolowing I can feel my glands are a bit swolen.
Avatar m tn Strongly suspected candida n tried diet mod., acidophilus, plain yogurt and OTC yeast treatment with 90% imp. Doc diagnosed me w bacterial vaginitis. And said all other symptoms i mentioned were all in my head, that self treatment for yeast and improvement were a placebo (second opinion please!). pain n burning in groin n abdomen still lingering after 500 mg flagyl treatment. Waiting on b/w results. Been a wk so should b normal, question is, did he run appropriate tests?
Avatar f tn so now am really worried that less saliva production(almost dry mouth) and white coated tongue is due to GERD or HIV? is the GERD can cause white coated tongue and dry mouth? Actually I took Omaprazole tablet for a month..
250701 tn?1320978365 it work for awhile still I stay with soft foods.Off treatment little over 2 months peg.and rivb.Brushing my teeth is the worst because of my tongue I keep changing toothpaste.I'll have to try that magic mouthwash.
Avatar f tn My tongue was darker than usual during treatment and was totally clean. I have not heard of a blackish tongue though, so I really don't know what to say. If you are scared, call your nurse/doctor right away. Hope that it is nothing.
150807 tn?1194958915 With Hep , just this last year, I kept getting a strange tongue problem ?? Not like yeast, but raw, brown looking. Well guess what, on tx it's back, and raw as h*ll. I got Nystatin oral suspension, helps a lot.
Avatar m tn Many Thanks for all your advice and concern related to some medication in which to ease the symptoms of a Swollen Tongue & sore tongue while on treatment for Hepatitis C. It appears i shall ask my hepatologist for "The Magic Mouthwash" also as the burning, stinging sensation can be very irritating, and the colour of the tongue can become very dark at times.Wish i could buy it over the counter so i could get it sooner.
Avatar f tn The inflammation makes gums swollen, and also affects tongue by white coating. If the tongue is covered by a coating, it may indicate the presence of toxins in the stomach, small intestine or large intestine. You need to take regular Vitamin C supplements with maintenance of good oral hygiene. I suggest you to consult ENT specialist and get proper treatment. Take care and regards.
6402846 tn?1391067348 like watery, almost borderline diarrhea. Along with that, I have some white stuff on my tongue, oral thrush I think it's called. These are yeast overgrowth symptoms right? I've been using a probiotic, although not as religiously as I should. I'd say I remember to take it at least 4 days a week. I should also mention I've been on 200mg per day of doxycycline for about 2 months now. What do you all think? Is there enough evidence here to maybe point in the direction of yeast?
Avatar n tn .This is the first of two posts both will be herpes dark brown tongue by Mark127. I'm pretty scared and stressed..there are somethings that are not adding up. I have been seen by 6 doctors. first one said herpes others say no, but have a positive culture. Thankyou for reading them both. I'm quite scared and confused. I had unprotected sex once with a woman I met while out state. (first time in two yrs after relationship) . This occurred around sept 10.