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Avatar n tn The couging has subsided, but there's still phelm in my throat. Yesterday I noticed that my tongue was coated in an yellowy/orange color!! I scraped it, and brushed it, but to no avail. Is this a common ailment? Anybody??? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I know but as I was searching around as to what might be the cause of this I saw pictures that were identical to this and it was a specific type of yeast infection and was prone to people with HIV and it got me anxious so I thought I would ask how long after exposure something like this might show up?
Avatar n tn because thats what im dieting too, but it doesnt look like any of the pictures that ive seen. My best bet is geographic tongue? because if its not that, then i have no idea. But i will try to make an appointment with my dentist too.
Avatar m tn I recommend putting the Biotene in a little finger pump spray bottle (from the cosmetics section) and during the night spraying it in your mouth when you briefly wake up. This will do wonders for your cracked tongue. 3-buy a tongue scraper and scrape the white coating off as many times a day as you feel like it, BUT DO NOT SCRAPE too more than three times a day while you're getting used to the scraper. 4-Eat lots of yogurt with live cultures. I prefer Greek yogurt.
Avatar n tn She complained of burning and reddness and was examined. Doctor found no evidence of herpes. No test performed. She had recently had a yeast infection. After we had sex she said her genital area hurt even a couple days later. Before the results of my culture were in I went to another state working. pilot. I noticed a canker sore inside my lower lip on the soft tissue, my tongue was yellow and little red spots on the tip.
Avatar f tn I think you can brush off both. But I would expect pain of some form on your tongue. Looking at pictures of thrush, the inner area of the tongue is usually red where it isn't covered with the yeast. You would definitely notice it being a different color. That could also be confused with geographic tongue. If you do have thrush with ARS, I would think that it would be more than just thrush you would be experiencing and having complaints about, and they would be more than just mild.
Avatar n tn i've done that twice and it has been the only thing that has helped my symptoms besides using a ton of lotrimin. i also have a yellowish film on my tongue that looks like yeast infection pictures i've seen online. because of two negatives and my symptoms could it be a yeast infection and not herpes? i don't know if i should do the test again or what. i'm still a little worried.
Avatar n tn i would look more towards seeing if it is geographic tongue i was told by a pathologist that with these symptoms and after i had shown pictures of time of high activity on the tongue that this what i have. I am 26 and this is the first time i have had the symptoms. There is no cure nor is it harmful just annoying as hell. If you feel that these symptoms consist of GT and you want proper diagnosis see an oral surgeon they can give you the best diagnosis. Sites to look at are http://www.
Avatar m tn I am still having sores coming and going and appearing in different places on my tongue. I went to see another doc and he thinks I have Geographic tongue and says it is a harmless condition. I returned to my primary care doc and he disagreed and he thinks I have a yeast infection and has set me up for ENT doc to do a biopsy of these lesions and he also did a swab to be tested.
Avatar m tn 1) dead cells that do not get washed away regularly 2) Candida 3) dehydration Here are remedies to cure the problem Brush teeth with vegetable glycerin to whiten teeth and get rid of white tongue. After brushing teeth and tongue, open capsule of probiotics and mix with a little warm and swish in mouth and swallow. Drink a lot of water daily. Rinse mouth with salt water daily. D.Z.
Avatar m tn jpg However the coating is more prominent towards the back of the tongue. It is not very thick, but it smears evening over back of my tongue. I scrape it every morning and it is back, without fail, by evening, everyday for last 1 year. That is what is worrying me. No real burning or sore after I scrape it. There is no other white patch as such in my mouth. Top of my mouth has Yellow stain covering half of my mouth ceiling. Mouth keeps very dry..even feels like i have put some LA sometimes.
Avatar m tn Hi, I performed an unprotected cunnilingus on an escort girl 3 weeks ago (protected fellatio and protected intercourse) My tongue hurt a few hours later, then had a sore throat and ended with geographic tongue now (two painless round spots on my tongue, they were gone 2 days ago and I have a new one today) Can this be an STD (HIV/Syphilis)? I softly brushed my teeth 3 hours before the incounter and only drunk water. 3 days after the incounter, my spit smelled like vagina.
Avatar m tn Look at it this way, you did get someone else's blood in your mouth, which is gross. I can assume that maybe your tongue change is because maybe it's an oral yeast infection. Is it white near your tonsils?? The bumps you described towards the back of your tongue sounds normal. Dont stress yourself out because that will only make your health worse if you are infected with an std. I advise you to wait at least 10days after the incident so that you can get an accurate result.
Avatar m tn A whitening of the top layer of the tongue or the presence of white spots or patches on the tongue can also be seen with infection or chronic inflammation of the surface of the tongue. Certain oral infections, notably Candida yeast infections (known as oral thrush), are characterized by a white tongue. Inflammation and whitening of the tongue can also occur due to dryness or environmental irritants such as smoking. Inflammation of the tongue is known as glossitis.
Avatar n tn Hello, A little over one month ago and then about 2.5 to 3 weeks ago, I engaged in unprotected oral (gave and received) and vaginal sex with a new person. I began experiencing increased yellow vaginal discharge and just an overall unusual feeling down there, so I went to a local clinic and saw a NP who tested me for "everything it could be" including yeast infection, other vaginal infections, chlamydia, and gonorrhea.
Avatar n tn Hello, A little over one month ago and then about 2.5 to 3 weeks ago, I engaged in unprotected oral (gave and received) and vaginal sex with a new person. I began experiencing increased yellow vaginal discharge and just an overall unusual feeling down there, so I went to a local clinic and saw a NP who tested me for "everything it could be" including yeast infection, other vaginal infections, chlamydia, and gonorrhea.
Avatar m tn first off your tongue does not have thrush on it, go look at pictures of thrush. tongue is perfectly normal. second a 2 week test is not going to tell you anything but that you were neg 3 month before that test. thrush is rare to show up in seroconversion and if it did you would have some other symptoms. get a grip and stop looking at the tongue.
Avatar m tn Wow this is a great discussion about Geographic tongue. I have posted on my profile some pictures of how my tongue looks, is this consistent with what you guys are experiencing with Geographic Tongue ? My dentist says this is what I have but its just so strange to have started out of the blue at 31 . Feel free to post or private messag me thanks !
Avatar m tn can you please post pictures of your "white tongue" to see what you're talking about? do you smoke?
Avatar m tn I couldn't get an erection if I tried in the first week unless strongly visually stimulated (something I could do while looking at a cup before). My tongue was acting weird one day ( Had herpes attacked the nerve to my tongue?) Altough I never felt tingling in my legs. About one year ago, my now ex-girlfriend used to get a lot of UTIs and I felt a little burning. Nothing signifiant to me mind you.
Avatar m tn About 6 weeks ago my girlfriend had a yeast infection which I also contracted off her, we both had it in the genital regions. We went to the doctors and were issued a cream to use. A few days later my tongue started going white and I had bad breath - oral yeast infection? So I have been taking Inner Health Plus (an probiotic supplement) and eating natural yoghurt daily. Over the past week I haven't had any yoghurt or probiotics. Now my tongue is whitish again.
Avatar f tn And vaginal thrush usually doesn't look like anything, maybe swollen/red, it's a yeast infection, thrush of the mouth is a yeast infection as well, not anything to worry about traveling though.
Avatar f tn The issue with the irritation on the tip of your tongue and the edges sounds like it could be glossitis. In particular, a form called 'geographic tongue'. You can find information and pictures online. I've had the condition myself for many years. It's harmless. Caused by stress and sometimes certain foods. See an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist to possibly diagnose & confirm.
Avatar f tn One side almost looks like when you get infected taste buds on your tongue. These were very red and inflammed during my yeast infection, but now they do not bother me at all and I only notice them through examination. I am concerned that it is something serious. I have tried doing research on the internet, but am only freaking myself out thinking I have HPV genital warts or something. I am still a virgin, although me and my boyfriend have had genital-hand contact.
Avatar m tn I don't think I have any other symptoms aside from some fatigue which could be normal. I don't think it's a yeast infection, because I googled pictures of mouth yeast infections and they all have thick yellow stuff growing in their mouths... but... the smell is oddly close to the smell of yeast. Is there anything I can do to get rid of this?
Avatar f tn The first two canker sores started over a week ago and the rest of the symtopms have been there for 4 days. I went to a doctor and she took a swab for strep throat. She also swabbed under my tongue for yeast infection. I'm worried I don't have strep throat because I have had it numerous times and my throat was much more sore. It is barley sore this time. I can eat and drink, and don't have fatigue. I've checked online and I have no idea what I have. I'm including pictures of my throat.
Avatar m tn Week later got red lesion on tongue, w white border. which eventually continued into geographic tongue, then hairy tongue, still persists. Encounter, last weekend of November 2010. After over a month, i began to have burning in my inner thighs, thighs, which con't to what feels like my lower legs at times and the sides of my ribs. I have had a lot of anxiety in regards to this. i know my body and my thighs never burned on and off before.
Avatar n tn I have and white coating on my tongue from 5 month.I smoke from 20 to 30 cigarete on 1 day and i have polyp on my throat.For my tongue i did 2 time hiv test for 8 month and it is negative and i dont think to have hiv because i dont have ulcer nowhere in my mouth .I am married of 1 years and as a whole i f??l good except i feel discomfort in stomach and pain in kidney.i dont have this some dental infections or my problem is inside of me.
Avatar n tn About a year and a half ago I noticed a white coating on my tongue. I started freaking out when I started researching online because Thrush came up and usually healthy adults don't have this condition. Today over a year later I still have this white stuff. It doesn't really look like the pictures on Google and I can brush it away. Also doesn't bleed and is contained to my tongue. However it almost immediately emerges after a night of drinking beer.
Avatar m tn Where the lumps started on the left side of my tongue I've also started getting a numb feeling on and off throughout the day and burning. The lumps on the side of my tongue have spread to the tip of the tongue now and to the other side. Trying to educate myself as much as possible I've looked in to a lot of diseases and came across HPV. After seeing pictures on the net of HPV and reading some credible articles I have some questions.