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Avatar n tn Have had a persistent white coating on back of tongue for a few months now. Developed after a cold. Also, have never noticed large papillae in back so large before. Tongue coating doesn't want to leave. Have pretty bad allergies (dust, mold, seasonal). Also, wisdom tooth that has grown in sideways, occassionally infected. Wondering if white coating is thrush? (32 year old male). Have seen many images of thrush but it doesn't look like this.
Avatar n tn this has happened ever since i was very young but i've never had a white coating on my tongue before. My tongue doesn't hurt the canker sores cause a little irritation.
Avatar m tn Definition By Mayo Clinic staff White tongue is a coating of debris, bacteria and dead cells on your tongue that makes it look white. Although the appearance of white tongue may be alarming, the condition is usually harmless and temporary.
Avatar m tn Mine is complete white furry tongue with white pin like dots on it and when i brush it i can scrap some part of it but not all.after 2 hours it is again completely it OHL???????/ I am using good brushing with tongue cleaner and mouth wash but it is not going........ Now i am completely lost with this and just wondering what is this. is it a sign of ARS??
Avatar m tn I was wondering if you can suggest what could be possible cause. If I really extend my tongue, I see a very mild white caoting in the middle what is difficult to scape off. Is this something really worrisome or suggestive or anyting serious?
Avatar f tn Is is cracky looking? white coated? can you see sore spots on it through the white coating? are the spots purplish in color?
Avatar n tn It is an awful thing to 'have to put up with' I also have ulcers on the back of my tongue and roof of my mouth, this cannot be normal.
Avatar n tn However, I went to a French doctor when I did still have the sore throat and he prescribed amoxicillin in powder form (despite me telling him about the biaxin xl I had previously been prescribed, which he wasn't familiar with because that is the commercial name), but also pointed out that i had a brown tongue due to a fungus and prescribed to me triflucan, an antifungal also in powder form. he attributed the brown tongue coating to the antibiotics that i had previously been taking.
Avatar m tn Jay, hi. I am kind of in the same boat with you, besides white coating on tongue and genital ulcer. I have tested negative for every STD. I am thinking it might be EBV or mono. TBH, I really hope it is; because mono or EBV is such less severe than almost all of these STD's. Hope you are well.
Avatar m tn since my troubles are limited to my tongue and i am only within 3 months of my exposure, i dont think i could be getting the opportunistic infections. correct? also, in the primary hiv stage or ARS, that is 2-4 weeks after exposure, does the broad category of "oral" ulcers include tongue ulcers and tongue cuts also or are they seperate? finally, just today it seems like i developed my first oral ulcer near the gum in lower lip.
2065676 tn?1331426040 During tx I noticed I sometimes had a white tongue and used a mouthwash without alcohol and brushed my tongue every night. I had a few minor sores, but they weren't a problem. It's possible this could be thrush, so I'd discuss with the doctor if it persists. Several on the forum have had this problem and used Magic Mouthwash (with Nystantin) with success. I hope some cue in to relay their experience. Good luck. http://www.drugs.
Avatar f tn could this be an ARS symptom? is it possible to be a lymph node (are there any of these on the tongue) i had white coating on my tongue when the lump was there, but it was no thrush as per the doctors my doctor said that this is caused by stress, is it true that stress generates ulcers?
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing a tongue that is like sandpaper with tiny white furry type dots on the right side of my tongue. Not many, just a few but they are there. My tongue also looks like there are little gaps or what looks like cuts..(no bleeding though). Seems to irritate with coffee or spice. Has me worried. First trip to the doc's office says it could be a sign of weak immune system (possibly HIV) which I find next to impossible as my wife and I are very very low risk.
Avatar n tn A healthy tongue has a thin white coating on it, especially in the back. My tongue right now is white towards the back. If your white tongue was due to HIV it would be abnormally white and you would notice something was wrong. Your symptoms are due to your anxiety, and not HIV. You should got get an antibody test now to relieve your stress, as it will come back negative. If you are extremely anxious you might consider and PCR by DNA test.
Avatar n tn I keep brushing my tongue to avoid the white coating but I can't seem to fully eliminate it. My tongue gets worse at night, there is some pain and the teeth indentations are not going away.Also, my tongue feels a bit weak and swollen. 12th week HIV 1/2 Test EIA with Reflexes - NON REACTIVE Any professional advice would be greatly appreciated.. What should I do now??? Thank You!!!
Avatar m tn Geographic tongue is because of the atrophy of the filiform papillae of the tongue, surrounded by a serpiginous, white, hyperkeratotic border. Patients with geographic tongue may present with a burning sensation or an irritation of the tongue noted with hot or spicy foods. No medical intervention is required because the lesion is benign and most often asymptomatic. Any more doubts you are welcome.
Avatar n tn the last doctor I visited said she doesn't think these are fordyce spots despite comparing my lip to those shown on google images, I believe the only reason I was given thrush medicine was due to claiming I had a white coating on my tongue a few days earlier and admitted to smoking... any solutions of what this could be? PS. tried pure aloe vera plant gel fresh from the leaf, didn't notice any changes.
Avatar n tn I have been on the antibiotic 'flagyl' (500 mg two times per day) for almost a week now and this all started a few days after beginningn the antibiotic] -furry white coating on tongue -raised, fleshy bumps on very back of tongue -sore throat w/ a dry cough (itchy) -yeast in armpits
Avatar m tn it is possible to develop an issue with ur tongue post op and it can be from the tube.... What all other then sore?.....I mean do u have a white coating or nething like that? is it swelling?
Avatar n tn Its been over two weeks and my mouth is very tingly, sore throat, and a bunch of red small bumps all over my tongue with a white coating. Pretty freaked out. Anyone help?
Avatar m tn A lot of my symptoms point toward herpes but some symptoms like the white velvet coating on top and on the bottom of my tongue seem to be specific to thrush. Have any health providers who might be reading this seen anything like this before?
Avatar n tn Hi can anyone pls advise me too? I had white coating on my tongue, bad rashes on my leg and stomach, persistent fatigue, persistent cough and wounds that took very long to heal? Could I be infected ??? I'm really too scare to take the test...
Avatar n tn After completing my third cycle of AC, I developed a white coating on my tongue and on the back of my throat. My oncologist diagnosed "thrush" and said this was common on chemo. He gave me a prescription for Magic Mouthwash and also recommended I gargle with 1/4 tsp. baking soda and 1/4 tsp. salt dissolved in 8 oz. of warm water. Within 5 days, the thrush was gone.
Avatar f tn + Excessive bloating + Pains in abdomen into back + Excessive weight loss +Thick white coating on tongue +Thick white coating in throat when drinking or swallowing +Pain worsens at night time
Avatar f tn The ulcers and blisters can be due to herpes as well. The white coating on tongue can be due to thrush. Thrush appears as white patches in the mouth. Usually they can be seen on the tongue, inside the cheeks, under the tongue, and in the back of the throat. I suggest you to get an examination done from your doctor and get a KOH examination of the scrapings done of these white coatings.
Avatar n tn I have dead teeth and also since some time I have this white coating on my tongue from 3-4 months (diagnosed as “CANDIDA”). About a week back I was drunk and had a deep oral sex with a sex-worker (mouth-vagina). Following days I had lots of liquors and smoke. The infection started spreading over my tongue and after a week I have multiple ulcers in my mouth. Its about 1 week time with the sex and I was this day asked by a local physician for HIV+ test which turned out negative.
Avatar m tn Till now, l always sense uncomfortable feeling in my throat and my penis. l have done std test and the result is negative. sometimes there is white coating on my tongue. Today, l am having 2 small ulcers on top of my mouth and swelling on one side of my neck.l still don't have much apetite. Another thing is after heavy exercise with heavy sweating l do feel a bit chill. Am l infected with hiv ?
Avatar f tn Dear Teak I want you to please Help me on this It's been approx 9 weeks I had that protected incident After 4th week I started developing Tongue ulcers (no mouth ulcer, only tongue ulcers) and geographic type tongue and it's been 30 days nd I still having tongue problem As the csw kissed me ( a closed mouth kiss) but my lip due to cracked got bit blood and I instantly washed it . can it cause HIv transmission ??
Avatar f tn Also along with these bumps I have got some white coating on my tongue which was also abnormal thing for me. It made my mouth bitter for one day and now the white coating has disappeared after 1 day. But I still have red bumps on my skin which are itching. Also I am feeling bit snizzy because of cold, my head has got feeling of sinus. I have also performed an HIV antibody test after 4 weeks which came back negative. So below are some of my questions, 1.
Avatar f tn In between I was diagnosed for Tonsillitis (with white patches on both sides) also I hav a thick white coating on my tongue. Tongue c/s report suggests, "klebsiella species, Heavy growth". afterwards was on Antibiotics for 3 weeks but I still have a white coating on my tongue. I've few swollen lymph nodes in my groin & neck since then.After 2 months of exposure, got tested for Hep-B, HSV 1&2 and some STI's (-ve) along with Oral Thrush (Candida),Interim report is negative.