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Avatar f tn Hi all, back at the beginning of April this year I had a sore throat, I looked and saw I had a few ulcers/blisters in the back of my throat, I have never had these before, and they weren't there previous to that, I had just come off Omeprazole which I had been taking for acid reflux, and had been on them for 9 weeks.I had also just come off Yasmin contraceptive pill that i had been taking for around 8 years.
Avatar n tn The left side of my throat(back of my mouth) on the side are 3 ulcers that look like canker sores and even farther back to the opening of my throat the area is swollen and red and whitish.. the other side of my thraot in the back of my mouth is wihte and looks like some parts are bleeding but are actually inflammed capillaries.. my doctor told me it was a virus and that it had nothing to do with me previous infection.
Avatar n tn My daughter had her 1st case of genital ulcers at 12 during a case of stomach flu/sore throat--basically very painful genital canker sores. Doctor of course prescribes herpes medicines--didn't work--but it spontaneously cleared in a week. Four years later she had the flu and laryngitis and it happened again. This time for 2 years she had a relapse 3 times a year-- when she was stressed and developed high fevers.
Avatar n tn This morning, however, I woke up and i could still feel it and I tried to just scrape it with my toothbrush but it was still there so I got a flash light and saw that I have mulitple bumps all over my tongue and on my throat. They are lighter than my normal color in my throat. On my tongue they are kind of blisterish looking. I'm just wondering how I could have gotten this? I'm pretty sure i've never had it before.
Avatar n tn I was gargling with saltwater and they cleared up in about 3 days, but now (at 6 weeks) I have developed another sore on my tongue, and this one is painful. Many websites list mouth sores as a symptom of seroconversion illness, but they are very vague and I've not been able to find any further information. Are they red or white? Do they bleed or are they painful? Are they flat or elevated? I'm quite worried because my mouth sores look very similar to this: http://hardinmd.lib.uiowa.
Avatar n tn Concurrent infection causes immunodeficiency/nutritional deficiency which can cause ulcers in oral cavity. Fever, sore throat, pharyngeal edema and erythema; small vesicles develop on pharyngeal and oral mucosa, rapidly ulcerate and increase in number to involve soft palate, buccal mucosa, tongue, floor of mouth, and often lips and cheeks; tender gums may bleed; fetid breath, cervical adenopathy; fever, general toxicity, poor oral intake, and drooling contribute to dehydration.
Avatar f tn I have lots of ulcers in the back of my throat, here is a picture of my throat: I first noticed these ulcers when I had a sore throat 3 months ago. I went to my GP and he told me they were either due to a viral or bacterial infection and would go on their own. He told me to gargle Corsodyl. I did and they haven't changed. I have also tried gargling salt water, L-lysine but nothing has helped at all.
Avatar n tn My doctor is baffled and recommended blood tests, but prescribed diflucan for 2 weeks, just in case it's a fungus infection. It's been a week on diflucan and there's been no change in my tongue. My doctor doubts it's cancer because I don't have any other symptoms such as fatigue, bleeding in the mouth, weight loss, sore throat, etc. Any ideas as to what it might be?
Avatar m tn A week after completing antibiotic I got ulcer like sores around my lips and on my cheeks in a straight line which were not particularly painful (certainly less painful than normal mouth ulcers). Went to dr. again who suggested it might be a fungal infection due to antibiotic and gave me topical antifungal. The sores were gone within a week and didn't cause many problems. I continued to feel tired etc and only started to feel better after another two weeks or so.
Avatar n tn It could be due to iron deficiency anemia, pernicious anemia and other B-vitamin deficiencies, aphthous ulcers, oral lichen planus, erythema multiform, pemphigus vulgaris, syphilis, yeast infection; exposure to irritants such as hot foods, or spices, tobacco, alcohol; allergy to toothpaste, mouthwash, breath fresheners, dyes in candy, dentures, food items, coloring agents, or blood pressure medications like ACE inhibitors.
Avatar n tn The ulcers would also spread to other areas of my mouth, once the sinus infection cleared up so did the ulcers. as for the soreness of my tongue on both sides of it. I had testing done that showed I have petite mal epilepsy and I was taking seizures in my sleep at times.
Avatar n tn He gave me steriods for the pain, and my orange tongue went away. In January, my tongue turned orange again and my throat was sore, but there were no blisters. There's no cure for coxsackie and it's lays dormant in the body, and it tends to come back during times of stress.
Avatar f tn Okay...this is not even mildly humourous anymore. When my tongue first started burning, I thought it was freezer burn from eating ice cream. Obviously, now that weeks more have passed, that's not the case. I kid tongue stings all the time and it is so painful. I hate the litocain. It seems worse to not feel your mouth at all! I have 5 more weeks to go. Is there any chance this tongue thing will go away?
Avatar m tn And when I peered into my mouth with a flashlight, and looked on the back of my throat (not the tongue) I noticed a couple of these "ulcers." I felt them with my finger, and they were semi-hard. I do take pills but there is one of these ulcers right next to the bell looking piece in your mouth so I don't know how that would get there; and they haven't healed since I noticed them a couple weeks ago. I figured they were just something random but they have not gone away.
Avatar m tn Some medications can cause this as can a throat infection, but you would have a sore throat too. Drink plenty of fluids. It looks like a food/gastric related problem. Would you know if the swab was checking for fungal problems (thrush) if not it may be worth having that done. For a home remedy against thrush in the mouth - eat plain natural yogurt.
Avatar m tn you can have a blood test but it wont let you know where you have it so if your concerned about your mouth then it needs a swab culture.
1501429 tn?1289312926 They can become inflamed due to injury from hot food or drink or due to irritation from a virus or throat infection. Other causes are canker sores, ulcers etc.Consult an ENT specialist. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. Hope it helps. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar n tn After four weeks I suffered with extreme cold and sore throat followed by fewer, which lasted for two days. But my sore infection continued for 10 days followed by ulcers in mouth. Its almost 25 days now and my throat is still creating a problem for me. My tongue is white with some redness on the edges. I am also experiencing extreme fatigue and not able to concentrate on works due to tension in mind that I suffered with HIV. Please suggest do the conditions look like of HIV infection.
Avatar n tn Hello folks, I don't yet know if have cancer or not but I have some strange white spots on my tongue, a scratchy throat and 1 1/2-inch long thin, grey or whitish line on the top sides at the front of the tongue. Also see a small, white patch. Does this sound familiar or too hard to tell? I'm seeing a periodontist very soon. It's all been there for about 3-4 weeks but looks worse than it did. Not much in the way of pain at this point but my mouth feels kind of raw.
Avatar m tn Hi I have sore throat from last 3 weeks. few days back my sore throat has almost gone and came back next day. First 2 weeks I had mild sore throat with mild cold & mild dry cough. few days back I got couple of ulcers in mouth (near throat)& very tiny few red spots on tongue. from last week some times i'm getting light pain in ears. I had sore throats before, but never last more than a 10 days & i never had ulcers or any other mouth problems in last 20 years except sore throats.
Avatar m tn Though, I was wondering if anyone else has had sores appear on their tongue? Just last month, I was washing my hands and noticed I had three red areas on my tongue: two on the tip and one a little to the side. I was reading online that ulcerative colitis can cause sores to appear in your mouth and didn't know if this was a cause for the sores to appear. Now, I have one on the tip of my tongue that just appeared yesterday and today it has a white center.
Avatar f tn Several have talked about either thrush or ulcers causing sores on the tongue or the throat. For thrush, several have used nystantin either as lozenges or mixed at the pharma as Magic Mouthwash. You'll need to get an rx for this. Have you gone to a ENT to get an opinion?
Avatar n tn You were examined by another health care provider who felt that you had a fungal infection on your tongue and that may or may not be the case. If you did, the chance that the fungal infection ("thrush") was HIV related is negligible. Your internet sources are correct that thrush is seen in persons with HIV HOWEVER most cases of thrush occur in normal people. Furthermore, among persons with HIV,.
Avatar m tn since my troubles are limited to my tongue and i am only within 3 months of my exposure, i dont think i could be getting the opportunistic infections. correct? also, in the primary hiv stage or ARS, that is 2-4 weeks after exposure, does the broad category of "oral" ulcers include tongue ulcers and tongue cuts also or are they seperate? finally, just today it seems like i developed my first oral ulcer near the gum in lower lip.
Avatar n tn The next day, underneath my tongue it looked like I had 2 ulcers but they went away in about 2 or 3 days. Now one side of tongue feels fine but the other side still feels a little sore. It has this weird sensation, almost like it feels numb but yet I can still feel my tongue. It just feels weird on one side in one little section. Its not as bad as it was 3 or 4 days ago. Should I be concerned or is this somewhat common with this type of surgery?
Avatar n tn But how could i realistically have an std if me and my partner haven't been with anyone else? Could there be a less sinister reason behind these ulcers? It looks like the two ulcers on the right of the shaft have gone a darker colour, as if they're scabbing away. Hopefully the antibiotics are doing their job, although the tip of my foreskin is still quite swollen and it's a bit red around the "eye". Please someone diagnose me so i have a name to put to it!!
250701 tn?1320978365 Another thing that can be quite effective is spritzing the tongue with Chloraseptic throat spray, which numbs the tissue and takes away the burning sensation. I have used all these remedies, and for me the "Magic Mouthwash" worked best.<<< They say they dont know what causes them but i do know these treatments make them come out really bad....drives me nuts cause i cant seem to keep my teeth off them and it makes them worse lol.
Avatar f tn What did your doctor say about them? Canker sores are also called apthous ulcers, and can recur. There are some things that can cause them to recur. This is a fairly technical article - - but gives some good info on it.