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Avatar n tn I have been having recurring tongue ulcers (very large, painful) which started two weeks after performing oral sex on a man. STD/HIV screenings out to three months have all come back negative. I find it too coincidental that the ulcers started after this exposure, as I've never had them before in my life. They start out as very small white dots on both sides of my tongue and gradually erupt into large sores with many swollen little red bumps on the edges and a grayish color in the center.
Avatar n tn I've been suffering from an ulcer on the inside of my vagina wall for about 8 mos. now.
Avatar n tn jpg I've never had a canker sore before and I was not really overly stressed or anxious (until I noticed these sores). They appeared first as little dark red spots and then turned into these white sores with a red ring around them the next day. From what I've found on the web they look like canker sores, but they were not painful, even if I touched them, and most websites say that canker sores are very painful and uncomfortable.
Avatar n tn i have a bright red burning rash on either side of my tongue. Ive had this for about 4 weeks following a pretty bad throat and head cold. Should i go to the doctor? When i put orajel on the red spots i feel it in my ears.
Avatar n tn red and sore tip of the tongue, feels like its burnt. Also red spots on roof of mouth and throat, spreading to inner lips. Had this for about a week seems to be getting worse. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn , but smaller. i also think it got smaller after one day now ( 2 days after oral) i think i already had these things when i was younger at the tongue,etc. (when i was not sexually active). now iam just afraid i caught something from that blowjob? A day after i also was really anxious about HIV and all that, but i know now, thanks to this forum, that this is not possible.
Avatar m tn After 5 days I had red spots and a sore tooth, that went after a few days of using mouth wash. I went to the dentist and said everything was healthy. However, I have recently got another sore on the soft under tongue area, with a few little red spots. What is going on! Please someone give me some advice. It would help me put mind to rest. I am very stressed about the whole situation!
Avatar m tn LOL. LOL My tongue was much worse than the photo you show, but now it is more red looking with a few streeks of white slime. It feels like a thick slime and I feel constantly thirsty. But I am on amoxycillin anyway. Yes, I do believe that you got your white tongue as a result of taking antibiotics (oral thrush). If you notice that the tongue has a normal red colour after eating then your tongue is now fine. The whiteness will be caused from a dry mouth.
Avatar n tn It is an awful thing to 'have to put up with' I also have ulcers on the back of my tongue and roof of my mouth, this cannot be normal.
Avatar m tn Hi, I had burning in throat, my doctor said it is because of gastric issue and after taking some medicine of Gastric for 10 days, it is fine now. Later, there were sores in my mouth- from inner side of cheeks to tongue. My doctor said that it can be because of Vitamin deficiency. I am taking vitamin tables.
Avatar n tn All of a sudden both or our throats are bothering us and i have a sore tongue as well with red bumps on the back of my tongue. Any ideas? I've been tested for eveything because of a blood disorder i have and he just got tested but no results back yet.
Avatar m tn Though, 17 days later, I happened to look at my tongue and noticed there were three red circles/sores on the tip of my tongue...but one was more to the side of the tongue but still on the edge. They turned red and circular but went away in 4 days. Just yesterday, I noticed a red circular formation starting to appear again on the tip of my tongue and today, it has a very tiny white puss looking bump on the edge of the center of the red circle.
Avatar n tn I still can't explain the easily irritated red spots that occur in the same spot all the time. I have started to wonder about whether test result accuracy (RNA for hiv and IGM for hsv) and time frame (5 1/2 weeks after exposure) were adequate enough. I will probably get tested again in 4 weeks as that will be 12 weeks total since exposure and I've heard 3 months is a good window to rely on negative results.
Avatar m tn Friday 17th August 2018- • Had encounter • Felt sick couple hours later • Lost appetite • Burning sensation front of tongue and got spot Saturday 18th August- • Felt nauseas all day • Got a fever as the day progressed • Still lost appetite Sunday 19th August- • Really bad fever and fatigue • More spots in front of tongue • Still no appetite • Went to A and E, they said looks like infection and nothing serious, should pass Monday 20th August- • Still fever and ill but not as bad • Fatigu
Avatar n tn Says he doesn't have any mouth ulcers, just this strange looking tongue with lines throughout, that burns and is sore, spreading to the roof of his mouth. He is a relatively healthly person, hasn't taken any medication for anything except muscle aches & pains over the years. He did take alot of pain medication when he was in the hospital for the knee surgery & post op. pain relief.
Avatar m tn do you still have visible blood vessels like red spots in you throat?? mine is not going away. I also have 2 or 3 small ulcers on the upper side of my tongue. do you think eating chips will really help??
Avatar n tn My ulcers were normally tiny red spots around the tip of the tongue, although sometimes I got larger white sores at the front sides or even under the tongue at the bit where it joins the gum at the front part. It sounds as if we had different problems, and from what I can remember when I was searching for an answer to my problem, yours does sound like the geographic tongue.
Avatar n tn I have tried rinsing with hydrogen peroxide and antiseptic mouthwash, these numb the pain temporarily, but do not really aid in healing the sore. The spots always look similar to this one, they are raw looking and red in the middle, and look yellowish-white on the edges. They have always come one at a time, I've never had more than one on my tongue at the same time. They are usually about a centimeter big, and oval shaped.
Avatar n tn i had white spots and a sore throat in february, told i had a cold. 2 weeks later i was in the ER with my tonsils swollen together and spitting in a cup. i was put on antibiotics and the white spots went away and my tonsils went down, a little. 3 weeks after that i was back at the dr. with swollen tonsils still and sore throat with white spots again, strep! put on antibiotics. tonsils went down alittle, white spots gone, throat better. 4 weeks after that back at the dr.
Avatar n tn My last chemo was June 20th and I had several throat infections with ulcers near my tonsils and white pockets. I still have have the red throat and the ulsers in the same area and they still get some white spots what could that be.
Avatar n tn E slide which states foliate pappilitis. Now there are some fine red spots on the left side of tongue, which looks papilae like after 3 weeks. No pain. Some docs says pigmentation, some says odema. Not very significant, less now and less red.
Avatar n tn i brush my tongue good day and night and it seems to keep my tongue normalish now, also using apple cidar vinegar. the red spots do not hurt and never turned into ulcers. I do smoke weed daily. also last night for the first time in a month I ate a bag of chips, doritos zesty and a bunch of cookies, I ended up with a large blood blister on my cheek and I found several small blood blisters towards the back of the cheek and a couple tiny ones on my tongue.
Avatar n tn I just noticed this morning when i was brushing my teeth that i have these tongue colored (pinkish red) skin tags under my tongue, i can pull at them (sorry, i know that is gross) they don't hurt, but the little ball on the roof of my mouth between the two front teeth hurts. (feels like i've been eating captin crunch cereal, raw feeling) but i've been freaking out ALL day long, wondering what it is, if i caught some kinda std in my mouth or have some kinda cancer...i smoke a pack a day.
Avatar f tn After two weeks, I got a soar throat on right side, white tongue with red spots on the back of my tongue, a little coughing and flu with stuff nose and a red soar next to my last enamel tooth which hurt when I feel it with my tongue. My whole upper mouth plate is yellow when I checked it with my flash light. I got a pimple which hurts a little just today on my nostril and two pimples on face filled up with pus in white color. What could it be? Am I infected with herpes?
Avatar n tn My husband has been having skin rashes around his eyes, raised small red bumps, for several months and just won
1069143 tn?1471316210 I went to looking up my symptoms on the internet and I noticed that Mouth Ulcers, White Spots On Tongue, and an Unexplained Fever (which I had at the emergency room) are symptoms for HIV and to fuel my worry, I noticed that it also said red or brown spots under the skin, I have had them since last year, the doctor didn't seem to be concerned with the spots. I am celebate and have not been in contact with blood or drugs, etc. that I know of.... What could this be?
Avatar f tn Sometimes it was clear but had a sharp smell, not awful but I noticed. My kidney pain now isn't as acute. I also had 2 ulcers on my tongue. I do get ulcers . About 2 weeks ago I also had itchy red soles and my hands felt slightly itchy too. I also had three purple pinprick spots on my wrist and a red spot about half cm on my thigh, which bruised slightly. Please someone help. I'm so worried . Could this be ARS HIV ? I am going crazy with worry.
Avatar f tn I did this for a few days and as a result it would just turn into a red sort of pinkish spot. I then began to notice a few flat red spots on my chest which were pretty spaced out from eachother. I then began to feel one of my glands in my throat began to swell up and i also had a pretty wet ticklish cough associated with the swelling of the gland too. I decided to take some paracetamol to try and get rid of it but it still feels swollen.
Avatar f tn They have not changed in size or cause any pain and are the same colour as my tongue no white or red spots or ulcers around them I also get a horse voice when I get acid reflux attack which is the worst at night sometimes I wake up choking. My question is could this all be because of acid reflux or could it be oral cancer or is they bumps normal for that area?
Avatar f tn no, red spots on the tongue aren't usually oral herpes.