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Avatar n tn They start out as very small white dots on both sides of my tongue and gradually erupt into large sores with many swollen little red bumps on the edges and a grayish color in the center. My doctor is chalking it up to stress. What's odd is that they will disappear for a short while and then come back in the exact same two spots again and again. Is it possible I'm biting my tongue in my sleep all of a sudden and that's what is causing these? Any other suggestions?
Avatar m tn I checked my mouth. No sign of blisters but did notice under tongue it's red red. I mean red. But no sign of blisters. And no pain whatsoever. Now noticing those taste bud things on top of tongue are kind of irritated as well. Not sure if maybe it's an infection. Have u checked yourself for anything else? When I wiped myself I also bleed a little until recently I did more then a little. And never don't anything back their. If you can please keep me updated. I just went to get tested for herpes.
Avatar m tn I have had similar circumstances as of late, red dots on tongue and even mouth ulcers. I am starting to think even though I have not been checked as of yet that it has do just not taking good care of myself. My tongue does hurt, my penis does not but I did have pain in my urethra. There is such thing as bacteria and I am hoping that by changing my diet and what not I will be fine. If I find out I have HIV I'll live with it as much as I would rather not.
Avatar n tn A doctor I went to also said she thought it was aphthous ulcers but didn't act like it was a big deal and didn't tell me anything to do about it. Please let me know what you all hear about it as it seems like it is impossible to find information about it!
Avatar n tn I have no idea what these are, they line my tongue and it looks as though theyve taken my tongue hostage, thur on top of it on both of the sides of my tongue even underneath it, theyre little red dots that start white and when u push down on ur tongue with your teeth, pain + redness appears in the dots.
Avatar n tn I have had a persistent white tongue and red dots on my soft palate and a bit onto my hard palate for about a month now. I have try nystitan for thrush but I now don't believe I have thrush because my tongue remained white after 2.5 weeks of use and going on the candida diet at the same time.i brush my tongue good day and night and it seems to keep my tongue normalish now, also using apple cidar vinegar. the red spots do not hurt and never turned into ulcers. I do smoke weed daily.
Avatar n tn , but smaller. i also think it got smaller after one day now ( 2 days after oral) i think i already had these things when i was younger at the tongue,etc. (when i was not sexually active). now iam just afraid i caught something from that blowjob? A day after i also was really anxious about HIV and all that, but i know now, thanks to this forum, that this is not possible.
Avatar m tn Mine is complete white furry tongue with white pin like dots on it and when i brush it i can scrap some part of it but not all.after 2 hours it is again completely it OHL???????/ I am using good brushing with tongue cleaner and mouth wash but it is not going........ Now i am completely lost with this and just wondering what is this. is it a sign of ARS??
250701 tn?1320978365 I use to examine my tongue in the mirror and could see little red dots that bled if I brushed my tongue. Don't know if that's what you have or not. I didn't treat the sores, just ate foods that didn't aggravate it more. Half the stuff I tried during tx didn't help, and I was too broke to keep buying remedies. I agonized about buying ten dollar eye drops and found out afterwards that something cheaper worked just as well.
Avatar n tn My ulcers were normally tiny red spots around the tip of the tongue, although sometimes I got larger white sores at the front sides or even under the tongue at the bit where it joins the gum at the front part. It sounds as if we had different problems, and from what I can remember when I was searching for an answer to my problem, yours does sound like the geographic tongue.
Avatar n tn My husband has been having skin rashes around his eyes, raised small red bumps, for several months and just won
Avatar f tn I had ulcers in my mouth also and very red eyes that I think were all associated with the colitis. They were like flat red dots everywhere and all over my tongue. My tongue was very dehydrated looking which made it look like yeast but it was from being so dehydrated. When you use the bathroom that many times in a day it doesn't take long before you become dehydrated. How long has he had colitis?
Avatar m tn my tongue is an issue here. i need help. my tongue feels kinda warm and it has ulcers. theres 5 things i wanna ask :- my mouth feels dry. im on my medication - antibiotics, norgesic (suniton) tablets, probiotic (hexbio - sachet) and an oral aid (drops) is it because of the medication , my mouth feels dry.?? help me.. 1. my tongue has like small dots on the tip. *refer to the picture no.1... is it normal..??? 2.
Avatar n tn upset stomach, diarrhea (persistant), severe chapped hands, tongue pain and some mouth ulcers/cankers, small red dots have appeared on my stomach and shoulders (very hard to see and dont itch). At 3 1/2 weeks I had HIV, chlamydia, Gonnerhea, and syphilis test. All came back neg. At 35 days I had an HIV PCR dna test, also neg. I just got tested again for syphilis and Herpes (IgG and IgM). Waiting on the results. I am going crazy and am very scared.
Avatar m tn I would like to ask what could be the reason that mouth Soar is still not healing also I white coated tongue and white and red small small ulcers... Is this correct the symptoms can occur after six month...?
Avatar m tn Maybe mammo can tell you from experience, other than the lip, I have seen herpes lesions on the gums, on the hard tissue and nor the soft. That includes the hard palate. It's very distinct, it looks like a bunch of red poky dots , different that how it looks on the lip.
Avatar m tn this diarrhea went away after i went to doctor and he gave me lactobacillus and it went away. i did notice some small red dots on skin , total 7-8 on entire body but they still exist i.e. 8 weeks after the encounter. but i am not sure about them when they appeared but i have to hunt for them. they are not cluster in a group so didnt notice them earlier.
Avatar m tn 1. Are these symptoms of ARS/HIV (mouth sores/ulcers/white marks; sore throat/diarrhea, rash)? 2. Can it be that random that they would all happen in the window period? 3. I’m 2 days shy of 4 weeks. Is it too early to get tested? I am dying with fear and need closure. Thank you, doctors.
Avatar n tn Today I've had a few dots on the back of my hand (and if I scratch them they turn red). I also developed two small ulcers today on my tongue (but ate some very spicy, hot things yesterday). I bit one of the ulcers by accident today too. I've not had fever, nausea, gastro problems, vomiting or lymph node inflammation. What's the chance I have HIV? Should I go do a bloodtest?
215461 tn?1331866365 I looked in the mirror and noticed a few white ulcers on my tongue. The sides of my mouth have white dots/small lines all over too. It is even on my gums. My doc thought it might be thrush although it didn't look like it so they treated me with nystatin. This did nothing. I visited my regular fam doctor and she said it was lichen planus. She gave me a topical dental creme which also didn't do much. I finally went to an ENT, and he was kind of a weird guy, but he took a biopsy.
Avatar m tn ever since a week ago after having a big night out on the town with friends ive had tongue ulcers little white dots that constantly change place in my mouth.. they tend to come and go evey noun and then.. but this time they seem to be staying (pictures attached) , and about 5 days ago i have had a red rash appear on both of my arms in the same place! its itchy.. and when i put anti inflame cream on it it doesnt seem to go away!
Avatar n tn Chances are those red pin dots were there before you began inspecting your skin so closely. I have them too, and am going through HIV anxiety as well. Most likely you are just fair skinned.
Avatar m tn teeth marks around it, red dots, white tongue - Stomach pains and acid reflux - Tinnitus - Skin in mouth wiping away and mouth sores - Yellow and foamy urine - Flank pain - Burning groin/scrotum - Severe anxiety and depression - Suicidal thoughts - Tenderness in groin area - Swollen lymph nodes: groin and neck in particular - Pain in penis/anal area - Red and burning eyes - Dry mouth and feelings of dehydration - Skin tingling/crawling Long lasting symptoms: - Dark circles under eyes - White
Avatar m tn Notice tongue seems whiter than normal, but maybe it's just the same as normal. Constantly now looking at tongue and brushing it. Also have red marks near soft palate and tonsils are pretty red. Week 5-6 somewhere - shoulders neck and face are red, looked like sunburn but not. Not sure why my shoulders were so red. It was like this on and off for a few days then notice a couple red dots, look like i poked myself with a pin around my shoulder, a couple on my chest and arms.
Avatar m tn I ignored it until yesterday and found I just had a few red dots on it; the sensation was as if I had drank too much orange juice (which I just started to have a large glass every AM for 2 weeks prior to the bumps - since stopped this). When I had a better look, I seen that the large taste buds at the back of my tongue were raised quite a bit more than normal as well.
Avatar n tn hey what I just read states that small tongue ulcers are a sign of stomach ulcers and stomach problems,that actually applies in both our cases.
Avatar n tn I kissed a CSW couple of times, it was like a peck on the lips (no fluid exchange) followed by protected oral and vaginal sex. After a week, i saw few red dots and an ulcer in my mouth. I dont know how long the ulcer was there before. I have taken Valcyclovir for 5 days, the ulcer healed in 5 days and the red dots disppeared in 4 days. Please clarify these questions: I have tested for IgM 4 times since the symptoms came up. 1.
Avatar n tn Based on what I saw on my tongue, it looked like a small case of geographic tongue. Around the time it appeared on my tongue, my throat felt like it was swelling more. Then it was a little sore but it felt more like a sore gland attatch to my throat. I also began to feel tired (not fatigue. I've been having spasm or aches at the base of my neck and shoulder in the back.
Avatar m tn I looked on the mirror those days and my eyes were always red or pink, specially when i just wake up. Recurrent aphtous ulcers on my tongue till today. They only change places. At that time i weighed and noticed that i lost more than 16 pounds, partially cause i stopped gym too.
Avatar f tn I tested myself for ESR all this while, result shows Jan-02, Feb-04 and March-12 (ref. range 1-10)…isn’t it pointing towards HIV? 6.Coated tongue eith red dots…is it a sign of early hiv infection? 7.