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Avatar n tn Sounds like you are very acidic. I get the cold sores, cracks in sides of mouth, and tongue ulcers as well. As SOON AS I FEEL THEM COMING ON, I immediately take 1,000 mg of Lysine (500mg in the morning, 500mg at night). I starts to thwart them off by the next day. It is truly amazing. (Get the GOOD kind at a place like the Vitamin store or a reputable health food store - - - make sure it has NO yeast in it!) There seem to be certain foods / chemicals in the food that instigate mine.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I felt that it was quite sore after going to the toilet and looked to find 2 ulcers - nightmare!!!! They are swollen and both on the right side of the vagina. I'm 10 years old, and haven't had sex since March! I called NHS Direct and spoke to a nurse, she was very helpful in carming me down but said she obviously couldn't diagnose me over the phone. I also have an appointment with my doctor 5pm Monday. Am just worried that it's an STD that I have had since the beginning of the year!
Avatar n tn I have problems with my tongue. I would have a sore tongue in the morning or it would get ulcers on it or it felt burned. I went to many, many doctors. Found out that the ulcers are caused from sinus infections because I have asthma, allergies, and I smoke and this I found out on my own by keeping track of my health since the doctors had no answers.
Avatar n tn It is an awful thing to 'have to put up with' I also have ulcers on the back of my tongue and roof of my mouth, this cannot be normal.
Avatar n tn anyhow i just want to know what it is and how long it will take to go away and another thing.. i am getting surgery in a few days and i will be put to sleep.. is it recommended with this condition.. i can breathe perfectly.. thank you....
Avatar m tn Candida albicans is a type of yeast that lives in all of us. When your immune system is working properly, the amount of Candida in your body is kept in balance. When your immune system is compromised, or other factors occur such as consuming unhealthy amounts of sugars and carbohydrates, the Candida can grow out of control.
Avatar f tn To anyone out there: If you happen to come upon this post. Please consult a Doctor or a medical professional of some nature before self diagnosing yourself. This is what appears to be working for me, but may not be the case for all??? Thank you so much for your reply. I do agree with the fact that it is definitely something in my genetic make-up and it's interesting that you brought up psorsis too.
Avatar f tn my tongue seems to be very dry and it burns. i still have my tonsils and think i have gotten tonsilitis (sore throat & hard to swallow) this has been going on for a week now - any suggestions? anyone experience this before?
Avatar f tn I've succeeded in getting rid of several compulsions so far, but not of all. I just wanted to add myself to the list of tongue-biting people out there.
Avatar n tn Very scare of tongue cancer and other cancers. How to overcome this problem of anxiousness and panic attack? If you come across any solution to burning mouth pls reply.
Avatar m tn I have no means of making money of this, and don't even know how I could, to be honest. I expected people to get angry, to not believe me, and even to insult me, for how could a physical appliance help what is taken to be a neurologically-based condition. I myself went to the University of British Columbia Movement Disorder Clinic for years, have taken multiple drugs for TS, and thus had a hard time believe it could even be possible.
Avatar m tn Here is a good video to watch and it talks about yeast and how it immigrates to other parts of the body. It's about 20 minutes long but its going to cost you is your time. wwwdotyoutubedotcom/watch?
Avatar f tn Try changing your tooth paste for mouth blisters. For the Ulcers on throat, try having very light foods during night. Drink plenty of water. The throat Ulcers are caused due to post nasal drip and acidity. So, control the nasal drip by taking steam before you sleep and to control acidity take pan 40, Sompraz 40 in the morning before bf and when you're sleeping make sure your bed is alleviated on the head side using three pillows.
Avatar f tn just started two days ago with pain in left side of my throat started out like I swallowed a razor blade and progressed to left side of back of tongue and left ear ... last time I had a pain like this I had ulcers down my throat because of mono...
Avatar n tn Is 4 weeks the amt of time that the symptoms should be gone? How long does it take to cure an ulcer? My upper GI test didn't show an ulcer, but my dr seems to think there may be a small one there that didn't show on the test. My symptoms are pain at the very top of my stomach and it's worst when my stomach is empty. The pain has diminished down to discomfort, but it's still not totally gone yet. It's been 4 weeks. How long does it take to get back to normal?
Avatar m tn from there we started treating me with natural anti virals and bacterials, etc. I got tired of waiting around for MD's to ignore and not figure out what was wrong and how to fix.
1516249 tn?1423465385 Therefore, in order to solve problems with asthma and bronchial asthma symptoms, one needs to learn how to breathe correctly. All breathing exercises must be done empty stomach preferably in morning to get best results. First thing in morning gargle with Cayenne pepper added WATER. Add 3-4 gram of cayenne pepper (Red chilies powder) to half glass of water and use this water for gargle.
1516249 tn?1423465385 Therefore, in order to solve problems with asthma and bronchial asthma symptoms, one needs to learn how to breathe correctly. All breathing exercises must be done empty stomach preferably in morning to get best results. First thing in morning gargle with Cayenne pepper added WATER. Add 3-4 gram of cayenne pepper (Red chilies powder) to half glass of water and use this water for gargle.
Avatar n tn Says he doesn't have any mouth ulcers, just this strange looking tongue with lines throughout, that burns and is sore, spreading to the roof of his mouth. He is a relatively healthly person, hasn't taken any medication for anything except muscle aches & pains over the years. He did take alot of pain medication when he was in the hospital for the knee surgery & post op. pain relief.
Avatar f tn I just have a feeling at some point he's going to have a heart attact or go to bed and not wake up. Why do some people that seem to have it all want to self destruct? Thank you to whom ever is listening, this made me feel better tonight.
Avatar n tn 10 fl oz total) of that new DanActive, and afterwards my throat and tongue were itching like crazy, and it's hard to swallow, and a little bit later I started itching generally everywhere. This was several hours ago and although the symptoms are generally mild, they're still here. I'm just wondering if it's possible to be allergic to a bacteria, or if I should look a little harder for what may have really triggered this.
Avatar f tn and i just don't kill i tried to move to get the spider off...finally i got up the energy to put the laptop down and look for the spider...there was no was just a feeling on or in my skin...............anyway...i did get the rash early...and did get the burning butt early...the butt stuff wasn't bad after the third week...the rash was always really bad...even after the incivek...the laying down on fiberglass feeling stayed with me until almost 3 months post tx...
Avatar n tn yea,I'd agree to what you've said mebbe anxiety is the cause of these ulcers and needles any ways trying to get on with my life would be meeting my girl friend almost after a month today, gosh! had a real tough month. Out of guilt avoided her, her phone calls, emails.
320078 tn?1278348320 I'm glad for you, it would have been terrible to have to stop tx, because of the ulcers. If worse comes to worst, why don't you ask them to try the Palifermin. They seem to have really good results with it. If you google it, you'll find a lot of info on it. That is the generic name for the drug.
1264863 tn?1391121793 Every morning I have 2-10 more. I bite them all night and can't seem to find a cure. Anyone have advice?????
Avatar n tn But it is a bit like stopping smoking, or loosing weight, You will never get rid of this demon unless you are totally ready to. I don't mean to come across as aggressive or anything, but I just know how you ALL feel, and if I can help at all, I am happy to be in touch and help you. You can be free of this!
Avatar n tn It's like we can sit there and have a good conversation and they start to yawn and talk about how tired they feel. It's very heartbreaking to know I am the cause of it. Yesterday at the gas station I went to pay the lady working there and she started rubbing her nose and eyes. Then, she started yawning. I hate it so much! I too have nothing positive to say, but hang in there guys. I'm staying in prayer over this.
Avatar n tn It almost feels like I have to strain to move my eyeball to the left and when I do, I kind of have a dizzy feeling. I know this all sounds really weird but I feel like I have started to fall apart since the new year rang in! I have always been a perfectly healthy individual. I'm a 31 year old female, have 2 young healthy boys and am married. I have no stress in my life whatsoever so I know this is not related to stress.
Avatar n tn EFFECT OF THIS I THINK = I didn't really talk to anyone for a long time(i talked to people but just when somebody asked me something in school or something, and ofcourse i talk to my parents) So after 3 years of not talking I kind of forgot how to communicate with people normally. Whenever I try to just make a decent conversation I stutter nearly every time unless its someone im close to and am used to talking to.
Avatar m tn I had a whitish tonsil even before but did get symptoms shortly few hours later after my oral escapade (so from wednesday eve to thursday). I have white tonsil, orange-redish throat and ulcers on the back of my tongue. On penis i do not see any symptoms well maybe except it being a bit red but honestly that could be from irritation. I know it's hard to do diagnostics over net but perhaps you could comment a bit ? Also I am taking penicillin 750mg 3 times a day for the quinsy.