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Avatar n tn All my symptoms cleared up for a bit but now my sore throat is back, little white sore bumps on the sides of my tonuge, underneath my tongue is sore. There is also white spots on the back of my throat. It's not strep been tested.
Avatar n tn Hi, last night I began having a strange type of pain under my tongue on the right side at the base of the mouth - the pain feels similar to a sore throat, but my throat isn't sore. I don't have a fever or swollen lymph glands. Also the pain hasn't gotten worse. I can only feel the pain if I move the tongue up or if I swallow a large amount of food. My throat doesn't have any swelling or redness or whiteness, my voice is still the same, ears are fine and gums are fine.
Avatar f tn sore gums, slight sore throat and sores on tongue... Hello..did you ever find out what was going on with you? I have the same symptoms and i'm very concerned. Thanks..
Avatar f tn For about a week now,my tongue feels like I burned it. My throat is sore, but mostly I can't talk right or taste because of my sore tongue. What could I do to releave this situation?
Avatar m tn -mild flu 3 weeks -skin rash -tongue sores (still have) -painful underarm lymph nodes(still swollen and tender) -night sweats -petechaie At 5 weeks -full negative std panel except hsv-1 At 10 weeks negative hiv My doc thought it was diabetes which just checked out o.k. so she is sending me to a specialist I'll get my 13 week hiv tomorrow and am a little worried. Has anyone had similar symptoms? Nobody seems to leave an updated post as to what was wrong with them?
Avatar n tn The last two days my husband tongue is realy sore. He has spots on the tongue. Is this caused by the rx? Does anyone know how to make it better? Of course this is a holiday so I can not call the dr office and it is not an emergency. If anyone can help, please let me know.
Avatar m tn I did have cold sores when I was a kid. Oct 26 woke up with a sore throat mild. I still have it. It is not severe. It is almost just a discomfort. I looked at it in the mirror under the light and throat is a little reddish. In one area there seems to be a very small bump no puss or anything. Other than that nothing ubnormal. Gonnerhea urine test on OCT 23 with Nucleic AA was negative. Could this be throat Gonnerhea or HSV 1 or is it just a conincidence normal cold?
Avatar m tn I have no sore throat or other symptoms
Avatar m tn my doctor put me on some antibiotics, amozicilin and peniciline at different times and gave me medication for the fever. while the mouths sores and neck pains resolved, the sore throat, ear pains and the fever remains. i feel a burning sensation in the area where the sore is in my throat with radiating pains to the ear on the same side of the throat. i have since stopped smoking and cut down on my alchohol consumption. i feel very sick that i will need your advice to help deal with the problem.
250701 tn?1320978365 Does any one else have sores on their tongue, well there not big sores but little bumps. I burns and stings to eat most foods. I can't find anything on it. I have been pouring hydrogen perxoide over my tongue the last couple of nights, it doesn' seem to do much good.
Avatar f tn Several have talked about either thrush or ulcers causing sores on the tongue or the throat. For thrush, several have used nystantin either as lozenges or mixed at the pharma as Magic Mouthwash. You'll need to get an rx for this. Have you gone to a ENT to get an opinion?
Avatar m tn Hi I have sore throat from last 3 weeks. few days back my sore throat has almost gone and came back next day. First 2 weeks I had mild sore throat with mild cold & mild dry cough. few days back I got couple of ulcers in mouth (near throat)& very tiny few red spots on tongue. from last week some times i'm getting light pain in ears. I had sore throats before, but never last more than a 10 days & i never had ulcers or any other mouth problems in last 20 years except sore throats.
Avatar m tn Inflamed papillae can sometimes cause small, painful bumps on the top surface or upper sides of your tongue. Tongue sores are usually caused by trauma, physical injury, bacterial or viral infections, vitamin deficiencies and tonsillitis. If sores are large, painful, or persistent, it is best to consult a doctor. It is best to avoid citrus fruits and acidic vegetables and spicy foods till it is cured.
Avatar m tn I was also worried about it being herpes but I have never had a cold sore in my life. My tongue symptoms could be geographic tongue but would this cause other mouth symptoms? and is it just coincidence it happened at time of tonsillitis. Im really at a loss as to what it could be? Any ideas? My dr. doesnt seem to be concerned but its bothering me!
Avatar m tn Third, no STD is a likely cause of sore throat or geographic tongue. Gonorrhea can cause sore throat, but usually does not; most oral gonorrhea is entirely without symptoms. I can't comment on a "vaginal" odor to your mouth or breath, except that any bacterial overgrowth can cause similar odors, and that's the source of most female genital odors.
Avatar m tn Ive gotton the sore throats also i have had other problems as well and i left my question but its funny u say w the sore throats cause i get them all the time it feels like theres fuzz in ur throat also ive been getting mouth sores as well. for the sore throat i take an anti biotic it gets rid of it for a month or so but then comes back. mr md said they are not good to take all the time though.
Avatar n tn I woke up this morning, with a couple of small sores under my tongue. It appeared overnight and I'm extremely worried. No pain, just a tingling sensation. Can you pls help??
Avatar m tn So in the past week and a half I began to get what looked like strep in the back of my throat. Swollen tonsils and little white dots accompanied by of course a sore throat. Usually when this occurs it comes with a fever this time it didn't. I then started to notice bumps on the back of my tongue followed by about 2 days of my tongue slightly swelling. I found that abnormal for having strep throat but figured it might be just a different strain.
Avatar n tn 19, I felt some moderate pain on my tongue and mouth from what looked like 3-5 small canker sores on the tongue. The pain stayed moderate until Sunday when the sores seemed to be clearing up. The pain then converted to a burning sensation on the tip of my tongue and the front of the roof of my mouth, along with a strange taste. The only remaining canker sore was on the roof of my mouth. It hurt when I flossed my two front teeth so I decided to go to the doctor on Dec. 26.
Avatar n tn whether we keep our tongue positioned on the roof of our mouth or if we keep it pressed down on our mouth. The only reason why I noticed is because it feels really uncomfortable and stressed. It does not relax whether I keep it up or down. Aside from that annoyance, my throat is beginning to feel sore above my Adam's apple, my jaw sores as well. The jaw aches give me a headache. It feels like I am swallowing too often, and the root to all of these problems seems to be my tongue.
Avatar n tn My mom is undergoing chemo now for stage 2a breast cancer, she had 4 treatments of AC but then was highly allergic to taxol so is now having 4 treatments of taxotere. After her first taxotere friday 6/6 she had a sore tongue Saturday and Sunday developed a white milky tongue with an "iky" taste in her mouth, she waited 4 days and called the doc, they gave her an oral pill to take and it has not seemed to work.
Avatar m tn Many Thanks for all your advice and concern related to some medication in which to ease the symptoms of a Swollen Tongue & sore tongue while on treatment for Hepatitis C. It appears i shall ask my hepatologist for "The Magic Mouthwash" also as the burning, stinging sensation can be very irritating, and the colour of the tongue can become very dark at times.Wish i could buy it over the counter so i could get it sooner.