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Avatar m tn when the tongues rub can there be unnoticed sores or tiny cuts that transmit anything? or there is saliva everywhere to prevent it.
Avatar f tn I have not bitten it, nor have I eaten or drank anything too hot. It feels like paper cuts and I have never seen any sores.
Avatar m tn she applies it to the affected area at the earliest onset and she says it cuts the lifespan of the sores by more than half. she has had them two and three at a time. suggested same to a friend for herpatic sores and they swear by the stuff now.
Avatar m tn I don't know if these patches are like open windows for other infections to go in like cuts or open sores I don't want to put my self at risk for any other diseases specialy during oral sex...
Avatar m tn The only thing that I can thing of if eating some spicy food a few days before the cuts developed. What is also strange is that the cuts dont pain, though there is a tingling like sensation. However, it has not affected my eating or speaking abilities. I was wondering if you can suggest what could be possible cause. If I really extend my tongue, I see a very mild white caoting in the middle what is difficult to scape off. Is this something really worrisome or suggestive or anyting serious?
Avatar n tn I have always gotten canker sores very easily from stress/acidic food/cuts turning into sores. My dad has always been the same way. I bit my tongue pretty hard several days ago and it turned into huge canker sores (one on each side). It is so painful I cant talk correctly because it hurts when my teeth touch them and of course it is hindering my eating. I am using over the counter numbing medicine by KANKA. It helps temporarily and then I am in pain all over again.
Avatar m tn I did wake up this morning with a tingling sensation on the tip of my tongue. I think the tip of the tongue is slightly more red than usual. I do not seem to have any visible sores on the penis yet. Its been about 40 hours to the event I described. Im nervous about getting oral / genital herpes.
Avatar m tn hi i have a year old female we think its a moltise and a jack rusle and a couple days ago we brought her for a hair cut like usalla but a day later she started acting all sad and hiding under the bed and now were finding big rashes under her belly and under ur front left leg and theres little open cuts on her stomic and shes iching it and licking it alot and its really scaring us and its a lot of money to go to the vent were thinking about putting benagral on it but she might get sick if she li
561705 tn?1234549759 The dark liquid stevia totally did it for me. A few drops in the mouth several times a day. We use it on all kind of sores. From cuts in the mouth, tooth aches, sore gums, blisters etc. I cut my finger badly with a super sharp knife the other day and it is almost healed up due to the Stevia. It will sting the first couple of times, but then it's fine. I really swear by it.
Avatar n tn He was getting over a recent outbreak (no active lesions - just minor discomfort) when we saw each other 13 days ago - and the discomfort left about four days into our time together. On the 13th day (yesterday) I got cold sores on my chin and my tongue tingles (minor discomfort). I have no white spots, blisters, etc. on my tongue - just on my chin. I have no discomfort or blisters on my genitals.
Avatar m tn Hello, In case of a geographic tongue there is no data to suggest that it is caused caused by a germ, infectious during sex or infectious during kissing. However many STD’s like herpes, HPV and HIV carry the risk when oral sex is performed irrespective of whether you are having geographic tongue or not. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn Hello, I burned my tongue yesterday on hookah pipe... just a little bit at the tip of my tongue where the steam entered my mouth. To my knowledge, there was never any blood. One day later, there is still a slight burnt sensation. Tonight I have a date with a girl I just recently met. Is it safe for me to make out with her (french kiss) or is this risky for HIV, herpes, etc.?
Avatar m tn since my first incident involved my tongue, i was not sure if what i had with my tongue can be bucketed into oral ulcers? Also, i have had some tongue cuts in the past, but not as severly as this time. I also dont seem to have cut my tongue from my teeth, so not sure if this is keratosis. Fianlly, can you give me some leading indicators for oral thrush or stomatis so that i can check for myself...
Avatar m tn For the last 10-12 days, I seem to have developed 2 parallel 1/2 inch long cut/groove/fissure near the tip of my tongue which are not healing. I dont have any other issues or problem in my mouth (no canker sores) or body symptoms such as fever or anything like that. I am also not taking any antibiotics or use any denture etc. The only thing that I can thing of if eating some spicy food a few days before the cuts developed.
Avatar m tn in a drunken escapade someone put there tongue in my mouth for a few secounds, I do not know if they have hiv, I am not sure if there were any cuts or sores in my mouth, I don't remember tasting any blood, but I am worried about catching hiv from kissing is this possible, I also have ocd and I think a lot of my worry stems from this
314892 tn?1264627503 I've tried the L-Lysine ( which is a very inexpensive supplement sold just about anywhere you get vitamins and minerals) for the tongue discomfort but it doesn't seem to be as effective as with the sores but at least it cuts the pain from the sores that sometimes accompany the tongue discomfort.
Avatar n tn Now, I cannot eat anything that is even mild. Ketchup even burns my tongue. My tongue does not look smooth. It looks like I have cuts all across my tongue all the time. I have had this for years and never went to the doctor. I just became use to it and stopped eating spicy foods. I have alway had problems with my teeth. Anyone else have dental problems (cavities).
Avatar m tn Hi, Is it possible to be infected by hiv from tongue sore if my sore comes contact with vaginial fluid? If not, can anyone explain why? I dont seem to find useful information about oral sex with sore/cuts on the net... most are just CDC explanation which I recall are always over protective...
Avatar n tn Welcome back to the Forum. If you used condoms for your genital exposures, you do not even have a medical reason for testing. In addition to the fact that I suspect your partner di not have HIV on a statistical basis, and that condoms represent very effective protection from HIV and other STDS, kissing is no risk, even deep kissing and even with gum or dental disease.
Avatar n tn First time, my tongue felt like I had a million open cuts and I was unable to eat and barely able to talk after that one other time but since then they have been mild, tingling of the tongue. My problem is that it happens frequently now and this last one is like a burning, tingling sensation and this doesn't seem to go away. From what I have read is that as the years go on it's suppose to get milder and few outbreaks.
Avatar n tn So i have these sores that keep popping up on my tongue. Sometimes it's one or two or three. within 2-3 days they're gone. Then out of the blue, maybe 4 days later, BOOM there's another one. They look like little cuts. They're just red patches that are sunk in. They hurt a little bit, especially when I gargle with mouthwash. Also, I did just buy a new tooth brush about a week ago, but when I brush my teeth my whole mouth is just gushing with blood. I mean it's getting ridiculous.
Avatar m tn No one in 40 year HIv history got if from oral or kissing because it is inactivated in saliva so can't infect. That means cuts, sores, cankers etc, have no effect on HIV transmission in saliva because it is impossible.
Avatar m tn all I did was briefly see a tongue ring in her tongue. For all I know there could have been cuts/sores etc. I can say I didn't notice any blood on my penis during the event, but also there was dim lighting that might not allow one to appreciate the subtle contrast between skin tone and lightly blood-contaminated saliva.
Avatar f tn going to be seen and getting a proper exam is the best thing to do at this point.
Avatar n tn After a day or two, the soft, white bumps disappear, and what's left seems like a slightly reddish, shallow hole in my tongue Sometimes they bumps are clustered near each other. Once a part of the tongue heals, the bumps appear on other parts of my tongue. Sugary foods make it feel even worse. Citrus stings. Talking and eating hurt. You can barely see the whitish bump or the "hole." Most people would look at the tongue and not think it looks unusual.
Avatar m tn i am used the condom, but i foolishly performed oral sex on her, i am using my tongue to touch her vaginal part 1 minute, immediately i cleaned my tongue with a cloth . I don't have sores and cuts in my mouth. My doubt is if suppose her vaginal fluids enter into mouth what happen in that case ? Now i have small itching in tongue. Now i am worried about the HIV. i searched so many websites for this, they saying oral sex is low risk. but i am confusing in my case.
Avatar f tn they will go on their own, but live in your spine and will always come back, like a distant realitive you don't want to visit! You're lucky if you just get cold sores on your tongue! At least that wont ruin a night out or an important meeting, but most people get them on their lips or mouth area. Medication can ease pain and make them go a day or so earlier, but all in all; you either need help or don't - I've found meds just make it easier, but they're still as visible as a mountain!
Avatar m tn It seems worse towards the end of the tongue. I can also see some bumps. Despite all this I dont have any canker sores in my mouth or any other symptoms anwhere. Its been more than 2 weeks and the cuts dont seem to be getting better. I was wondering if someone can help and let me know what is going on. I cant seem to find a good source to solve this. Is this Thrush?
Avatar m tn You can not get HIV from kissing