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Avatar n tn I have been getting small white spots on my tongue for about a month now. At first it is a small white spot that over a a few days gets larger. it seems to get larger as the days go by. I always get it in the same spot and it goes away after about a week. It seems to come back within a two week period. i not sure what to do or if i have an disease. Also as the spot gets bigger, it turns red in the middle. I do have asthma and use an inhaler but this has never happened to me before.
Avatar n tn I've had a sore tongue for quite a while now and it has been worrying me. I have whitish spots in my tongue and they burn a little bit. It's very uncomfortable. I thought I could have thrush and when I went to the doctor, she didn't think I have thrush and it looks ok, with just a few irritated spots. She gave me a mouth rinse to make it better, but it actually makes it hurt even more, and it usually bothers me more on the side and tip of my tongue.
Avatar f tn Hello, I went to an ENT a few weeks ago and the strange areas on my tongue were geographic tongue. But my tongue is constantly white no matter how much I brush it and I have been having a sore throat as well. I am not sure why I am so worried. I brought the white tongue to the attention of the MD, but he didn't think much of it. I think it is odd. If anyone else has had any similar experiences, I would love to hear about them. Thanks for your time!
Avatar f tn After being paranoid about having hsv2 after a stupid, unprotected one night stand with a man of an unknown status, I tested negative at 4 months and was treated with antibiotics for a bacterial infection. A few weeks after being on the antibiotics, I got a really foul taste in my mouth and noticed my tongue is coated in white that won't scrape off, with red spots (not sores). There's no pain, just like a weird feeling on my tongue.
Avatar f tn after that i have noticed my these white spots slimy looking spots at the back of my throat and cheeks my gums have also been sore and bleeding. my tongue is also very white and also had big red spots on my tongue but that was last years almost a year before this guy. It only lasted for like a few days and went away. i went to a doctor that said it was nothing serious and gave me meds almost like a sweet to suck on that dissolve in my mouth.
Avatar n tn t have much for stuble. I also got 1 very small white lump under my tongue ( right on the tie of tongue i think it is called). It has been 3 days now she is fine now but my white spot is still there and only sore if i rub it or touch it but not really bad. What could this be?
Avatar m tn A week later, I woke up with a sore throat, and a painful white spot on the very tip of my tongue. There are also red spots all over my tongue, and its incredibly sensitive. Most of the taste buds along the front are swollen, and large. So far on day 3, there is only two spots, one of which was from over 4 days ago, and has already healed. The spot on the tip of my tongue has been there for two days, and is still quite painful. Its bright white, not yellowish like the pictures Ive seen online.
Avatar f tn Its too far back on my tongue to try to scrape off, if I try to I gag. Also the white spots look just like internal spots and not really the external stones I've found online. I'm worried it could be an STD because I'm gay and have had several encounters recently, but I never had anal intercourse in my life. Just have received and given oral and made out. No other symptoms. Should I get tested or am I overreacting?
Avatar f tn About 3 weeks ago, I noticed some small white spots / bumps appearing on my gums. I have decent oral hygeiene (visits onc per year and very few cavitites), and it has me scared to death when I see web info about mouth sots being related to cancer and AIDS. Please help. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/242906'>white spots on gum that appeared suddenly</a>.
Avatar m tn The man also bit my mouth and brought blood. I had white spots in my mouth where he bit me, my dr gave me some medication (liquid and 2 pills to take 48 hours apart). My question is my mouth doesn't feel right even though the white spots are gone. It feels like it did when they were there, my tongue kind of tingles and I have like almost a sore throat... Is this possibly HIV. I don't feel really sick but I don't feel well. I can't quit thinking about this...
Avatar f tn About 3 weeks ago I had a high risk possible exposure. Since then I haven't had any noticeable sumptoms . Until a couple of days ago my tongue got really sore. It looked as though my taste buds were swollen. And when I brushed my tongue one even bled. However , I think they went down. But I have one small white bump causing me pain ( it's very tiny) and 2 small red spots on my tongue . Both the bump and the red spots are barely noticeable . However , my tongue is a little sore .
Avatar m tn Yesterday I woke up with a cold, sore neck but even more worringley my tongue is yellow and has white spots at the very back which I noticied when I brushed my teeth, and this does seem to go away. Any opinions on my symptoms or condoms they use would be great. Thanks.
Avatar f tn It started with a broken tooth that got sore, then the gums, then my cheeks and tongue swelled up nd inside of mt lips, I developed a white sore on the end of my tongue and it split open from top to underneath. Really bad headaches nd now my throat is sore and my lungs are tight. I gargle and brush with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, which keeps it somewhat under control. What do you thinK? O, and I am extremely fatigued. I almost forgot to mention that I have red spots on my palate.
Avatar f tn All of a sudden, a couple days ago, I woke up with a sore jaw (only on one side), a white painful bump on the other side of my tongue, a sore cheek (like when you bite it really hard and it gets that painful crease) sore gums (only on bottom) and a white painful bump on my lip. Today the other side of my jaw has started to hurt, and my throat has been sore as well. Does anybody have any information? I've been brushing my teeth regularly, rinsing with mouth wash, and that hasn't helped.
Avatar f tn My tongue is white in the morning. But after eating and drinking water the white spots dissapearred. Is that normal? After hours without eating and some water the white spots appeared again.
Avatar m tn Underside of my tongue and bottom of my mouth under my tongue are sore. No visible sore but it looks like the salivary glands are red. Is it some viral thing or something else? Kind of has me worried. I've made an appointment with my regular doctor but wonder if I should be seeing a dentist instead.
Avatar n tn I have very slight diarrhea but what mostly scares me is that I have some very very small white spots on my tongue...only on my tongue and it hurts me a little on its end... I have running nose, too. I never had skin rash and muscle pain. My question is do HIV symptoms appear together or they follow one after another? And is it possible these white spots to be from HIV while in the same time I have no sore throat, nor any caught?... And do you think I have HIV?
Avatar m tn candida balanitis (under treatment), white tongue in the morning and some red spots, sore throat and spasmophilia (inherited from my father). What can you advise me to do? Thanks in advance for reading and trying to help me. I'm scared to death to be honest and I have no idea where to head for more help and that's why I decided to ask here. If you need more details or if I left anything out, I'll edit later.
Avatar n tn t diagnose over the internet does Oral Hairy Leukoplakia go through several significant changes? Meaning whole tongue then part of tongue then no tongue is infected??? I have been told by over a dozen HIV specialists I am negative based on my test results and timing so I don't believe what I am seeing is caused by HIV. Just trying to see if OHL has this kind of up and down history with it?
Avatar m tn But today theres a spot on the middle of my tongue that has no white on it at all seems kinda strange theres no whitish tongue thesers just no white moss in the middle of my tongue and on one side of my tongue its just the tongue color redish. this is the first time i ever saw this.but it seems like i have a slight sore throat on that side to when i swallow.what do you think this is?what would cause the white coat to come off my tongue in 2 spots?
Avatar m tn teak thnx for your reply ... actually this morning i woke up and i had some white spots on my tongue ... so i took come betadine and guggled ... the white is off of my tongue and now it's redish burning ... i have a sore throat and i am on antibiotics Augmentin 1g and have fever 37.6 early morning it's 36.9 no fever... as i said previously 3 weeks ago i got *** in my eye and i am dying from fear ... i can not test myself here because i live in an arabic country ...
Avatar m tn This over time became less severe with uncomfortable stickyness making my lips irritated and causing me to lick them and gain a small red lining underneath my bottom lip. Another problem I have is that my tongue is coated strongly white. My doctor took a swab and it came back negative for thrush. Ive done my research and will soon take some multivitamins to see if that helps. My doctor seems to not worry much about the white tongue or irritated lips and told me to "Use lip balm".
Avatar n tn The only other thing I can think of, but of course have your Dr take a look @ them, is maybe @ night you are gnawing on the tongue w/o realizing it. I had a recurring sore on my tongue that my dentist actually noticed but in my case it was from moving my tongue against a sharp tooth at night and now is gone .. but mine was more canker sore than what you describe.