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Avatar n tn Hi, It is just the after effects of the surgery..It noramally takes 12-16 weeks to get well completely well after a neurosurgery. So,relax and take rest.The nerve roots would have got disturbed during operation,just handling of nerve bundles would cause these symptoms of tingling and burning in those areas which the nerve supplies. Allow the nerve to regenerate.Take rest,for your comfort have a second opininon with a neurophysician. Goodluck.
Avatar m tn My tongue and teeth also numb, yet my tongue feels as if it has been burnt. Any ideas? is this related to TN or Gamma Knife surgery or what?
Avatar n tn My lips are drying all the time. I'm very much worried about my tongue numbness and these bubbles. I'm suffering alot since one month and there is no change at all in the thung numbness. I do'nt know what to do. Please advise me. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I am not convinced about the sinusitis and the tongue numbness association. And it is not only numbness that is the issue. You also have an altered taste. It seems to be a manifestation of the MS. The numbness will stay for some time and will go on its own. You have been through a lot. And I am sure you will pass this test also.
Avatar n tn ) My daughter recently developed numbness on the left side of her face and tongue. It varies some in intensity, but she can bite tongue and not feel it at all. Is this another symptom of ms? Right now she is being seen by her general physician. Should she just go ahead and try to see a neurologist? She is in Wichita, Ks. area. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Feeling weak and shaky at times. In the last week numbness has started on my tongue and lips and slowly spread down my left side and now has covered my whole body. I have decreased sensation to my whole body. Had a CT scan, Chest Xray, Blood gases, bloodwork all normal including vitamin D, B12, Liver function and thyroid, cbc lytes, cardiac enzymes. Can you be hypothyroid and still have normal bloodwork? Also can old 30 year old fillings in your mouth cause these symptoms.
Avatar f tn It could also be a circulatory problem. You can also experience numbness from the cold. I get numbness in my outer thigh and this is meralgia parasthetica which is from pressure on nerves in the groin. I suffer from numbess in my feet and I was told that it is peripheral nerve damage from diabetes ( I am not even a diabetic). I have carpal tunnel problems in both hands and will wake up with my hands completely dead.
4816750 tn?1368808270 my tongue goes numb along with my face, I was dx with occipital neuralgia after several surgeries and I know this is why I have it there. Global numbness and tingling is something I have had since surgery very annoying!
16744917 tn?1451270439 Hello, everyone! ! I had my first surgery the 29th and I have some numbness of the tongue. I was wondering if any of you have experienced this and if it's normal. I am a newbie to this group and actually really like this support group! Made a few friends and it's great to get advice from people who have been through the same experiences.
Avatar f tn those with a syrinx or never compression if left too long can be perm so some pains and numbness may remain. The reason we have surgery is to prevent the condition from getting worse.
Avatar n tn For about a month I have had a numbness and or tingeling in my left cheeck and side of tongue. Usually I also have a burning on my tongue and or a metalic taste in my mouth. I first thought it was a sinus infection but I now have no other sinus symtoms. Now I am having a some uncomforatability above my left uper back teeth. Is it possible to have these symtoms before the tooth ach? I also have TMG with clicking that can be heard by others while I eat.
Avatar n tn For the past 18 months (24/7)I've had Lip tingling/numbness and what I can only call an odd tongue sensation....similiar to the feeling of your tongue being burned. The tingling/numbness began on the bottom left side and eventually spread to the entire bottom lip and part of the top upper left lip. I have been to my regualar physician, gynecologist, neurologists and also my dentist and an oral surgeon. All my tests have come back negative and on paper I am the perfect specimen of health.
Avatar f tn She applied 2 anestesic needles for my lower left wisdom tooth (which is the one that needed surgery because half of it was below my gum) and one needle for my upper tooth which was easily removed. The numbness on the left side of my tongue wont go away asif its still under the anesthesia effect. My dentist said that my wisdom tooth was way above the nurve and its impossible that she damaged the nurve. She asked ne ti start on vitamin B1,B6&B12 medication (Neurobion) for a month.
Avatar f tn I had three teeth prepped for crowns 7 weeks ago and am still suffering from a numb tongue on the right side. According to my dentist the numbness of the tongue was due to the lingual nerve being injured while the novacane was being administered. He claims it will go away in time. I've heard from others, my brother being one of them, that said their numbness went away after months not weeks of suffering with the condition and in my brother's case it was a year and a half.
Avatar m tn I've been reading up on some of the same situations here and I just wanted to post my own one up and get and opinion. I had 3 impacted wisdom teeth removed 7 days ago. Now my tongue is still numb and has a constant stinging/burning to it. I've followed up with the surgeon earlier today and he didn't really say much, it was pretty much we'll wait and see, and it could be permanent. But my question is, will the burning stop.
Avatar n tn I had my right hip replaced with titanium about 4 years ago, but I don't think the surgery or any other medications I took through the surgery and recovery have anything to do with my tongue at this late stage. I've continued the same medication (Indomethicin) for at least 6 years now, so I don't think that's the cause either. I drink a lot of coffee and tea, and I was thinking that might be the cause; however, I've always drank a lot of coffee, so it doesn't seem plausible to me.
711242 tn?1275007002 My tongue hurts just along the ridge on the sides of the tongue starting about half way back and going back to the base of the tongue. There is no discoloration, 2 Months Burning pain in my right upper arm halfway between my shoulder and elbow outside of the arm a tad toward the front. It doesn't hurt any more with activity, it does not hurt more when I move it. It comes and it goes very intense and almost unbearable when it is there. October of 2007.
Avatar n tn I see your post where you had numbness in your cheek and your tongue and your tongue felt like it had a film over it like it was burned and the tastes of foods and drink were changed a lot by the numbness in your tongue. You said you could still feel your tongue but taste was affected a lot. Did you ever find out what was wrong? Your post is dated 2008 and this is 2014 so I don't know if you will even receive it but I have the same symptoms!
Avatar n tn 57 yr old female. Recently developed numbness/tingling extending from right side of face (into r.side of lips/tongue) down right arm into right hand. R hand feels like a baseball mitt (had this when had carpal tunnel pre surgery). Left side just goes down outside of left arm and into pinkie, ring finger and index finger of left hand. This comes and goes seemingly from a positional situation when sitting or standing in one position for a period of time.
Avatar m tn I can feel pain when i stick my cheek but cant figure out or understand the numbness. Does anyone know anything about this and what i can do to get the feeling back , it's really weird?
Avatar f tn This tingling progressed along the jaw forward, started involving the lips, then tongue, roof of mouth, then nose, around the eye and gradually included the side of my head. At times my throat felt numb and I would choke. At this point I cannot tell if my nose is runny or if I am drooling or have food on my face.
Avatar m tn From the moment I was conscious after the procedure until now, I have had a small painful lump near the tip of my tongue, which I originally thought was just a numbness at the left tip when I extended my tongue out of my mouth. I felt around on my tongue by gently using my index finger on top and thumb on the bottom and discovered a small painful lump (small pea size). The pain is not present unless I apply pressure or move my tongue around or outside my mouth.
Avatar n tn Although I have left side facial numbness constantly, during a migraine it intensifies to include the left side of my jaw and tongue. This constant numbness is a big concern to me as I average a migraine about once a month. I do not have any of the facial disfigurement or drooping of eyelids which are often associated with similar numbness.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing almost the same symptoms. Left facial numbness (with tongue occasionally numb) and twitching in the left side of my lip. I have gone through all the same types of test: Blood, Lyme, EKG, Ecocardiogram, MRI of Brain & Cervical Spine all NORMAL, but EEG (measurment of brain waves) test came back with "An Extraordinary weakness in the left side of my brain"!!!!????? The doctor wants me to go into the hospital for 3 days of monitoring.
Avatar n tn I have had disc surgery twice and my neurosurgeon agees with my neurologist's diagnosis. I have numbness in both feet and legs with the left being worse than the right at this point, but the numbness is gradually moving up my legs. My finger tips are now becoming numb. Is there any new treatment for cidp? I really don't want to take steroids because ofr the side effects which seem to be worse than the disease.
Avatar n tn I also found that as i got older my episodes became less violent(only the pain in face/neck are present with numbness of face, tongue and sometimes arms.) I find looking over my shoulder for an extended period of time to be my trigger mostly. When i was younger it would effect my whole side of body causing me to fall, or loose balance as well as become ill or faint because the pain was so great. I have stuggled more with it growing up.
Avatar n tn Take multivitamin supplements. The tongue numbness could also be neuropathic. But it is to early to say.