Tongue numbness after dental work

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Avatar n tn After the dentist gave me an injection of novacaine, I have no feeling in the tip of my tongue and along the right side of my tongue. I am afraid I will never regain the sensation in my tongue again. Can you tell me if this is normal, and if so, how long it will take for the feeling to return? I'm thinking my dentist did something wrong to cause this, although he is adamant that he did not. I have more dental work that needs to be done, but am afraid to continue.
Avatar f tn For the past 3 months I have been suffering from lip tingling/numbness, mostly the left lower lip along with my tongue being numb. I have not lost the ability to taste but eating/drinking/smoking does, most times, aggravate the symptoms. A few weeks after the mouth symptoms, my hands started to get pins and needles. First one side, then the other now it can do it simultaneously. I also have had several episodes of just the pinky tips going numb.
Avatar n tn My tongue became partially numb after dental work on one occasion. To the best of my memory, it was still pretty noticeable for a couple of weeks, and I still felt it occasionally a month later. By around two months after the event, the numbness was all gone. So, as others have said, just be patient. There is no way anyone can tell you exactly how long it is going to take, because it is different for everyone. Hope you feel better soon.
Avatar f tn hi there - you should go back to your dental surgeon.
Avatar n tn I brush most of it off before going to bed - I gag if I go back too far - and it's actually not too bad when I wake up. But by the time I get home from work my tongue is almost completely orange again. I've also had a sore throat since I noticed it. My diet has not changed nor has any medication that I take. Not sure if I need to go to the doctor or a dentist.
Avatar m tn One study investigated 56 patients who developed severe health problems after receiving titanium-based dental implants. These medical problems included muscle, joint, and nerve pain; chronic fatigue syndrome; neurological problems; depression; and skin inflammation. Removal of the implants resulted in a dramatic improvement in the patients’ symptoms, as well as a decrease in many patients’ sensitivity to titanium.
279234 tn?1363108849 My excuse in the past was that we didn't have dental insurance and could not afford it,but now we do. I noticed a few weeks back that one of my molars (the last one in the lower back/ right side) is a little loose. I had to put it off because of family reasons, and my surgery. This past week, I notice that I started to get pain. I'm on percasets from the surgery, and this wasn't even taken the tooth pain away.
388376 tn?1302015018 My jaw started to hurt, my teeth hurt when i ate and brushed my teeth. It even hurt to talk. Then slowly a numbness started to spread from my right temple to my chin. Also the inside of my mouth, teeth, gums and tongue are numb. I have been for various blood tests, a spinal tap and 3 mri's nothing came back. I went to a specialist that thought it was tmj, then a different jaw specialist that said nothing to do with my jaw .
Avatar n tn Husband came back safe and sound, but I still have the numbness and tingling after a week. Does anyone know how long the numbness will last?
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing almost the same symptoms. Left facial numbness (with tongue occasionally numb) and twitching in the left side of my lip. I have gone through all the same types of test: Blood, Lyme, EKG, Ecocardiogram, MRI of Brain & Cervical Spine all NORMAL, but EEG (measurment of brain waves) test came back with "An Extraordinary weakness in the left side of my brain"!!!!????? The doctor wants me to go into the hospital for 3 days of monitoring.
444414 tn?1376579695 Sorry about the lack of posts and activity. Just been busy with work, very down and depressed. Just really worn out. I had a spinal tap Monday which is another story but I have a wait of three weeks to find out if any thing comes back. The thing that is making me wonder right now is the tingling in the lips and tongue. I noticed this a few years ago around the time I would get hungry or eat.
660300 tn?1224793961 Hi ,, i had mine out 3 weeks ago tommorw and i am numb on my tongue only, it feels like it is massive and eating is a nightmare, i have had a constant tingle in my tongue since day one, i am also getting mariied next year and have the same fears, although it is mainly my tongue the underneath part of my jaw suffers from tingles and numbness, i too have spoke to my oral surgeon and have to wait till december 17th for follow up...
Avatar n tn numbness of chin and lip after dental work posted by Madeleine on August 29, 1998 at 19:08:32: I went to the dentist for a routine filling in a lower left tooth. She began to numb the area and I felt what seemed like an electric shock to the tip of my tongue. She proceeded with the injection despite another "shock" and gave me a second injection as well. My whole left side of my face, including my ear, was numb for about 6 hours.
Avatar n tn numbness of chin and lip after dental work posted by Madeleine on August 29, 1998 at 19:08:32: I went to the dentist for a routine filling in a lower left tooth. She began to numb the area and I felt what seemed like an electric shock to the tip of my tongue. She proceeded with the injection despite another "shock" and gave me a second injection as well. My whole left side of my face, including my ear, was numb for about 6 hours.
Avatar n tn i would look more towards seeing if it is geographic tongue i was told by a pathologist that with these symptoms and after i had shown pictures of time of high activity on the tongue that this what i have. I am 26 and this is the first time i have had the symptoms. There is no cure nor is it harmful just annoying as hell. If you feel that these symptoms consist of GT and you want proper diagnosis see an oral surgeon they can give you the best diagnosis. Sites to look at are http://www.
Avatar n tn But if I have to get off the aspirin for surgery, then it comes back when I resume. Currently I am off the stuff, however I am having other issues after bone transplant dental surgery.
Avatar f tn Hi CS, Sorry, I have been offline for the last few days. I just read up on whats been going on with you. Hmmm, how frustrating for you!!! Just out of curiosity, did you mention that you have been reading postings about other people that, since having dental Ti implants, have been having 'very similar' symptoms? I think it has to be incredibly frustrating for you to have the perio be so closed minded.
Avatar n tn I had a root canal finished up one week ago tomorrow (done on 5/21). The dental work was done on the top right, but due to sensitivity on the bottom, the dentist numbed the lower jaw as well. I have had a lot of dental work done and have never experienced a numbing shot that hurt like this one. Within a few minutes I had a strange 'lock-jaw' type feeling. I could open my mouth partially but to completely open it was very difficult. There was a sort of pop to open it all the way.
Avatar f tn 115 lbs and otherwise very healthy...blood work came back normal after physical and blood pressure always within normal range. I had a deep filling done on my right side about a month prior to all this starting...deep filling done on left side (affected side) but a couple months after all this started. dental xrays are fine.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone 1 am 24 yrs old and have numbness in my hand, leg and big toe. It first appeared in Nov after i have to confess that i had rather a lot to drink. This has since appeared in my big toe and leg as well. I have been tested for diabetes, vitamin b12 deficiency and diabetes, I have none of them. I am going for an MRI scan but its going to take months. The doctor says she wants to rule out MS. I do smoke and I drink quite a lot when I go out. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn my face and side of head burn like they're on fire and throb..been to countless doctors..had a CT xray and blood work to which they found nothing...getting very tired of it so i know how frustrating it is...believe me..i don't have a runny nose though but this whole thing started with what felt like a sinus headache that lasted for almost a month...
Avatar n tn Has anyone had any good news on the numbness? I was kicked in the face during a martial arts class. The right side of my face immediately went numb below my eye, cheek, right side of nose, lip and front tooth. If I try to blow my nose I get a terrible pain in my tooth, and I can feel air pressure in my eye. I am just looking for good news here. I did have xrays and they found an orbital socket break. The doctor said the numbness should go away in a few days, but it isn't any better after a week.