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908392 tn?1316526499 Ain't no trouble to me by Guy Clark Baby don't let em' blow smoke up your dress Don't let em' break your heart Don't start thinkin' that life's a mess You've done just fine so far And when the ways of the world start getting you down You're all our of repartee if your smile turns to a frown It ain't no trouble to me Chorus Trouble be gone, trouble be damned Love be trouble free Come on home any old time It ain't no trouble to me It ain't no trouble to me I got a shoulder with y
Avatar m tn unreal Full of tastes no tongue can know And lights no eye can see When there was no ear to hear You sang to me I have spent my life Seeking all that's still unsung Bent my ear to hear the tune And closed my eyes to see When there were no strings to play You played to me In the book of love's own dreams Where all the print is blood Where all the pages are my days And all my lights grow old When I had no wings to fly You flew to me You flew to me In the secret space of dreams Where I dreamin
Avatar f tn A lollipop that a child uses the tongue and mouth to s uck on helps oral motor skills. Tongue exercises can be done in the form of games. Stick your tongue out. Pull it back in fast and make a sound. Go side to side of the mouth with the tongue. Trace the bottom lip with the tongue. Eventually stregthen to go all the way around (up is hard for many kids with speech issues). Play a game with music and do silly faces and freeze them when the music stops.
239164 tn?1207266607 one of his earlier songs. I wanted to post the lyrics here (they are strange on their face, but very symbolic in their meaning) as a tribute and thank you to the beautiful people here struggling for a life of sobriety and recovery. You are all in my thoughts every minute of every day since I've found you...
Avatar m tn hi, I was put on 100-150 mgs. daily of lyrics for 3 months for fibromyalgia. no one mentioned any withdrawals. I started having numbness in my feet, so I stopped cold. then had a week of migraines, never had before. I weird brain tingling sensation that was extremely uncomfortable....all this time not connecting this to the lyrica. I ended up in an ER with heart palls and anxiety through the roof. felt like I was on a bad acid trip with speed involved.
1035252 tn?1427231433 Last night me and Cole were laying on the floor together, and for like 20 minutes straight he would not stop laughing, every time i rolled over and back he would laugh histarically.. and i would kiss him and he kept sticking is tongue in my mouth and then laughing.. it was just so precious... Then after he got over the laughing, he figured out how to scream with out being mad, so he just laid there and kept screaming, and it was a high pitch scream lol..
Avatar f tn We had a private discussion about what happened, and she broke down, explaining how her brother made her do things from kissing with tongue, to oral sex, with him explaining to her that this is what adults do, and what boys want when they push a girl to her knees.My daughter broke down, crying that if this is what adults do, she never wants to grow up.
Avatar f tn I do actually have anxiety which is treated but it wouldn't account for the muscle issues and the feelings of electric shock in the right side of my body, the pins and needles, the burning sensations, numb tongue, obvious limp that comes and goes and full body tremors and so much more.
428886 tn?1217685634 The real lyrics to the black eyed peas song were let's get retarted and after about 30 weeks that was what I was singing on those drugs.
Avatar f tn I listen to a wide range.
Avatar n tn I used to write songs for my college band friends yet couldn't even focus long enough to create coherent lyrics. My moodswings worsened as well. I was once very outgoing and happy... now I was turning into a crazy zombie. I went to student health to see what was going on... they only ran one blood test to check my thyroid and it came back normal.
1742220 tn?1331360327 lol sorry i am lissning to kcrw they are playing a lot of music with Spanish lyrics. this is cool and dope. women singing. i have no idea what genre this is. its not like corridos or anything like that. not like Que Buena!!!!!! oh she is singing about curanderas. cool. so .. ya i went on my hike. i decided to go to the rocky peek, cuz you know that's a tough hike. the past several hikes well yesterday was ok but a lot are easy and i feel like, unchallenged.
4810126 tn?1503946335 First, some typical Gen X lyrics about how I used to deal with deaths/emotions.
189269 tn?1189759425 I either am looking for a word and I can almost find it, but can't, that kind of tip of tongue feeling, I see a picture of what I want to say but can't come up with the word, or I don't even make it that far.
Avatar m tn They are cherry flavored and dissolve under your tongue. Ibprofen works good for the pain. Hang in there, the first few days will be rough but you WILL make it!! Post often! We are all here to help you!!
Avatar m tn 1. Whitish tongue with swollen taste buds 2. Red pigmentations on head of my penis when I have an erection 3. The tingling can be felt near my genitals now at times but certainly not as much as my arms and legs. I went and saw a doctor today who said none of these things should be a cause for concern however he did not seem especially knowledgeable on the issue and seemed almost annoyed by my questions. If I could get your guys' opinions once again it would be extremely helpful. Thank you.
173975 tn?1216261375 thanks for the Queen referral, btw, and that other song you mentioned. already got the champion lyrics and will pull the others up tomorrow. One other thing - (and I'll get back to you tomorrow) Dietrich is your Dr., right?
Avatar n tn 3 mg), so if I was detoxing, I'd probably try 2-3 tabs under the tongue and if that wasn't enough take 4, every 6-8 hours for a day or two. Then reduce. In early detox, the most I ever used at one time was 3 amps, or .9 mg total. Usually I just used 2 amps.
469856 tn?1207841226 Oh! My latest love, who I have totally fallin' for is Bob Marley. I don't think you can get more positive than that. "Three Little Birds" is my theme song and getting me through all of this mess of a situation I am facing!
612876 tn?1355518095 I think the biggest thing I probably need to work on is biting my tongue if something he does/gets for me isn't *exactly* how I want it. I'm never that picky with my home health aides, and I think I just have a tendency to be more blunt with him because I'm more comfortable with him ... what's that saying about saving the worst of ourselves for the ones we love? I owe it to him to be *at least* as respectful as I am with my aides, and show a little tact. See you around, -Heiferly.
Avatar n tn I recently have not been able to stop repeating music/lyrics in my head. Whenever I wake up, I'll notice I am still repeating certain songs/lyrics before I even get my first thought in. I have also realized that at the same time that this has happened, I have developed symptoms of OCD. Is it possible that this inability for us to stop repeating music OCD? Because it certainly isn't getting a song stuck in your head, I used to have that and be normal, this is something much more severe.
Avatar f tn I have seen an internal medicine Dr Neuro surgeon, Orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, I have had a nerve conduction study, numerous EKG's- I have tried Lyrics, Celebrex, and many other nerve and inflammation drugs. I now have an ulcer and am not taking inflammation drugs in effort to heal my ulcer. I have finally started taking muscle relaxers that knock me out but do nothing for the pain (at least I can sleep) and vicodin.
173975 tn?1216261375 I'm so sorry Wyn. I wish there was something i could say to help.
333612 tn?1302886990 Hello, I'm Triny. I love AIC and was bawling my eyes out at the last Celebrity Rehab. When I was in highschool I met Layne and he was one of the nicest people you would ever want to know. There music is powerful and after all these years of listening to the songs, his lyrics still make a great impact.