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Avatar m tn It grew and spread to the other side of the tongue. It is always painless, unless picked at. The lesions present as flattened white wrinkly patches, that can be rubber off with a paper towel exposing a red base underneath, that sometimes bleeds. I am quite certain it is not thrush, as my mother is a pediatric nurse practitioner and assures me it couldn't be this. I have not been on any antibiotics for years and don't have a problem with being sick in general.
Avatar n tn The other study is by Paty et al. and requires 4 hyerintense lesions or 3 lesions larger than or equal to 3 mm, with at least one periventricular lesion, which strongly suggests MS. Except for the parietal lobe, you didn't mention where the other lesions, and how many lesions, wer located. There are 2 disorders that are difficult to separate from MS, neurosarcoidosis and vasculitidies.
338416 tn?1420049302 It doesn't hurt that I already knew where the lesions in my spine were, even before the 3T MRI. I can feel the numb spots in my back, and I know where the spasms start. Here's the two MRIs, side by side, and the red arrows show where the lesions are. As you can see, the lighter areas indicate enhancement. There's a spot at the base of the spinal cord that may be a lesion, or it may be simply the cord itself turning into the cauda equina. You can also see where the .
Avatar n tn The couging has subsided, but there's still phelm in my throat. Yesterday I noticed that my tongue was coated in an yellowy/orange color!! I scraped it, and brushed it, but to no avail. Is this a common ailment? Anybody??? Thanks.
Avatar m tn at this point go back and be seen and get another exam done. yes paper cuts can be herpes lesions but usually they aren't. you and your partner can both get type specific herpes igg blood tests done to see who has what, regardless of if you have symptoms or not.
1166523 tn?1264368243 There are no gadolinium enhancing lesions. There is scattered mucosal thickening in the paranasal sinuses. The arteries at the base of the brain and the dural sinuses appear patent. Impression: Scattered nonspecific bilatral supratentorial white matter lesions. Differential diagnosis includes sequelae of vascular headaches adn demelination from multiple sclerosis, although the lesions are not in a pattern that is particularily suggestive of multiple sclerosis.
Avatar f tn I thought TM was spine only and MS can be brain and spine and obviously TM is longer lesions etc. .. I must admit I think the tongue thing has gone on too long for it to be migraine, I know before when it went really numb I did get a migraine only hours later, but this is different, it is more just underneath. My neuro thinks my migraines are from my lesions, caused by them but there is no evidence of then I wonder is it all migraine...:-) nothing is easy in neurology..
Avatar m tn I have a couple of little clear bumbs on the frenulum in my mouth, the thing that connects my tongue to the base of my mouth. It hurts a little bit, and now the tip of my tongue is a little sore, it may just be raw though. I don't know if it is herpes or what. There isnt blisters or anything. It's been 3 days since I kissed her. Do you think it's an std?
Avatar n tn On the second day of camping without washing, sweating heavily, I noticed a small lesion appear on the left side of my scrotum, near the base of the penis. Since then, with washing every day since, I have noticed that two other small lesions have appeared and merged with the initial lesion. They now appear as three round, open sores touching at the edges.
Avatar n tn And short days after I noticed that right under my tongue was red red. And I can notice on the base some little circles and may look like little white pimples. But cannot make it out. It does not hurt it's just there By any chance did you ever figure out what it was did it go away?
Avatar n tn The condition is symmetrical (left/right) white lines running along the edges of my tongue. They vary in size and thickness from day to day and can grow/retreat in a matter of hours. They are rubbery like wet callouses on your feet and can be scraped at with a fingernail of bitten off. It is painless but leaves the tongue red and raw after it is mostly removed. I've had the condition for about 12 or 13 years.
Avatar n tn There are two tiny white matter lesions adjacent to the trigone of the right lateral ventricle, seen only on the coronal FLAIR sequence. There is no contrast enhancement of these small lesions and no other contrast enhancing lesions are identified. No other abnormal foci of increased or decreased signal intensity are seen anywhere intracranially. Normal gray/white matter differentiation. Impression: 1.
Avatar f tn I was having a lot of muscle twitches and felt feelings of vibration in my tongue and teeth so after a visit to my PCP, I was sent to a neurologist. He did a thorough exam of my reflexes and listened to all of my symptoms that I had then but also suffered from for years and suggested a Brain MRI with contrast. I had it done and the MRI was normal. He said he was confident I don't have MS but didn't have any other answers for me.
147426 tn?1317269232 It should be remembered, however, that approximately 5% of patients with clinically definite MS do not show lesions on MRI, and the absence of demyelination on MRI does not rule out MS. Also, since many lesions seen on MRI may be in so-called "silent" areas of the brain, it is not always possible to make a specific correlation between what is seen on the MRI scan and the patient's clinical signs and symptoms.
Avatar n tn 5 to 1cm in diameter) on the inside of my lower lip; it looked like loose piece of white skin on a raised base (no noticeable redness underneath). I developed a fever for several days with a sore throat and two days after I noticed the first raised lesion, several more, smaller lesions appeared nearby on the lip. These have since crusted over with yellow stuff.
711242 tn?1275007002 My tongue hurts just along the ridge on the sides of the tongue starting about half way back and going back to the base of the tongue. There is no discoloration, 2 Months Burning pain in my right upper arm halfway between my shoulder and elbow outside of the arm a tad toward the front. It doesn't hurt any more with activity, it does not hurt more when I move it. It comes and it goes very intense and almost unbearable when it is there. October of 2007.
Avatar f tn I have two small wart-like lesions that have been there since around June. They are located on my hard palate on the 'dividing line' between the hard and soft palate. Most of the time they are painless, although do tend to get sore and inflamed if I prod them too much with my tongue. I also have a few warty skin tags underneath my tongue. -A few headaches, neck aches, ear aches. -A clicking noise coming from the back of my mouth. Does this sound like oropharyngeal cancer?
1547952 tn?1293911381 Hi everyone can anybody relate to my experiences of bouts of quite distressing tingling from the base of my spine into my head followed by a tingling tongue and right side of face this now seems to happen daily and is always accompanied with what i have called an ms type hug .As i am still in limbo i wondered if anybody knows what i mean.I am waiting for another mri scan as i am also having alot of right eye pain and vision problems.
Avatar m tn The following day (about 12 hours later) I had a swollen (slightly sore) neck gland (the larger one at the base of the neck, for me it was the left one) (persisted for about 4 days, with other neck glands eventually swelling also, receding after 4-5 days). Five days after the encounter, I noticed a general whiteness on my tongue, light toward the front, heavy toward the back, with red bumps (also very slight toward the front, larger in the very back).
Avatar m tn Although there was an open pimple like thing near the base of my penis which might be exposed to risk. No oral or anything else. I had hyperacidity after 5 and a half weeks(38 days) of potential exposure. I also had a mild throat infection and little cough after 6 weeks (42 days) which got cured after a dose of antibiotics (Cefodroxil). Then I got a Urinary Tract Infection (Cystitis) in the 7th week of potential exposure (after 45 days).
Avatar n tn As mentioned above I have felt some itching in the genital area but no lesions and i was wondering if there is any std that causes white tongue. the majority of it scraps off but by the end of the day its real bad and its mostly white with some small red spots (not raised and same color as the tongue) spread throughout.
Avatar n tn Similarly, when HSV lesions appear for the first time, they tend to take 2-3 weeks to heal, not just a few days. In addition, HSV lesions tend to form multiple, not single lesions which contain clear liquid. They don't bleed or scab. Finally, for the genital lesion you have a good alternative explanation and the sore on your lip could be due to any number of things. In summary, what you describe does not sound suspicious for herpes. I would not worry.
Avatar m tn Probably a week later I noticed a small cyst/pimple on the tip of my tongue that is at times painful but at other times not noticeable. My tongue is also slpit in half, top to bottom, different tones of colour. I have a few yellow/white cysts on the bottom of my tongue as well. I also had an itching & irritation on my skin in my groin area. The hair follicules seemed to be raised as when self looking I noticed small bumps only where hair follicles were.
Avatar m tn (made worse when clothing touched those areas) -Minor diarrhea -white coated tongue -scalloped tongue -severe dry mouth -strange feeling underneath my left eye and left cheek Now since then, the symptoms I have are current: -minor scallop tongue -on and off set of diarrhea -strange feeling underneath my left eye and left cheek -upset stomach -Pressure base of the back of my head -stiff neck -possible swollen lymph nodes in my armpit and neck (I have no idea) -Jaw is stiff at the point where t
Avatar n tn but am still having problems 6 days ago had band aid on arm, turned bright red where adhesive was, now darker color eye pain / feel strained / threw up once it hurt so bad not thirsty ever watery saliva throat feels tense eyes feel strained sore/bumps under tongue.
534785 tn?1329595808 the rock-hard ones are under my chin/jaw, mid-neck on my right side, and base of neck on my right side --protruding right clavicle and what feels like a slowly swelling chest (thymus gland, maybe?) --heart palpitations --extreme fatigue...and I'm used to be really fatigued due to sleep apnea...
Avatar m tn Though i do want to say that this girl did not have any/zero cold sores, lesions on her mouth/tongue. When i asked her about it, she also informed me that she has never had a cold sore and has been tested for STDS and is completely clean. I apologize for the extremely lengthy email, please help! I am going insane here!!
Avatar m tn Oral HPV cancer usually show up with white or red lesions on the sides of the tongue, and at the base of the tongue. 4. Contact your dentist or doctor immediately if you have any mouth or throat lesions that don't heal more than two weeks. 5. Have physical checkup annually. I think those are the only things we can do to lower the risks. Hope that helps.
911669 tn?1294102788 She gave me a number of tongue and swallowing exercises to increase strength at the base of my tongue. She also is suggesting to my neuro a modified barium swallow to see where things stand. I go back to my neuro next month for followup. I am hoping with my last relapse/attack in the summer and the onset of my acute swallowing problems, my neurologist will give me a "definite" MS diagnosis, instead of, benign MS.