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Avatar n tn Along with this problem came chronic fatigue type syndrome, tired all the time but don't sleep well, black bags under eyes, sore/cramped muscles, bad breath/coat on tongue, smelly urine, poor skin condition-zits and ingrown hairs, and kinda a one-track mind which isn't like me. I've always had alot of phlem and stuff from my nose, alot of times it has some blood in it, and during the am I cough up **** for the first 30 mins or so.
Avatar n tn Her diet has not changed dramatically since the onset of the orange discoloration on the tongue. I have heard of people eating a lot of beta carotene and having that cause orange palms of the hands and souls of the feet, but not on the tongue. And she doesn't eat a lot of foods that contain beta carotene. This is quite perplexing.
Avatar n tn I have 2 Labradors and the 1 is eating the others poop. What in the world would make her do this???? YUK!
Avatar f tn For the past 3 months I have been suffering from lip tingling/numbness, mostly the left lower lip along with my tongue being numb. I have not lost the ability to taste but eating/drinking/smoking does, most times, aggravate the symptoms. A few weeks after the mouth symptoms, my hands started to get pins and needles. First one side, then the other now it can do it simultaneously. I also have had several episodes of just the pinky tips going numb.
Avatar f tn 1. exam of mouth, teeth, tongue, and upper respiratory system, palpation of abdomen, etc. 2. exam of neck and spine and possible X-Rays 3. CBC and Chemistry blood work including bile acids 4. Urinalysis 5. fecal analysis to check for GI parasites and giving anti-parasite medication. 6. Anal gland expression. If all testing and exams are normal than perhaps an appetite stimulant or a low dose of steroids may help to jump start her appetite.
Avatar m tn sometimes. - after 11 weeks I noticed that I have a white coated tongue or hairy tongue don't know exactly the diference. I know also sometimes experience a dry mouth - with my tongue I also started to not have any appetite and I lost weight around 4 kilo in 2 months. I did a CBC and urine tests and they are all normal. what tests should i do? what can it be? what should I look for? whichis the best doctor to consult? Please any advise.
740516 tn?1360946086 That partially explains she leaving but she used to come back home even more starving after... Im afraid she's eating bad stuff somewhere,dogs food or animals. Just met a bird dead at my backyard,can be a bird that died naturally, killed by another cat or by her - hope no! Do you think she can be sick? Or just "spoiled"?
976897 tn?1379171202 This particular 'parasite' has yet to be recognized as a parasite and not a bacterium. It is not only carried by cats, but also birds, dogs, snakes, and rabbits. The articles you posted are of the same study. It is only 1 study. Yes, it is intrigueing. Yes, it may raise a few questions. But the 'few'questions are limited. If you are convinced that cat saliva is going to make you sick, there is no interest in trying to convince you to do some real research on the topic.
Avatar m tn don't think so, I feel like doctors do not listen But until now i cannot find an explanation to my white tongue and loss of appetite which came together. 3 weeks ago a parasite called entamoeba histolytica was found in my stools. I took medication for 4 days and I will do another stool analysis tomorrow to check if it is gone. I was a healthy person and never had health issues. I do not know what is happening. What do you think about the link I have provided?
354667 tn?1299141072 R docs says to me there arent many meds out there for treating giardia and parasite so shes givesme this pep talk and says i dont care how you take the flagyl but you must take it if you whant to get better and she makes this example of the poor little children in africa that you can see almost there bones and that are very skinny she says giardia does all this so since i have abad anxiety problem that made me whant to go back on the flagyl i stoped it though and she did give me imodiom to stop
Avatar f tn for all thats holy sombody help, it stated 2 years ago and progressivly worsened, i am 33 ys old i am a college student i used to have a very athletic lifestyle now i am just scared, right side throat gland swelling, abdominal swelling right side ,severe constipation , blood in stool everytime, constant cysts in right olvary, removal of three right side breast lumps, tired all the time, severe weight loss, stomach constantly wallows and cramps horrendous cramping, like almost month long periods
1927233 tn?1326673987 For months I couldn't drink alcohol without vomiting, and had pain and bloating after eating anything oily or too greasy. I also had urgent urges to pee during the day. In August 2011 I had a UTI, treated with antibiotics. In Septmeber I got another kind of infection and took one antibiotic (prescibed for 7 days) for 3 days but was not able to tolerate it, so I switched to another antibiotic (one dosage) and vomited shortly afterwards, so I had to take it a third time (one dosage).
1927233 tn?1326673987 Pain in my abdomen, specifically in the upper and upper right side (aka stomach and liver area), extreme bloating after eating, nauseua, fatigue/malaise, loss of sex drive. Also my tongue will turn bright orange sometimes, and often there is a "raw dough" taste in my month, it feels like my stomach and esophagus are full and bloating.
1138687 tn?1360980244 my stool/bowels were soft with some diareah, and there was even blood in my stool once, also, my tongue began to get white I noticed; all which are clear symptoms of a parasite. So it made sense and I was pretty convinced, as one of the doctors said it is possible I contracted a parasite. But all the tests came back negative, and it was only because of my persistence and increased symptoms that the doctor decided to prescribe me 500 mg 3x a day of Flagyl, for 12 days! Which btw is a high dose!
17489628 tn?1458799938 This was during a time when my skin was very inflamed, skin colored lumps on my face, laziness and tiredness, gas that smelled exactly like what I ate and also sometimes just very bad smelling, eyes were turning yellow, I had a fever that never went away, bloated, white tongue, very bad rash on both of my arms on the outside, and I'm prob forgetting a few things. I felt so disgusting.
Avatar m tn I am having white tongue, rash on face and chest, diarrhea, muscle pain, and .... Tested negative for TB, ebv, hiv, hep a,b,c. what do u think that i should do? I am getting side infections easily and worried to lose my job. Any idea?
Avatar n tn If you go to cure zones parasite support forum you will see many people already take some form of fen ben dewormer. Heres a link I just found today Read this one first. The link I posted earlier is very long and will take atleast two whole days to get the whole scope of it. My goat dewormer
Avatar f tn I wonder if this could be a parasite? Usually you would have the opposite problem though, eating a lot and not feeling full...but for some reason this still sprang to mine. Or maybe you have a bacterial infection? The ulcers could be due to bacteria...if you have diarrhea it's probably affecting all areas down there....a lot of time the bacteria from our bottoms cause be spread to our vag area.
Avatar f tn Please try not to worry. Many is the time I have had a dog's tongue slobber all over my lips! When I was a child our dog tried to take my food and started eating it (a sandwich) and I snatched it back, and ate it myself. I did not get any infection from that. I realize that someone with a weak immune system might be at greater risk of infection, (usually a tummy upset) Your symptoms might be caused by either fear, worry, or perhaps because the food was suspect to begin with?
Avatar m tn 4) Bloating, passing wind soon after eating, burping more often 5) Appetite loss. 6) Malaise 2 days after a work out 7)Dry Patchy Skin, Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes (possible eczema) 8)Hair Falling 9) Crack in the middle of the tongue 10) Left toe is numb. 11) Extreme tiredness getting worse. 12) Itching Anus 2 stool tests done and different times show no Bacteria, Candida or Parasites (h pylori, not sure what other parasites they checked). Blood tests are showing low Iron (no anemia).
Avatar f tn I am so anxious to see the specialist tomorrow. Eating well no diarrhea and no sign of the parasite. Thanks so much to all of you for your encouragement. I will be back with an update tomorrow.
Avatar n tn Blood normal excpt Eosinophilia 11%, prev Leptosp. Parasite tests negat (live in West Africa). Diagn Ciguatera or poss parasitic inf.Improved over wks/months. In March symptoms returned. Symptoms now are (all symptoms fluctuate): 1. Paraesthesiae hands/forearms feet/lower legs. Worse from use ie. lifting. 2. Slight muscle weakness forearms after use 3. Dizziness, at times vertigo 4. Pain TMJ/temples 5. Coughing clear gel-like mucous balls. 6. Tightness in neck w.
Avatar n tn I've lost about 4-5 pounds, probably from eating a lot less and the diarrhea. I had full blood work and urinalysis...all normal. Stool sample came back with no parasites, still waiting for C-diff (but I haven't taken antibiotics in 6 months) and waiting for blood in stool result. NO visible blood at all. Had swollen lymph nodes in neck/throat area and under ear, all resolved. Also have tiny fistula about half inch from rectum. Have sensitivity and redness at tip of tongue as of this AM.
Avatar n tn And when preparing pork, beef, or lamb at home, cook it to medium or medium-well, says Dr. Ricciotti. These meats may be infected with toxoplasma, a parasite that causes an infection that, although relatively rare, can cause stillbirth or serious health problems. Fish You probably already know that mercury, which is present in many fish, is dangerous for your baby. "Mercury is a neurotoxin that impairs fetal brain development," says Dr. Ricciotti.
17551709 tn?1457748486 Too little can cause the parasite to become immune, if this is a parasite that is affecting us. So i read that its better to take more to b sure. Ill let ya know if i try it.
Avatar f tn hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.
Avatar m tn have you tried to keep track of what your cat has eaten whe precepts the 'runs' What food is he eating? how often? What environment does he live... urban or rural or in between? is he an inside or outside cat or both? these are questions that need to be asked to get a full idea of how your cat lives and what might be the cause of his gastric problems.
Avatar f tn but it reoccur. And tongue has ridges on sides of tongue. 3)swollen lymph nodes neck and under chin. (Which resulted as difficult in swalloing) and also unbearable muscle and joint aches (now they are not there) 4) digestion problems (now I had got pot belly I can say it as central obesity :-( 5) rash on forehead and shoulders.dry skin on legs(now better) 6)Some oily leakage from anus. (At present) 7)my feet and legs are swelling after walking/standing for a while and they are painful.
Avatar m tn They use microscopes in this fb group and someone saw the parasites in their tonsil stones. If you go to cure zones parasite support forum you will see many people already take some form of fen ben dewormer. Heres a link I just found today Read this one first. The link I posted earlier is very long and will take atleast two whole days to get the whole scope of it. My goat dewormer ...
Avatar m tn (every 3rd day or so) *waking up with extremely sore/stiff legs that are persisting throughout the day. Some days not as sore as others. *have developed a thick white/yellow lining/coating on my tongue which will not go away with thrush/candida treatment. I even went on a 10 day course of Nizoral to treat this (anti fungal meds), but it hasn't done much to help the problem. I also am seeing the person that I had sexual contact with, (she is my girlfriend).