Tongue cancer and lymph nodes

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Avatar n tn I looked it up on google and all I saw was larynx cancer/lymph nodes. One last thing Can u get an STD/HIV if you kiss someone and they happen to semi bleed. Like the afore mentioned story? What do you guys think?
1855970 tn?1325827213 The only lab that was abnormal was my liver protein, it was a little high. But I've heard that can be caused by being overweight. I'm going to family planning on Jan 16 for a complete physical... As much a I'm dreading this appointment, I know I'll feel better if they figure out what's wrong. I've read about hypothyroid and I have a lot of the symptoms, but the doctor said that my thyroid is fine... So said the one blood test done for my thyroid.
461010 tn?1208486059 i had a protected sex but i am just scared of what i am feeling. i have swollen lymph nodes and some sore on the tongue. I am worried this might the symptom that i have contracted HIV. i have done test at 4 or 5 weeks, but they are negative. At one stage I thought maybe it might be a throat cancer, because there was agreat pain in my ears also which I think was caused by throat sore. Will this be symptom for HIV.
1529301 tn?1326510385 Examples of these may include lung infection, lung cancer, lymphoma in the chest cavity, or breast cancer. Occasionally more distant cancers may seed these lymph nodes, such as genital cancers or colon cancer. Some benign causes of the swollen lymph nodes above the collar bone (clavicle) can include tuberculosis or sarcoidosis.
Avatar n tn Pls get yourself evaluated by an ENT specialist for that.Swollen lymph nodes indicate an infection and your upper respiaratory tract and tonsils may be causing it. Tingling of tongue can be due to diabetes, hypothyroidism, peripheral vascular disease, vitamin B12 deficiency or malnutrition.It is also common in alcoholics.Pls get yourself evaluated for these. Treatment will depend on the diagnosis. In case you need more information then pls post us.Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn If you have swollen lymph nodes and changes in your tongue, I would strongly advise you to see your primary care physician as soon as possible as this might be a manifestation of tongue cancer. It also might be something as simple as a tongue infection, but evaluation by a physician would be needed to help you with your problem.
Avatar f tn He is now experiencing Left sided intermitent numbness and tingling which has started in his mouth and tongue. It then moved to include his first two fingers of the L hand. Then included his forearm, buttock, thigh and calf. It causes no weakness and only lasts for about 5 minutes. this has been going on for a month but progressively getting worse and lasting longer. A CAT scan shows a thickening in the Right Paridal Lobe .
623944 tn?1244039090 I just had a second US of my thyroid and so in thinking of a small possibility of cancer, it makes you concerned that it just may be cancer and the lump could be a spread to the lymph nodes. I know it's more worry based, but after my new endo tells me I should have a US at least once a year and my biopsy was not specific when almost 2 yrs ago, that endo told me it was benign and he didn't need to see me again.... well, I'm sure a lot of you know how the mind works in this situation.
Avatar m tn More medial inferior Left level 2 node measures 1.0 x 1.7 x 1.2cm. Small bilateral level 3 and 4 lymph nodes. Both Tonsillar pillars are prominent. Prominent tongue base soft tissue fills the vallecula. No nasopharyngeal mass. Epiglottis and aryepiglottic folds are not thickened. Vocal cords symmetric. Upper Trachea is widely patent. 6mm Hypodense nodule noted in right lobe of Thyroid Gland.
Avatar m tn I'm 25 years old and here are my symptoms. Swollen lymph nodes left side of neck is worse, severe left leg pain, acid reflux, chest and back central pain, weekness. Blood work coming back normal. Sometimes I get dizzy too. I am starting to wonder if I have cancer of the esophagus. I was bulimic for seven yrs...
Avatar n tn I went back to a new ENT and got surgery. I have to enlarged lymph nodes in my neck and when they did surgery on the ligament that was 3.5 cm think they removed the ligament and said it came back fine. But i am still having so much pain in my chest, shoulder, head, neck, and throat. None of the doctors know anything and i am worried i am not feeling right. My temp actually dropped to 96.8 which was odd.. any one have any adive?
Avatar m tn Swollen lymph nodes can happen for so many reasons. It sounds like you are in generally good health so consider a visit to the doctor for an annual physical exam for the new year. It'll give your piece of mind and you won't have to live in fear anymore.
Avatar f tn i have a very sore throat, my lymph nodes are swollen, and i have a white sore on my tongue the size of eraser on pencil and two really small ones below it comming in. Did you ever find out what you had?
534785 tn?1329595808 Additionally, I've had several doctors tell me that my tonsils look large, including my allergist. Large adenoids and tonsils...left level 1B and bilateral level 2 enlarged lymph nodes...sub-clinical hypothyroidism...I guess this all points to some kind of infection in my throat? I just don't know if the nerve damage is related, or if it is just coincidental.
Avatar f tn My husband has been recently diagnosed with base of tongue SCC which has metastasized to lymph nodes in neck. (Treatment with chemo and radiation is to begin soon with some light at the end of the tunnel. We've been told it's very treatable.) The biopsy indicated the cells were positive for HPV 16. We have been married almost 25 years. I checked with my doctor and have never had an abnormal pap, even up through 01/08, and had total hysterectomy in 02/08. Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn My wifes is always in the same place. Her tongue looks closer to a bad case of GT then any of the pictures of Tongue Cancer, but like I said hers hasn't moved or caused problems in any other parts of her mouth or tongue. The ulcer or lesion is about the size of a quarter but more oval than round. Chocolate, citrus, and spicy foods seem to be the worst about causing flare ups.
Avatar n tn Then he felt in my mouth VERY roughly, kind of quickly felt for swollen lymph nodes, although not AT ALL thoroughly. He felt my tongue, then sprayed something up my nose without even telling me what it was, it was numbing stuff so he could stick a camera up there down to my throat. He did that, said everything looked fine and that was it. He said if my doc told me I had an oral fungus, then that's what it was, period!
10049887 tn?1407462984 which has pass now, pain in my mouth, underneath my tongue was very painful, the pain in my mouth has gone and my lymph nodes seem to not be swollen anymore..
Avatar n tn This morning, however, I woke up and i could still feel it and I tried to just scrape it with my toothbrush but it was still there so I got a flash light and saw that I have mulitple bumps all over my tongue and on my throat. They are lighter than my normal color in my throat. On my tongue they are kind of blisterish looking. I'm just wondering how I could have gotten this? I'm pretty sure i've never had it before.
Avatar m tn now my lymph nodes right under my tongue and jaw bone are pretty obvious and haven't felt exposed like they are now. Ive been to the dr 3 times about the lump that comes and goes and they said its normal. same with the nodes. i was nervous but all 3 blood panels came back normal. but now i still feel like its in the way more than usual. when i swallow i can feel it move on the side of my neck.
Avatar f tn Two months later my tongue is not better, my sore throat has gotten worse where my lymph nodes are swollen and my neck muscles are sore. I am not getting proper rest because my neck muscles are sore, I feel like I have an earache and I have frequent headaches. For two weeks now I have been having cramps, I figured because I was getting my period. I finished my period a couple days ago and I am still feeling a bit discomfort by my lower stomach area.
Avatar n tn It sounds like it is a possibility and I am not trying to scare you. Please get to the doctor. Your neck may have swollen lymph nodes in it and this is why it is painful. A CT scan would tell this. I am so sorry you are going through this. It makes sense about the body working on one issue and not being able to focus on the immune system to fight disease. How complex we are. Please let me know how you do.
Avatar f tn I have pain under my tongue where it's connected (started recently), pain/tightness - what feels like a super tight muscle knot/ball - at the back base of my jaw right below the ear, ear tube pain, ringing in my ears, more so on the right side, which also hurts more. Have a small (unmovable) lump on right side in mouth almost directly under bottom molars. Hasn't changed in size in the year since I noticed it, but a lot of the pain in my ears/throat is right around there.
Avatar m tn Ok here goes, i have been having a coming and going feeling of something stuck next to my tongue, (see attached picture) it is right around this area and i cannot for the life of me find anything online pertaining to this spot. But, anyways, i found this spot to be where my discomfort is coming from after much poking and prodding. Im sort of a hypochondriac when it comes to this stuff. But i finally noticed a small sort of white but more yellowish spot.
Avatar n tn The sore throat was not deep in the throat, but more towards the top, around the back of the soft palate, and then a couple of days after, the lymph nodes/salivary glands (I'm not sure which) started to swell under one side of my tongue. This has happened before, but always resolves rather quickly. Now, the throat isn't sore, but the glands/nodes are still swollen and VERY tender to touch. I can take a couple of Advil, and the swelling and pain goes away temporarily.
Avatar n tn and funny feeling on left side of face and headachey on left forhead (it can go up that high) Bells palsey can be contracted via a virus and usually lasts 6 wks or longer and can affect the tongue and sense of smell and taste. It can also cause the one eye to dry out because it does not properly close at night when you are asleep. Hpe this helps check out the symptoms on the net.
Avatar f tn My tongue has had a white coating in the back and red 'goosebump-like' shape in the front. At first I has a couple of bloated in my mouth with this so I went to the dr. He put me on niostatin and thought it was hand foot and mouth disease. Now 7 weeks later it's still here. I went again, he's not sure what it is now, but gave me a heavy duty steroid prescription paste to apply to the red area. Any ideas of what it can be. He seemed concerned it was cancer because my lymph glands were animism.
Avatar n tn Approx 3 months ago started having swollen lymph nodes along back of ear and down neck, some burning of scalp. Some shortness of breath and tired, cannot sleep wake up with gums and tongue throbbing. The swollen glands really bother me and I am miserable. Almost feel like cannot function. Also am getting scared. Have been on Keflex twice Biaxin twice and now Cipro. Have been sent for xray of sinus cavities and waiting on report but am having no pain in that area.