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Avatar f tn i have acid reflux with gerd. and my tongue has been burning after taking 3 days of protonix i am now in to 2 month period of taking it. i have tried every remedy. my doc put me on folic acid 400mg a day and pink magic. neither has really helped. i think the pink magic is just to numb my tongue. is there anything i can do or take????? i have had cultures and nothing comes up.
Avatar n tn There are little tiny red dots that have appeared on the tip and round the outer edge of my tongue and my tongue feels like it is on fire or really burning. Does anyone know what this is - could i have burned my mouth from a mouth wash and what is the best and quickest way to heal it. I am off to vegas on Sunday and really want to hit the bars and the buffets! Any ideas or help is appreciated.
Avatar m tn a couple of weeks later my tongue started burning and still does to this day off and looks red and burns when i eat something hot or also looks swollen to just looks big...i also have dry mouth at night and my tongue is stuck to the roof of my mouth..i wonder if its because its bigger and i push it up there,,i can see teeth marks around the side(another symtom of als)..anyway my tongue doesnt really burn in the morning just as the day goes muscles ache..
Avatar f tn Burning tongue syndrome or burning mouth disorder frequently affects post-menopause female. It's reported that 3% of patients undergo spontaneous remission 5 years after initial onset. Ther are two types, pmimary or idiopathic and secondary, in which condition local or systemic contributing factors can be identified. Pharmacologic management , cognitive behavior therapy as well as nutritional supplement are the treatment of choice for primary BMD.
Avatar f tn The feeling as if something was stuck in my throat started keeping me up at night because of this feeling I started having panic attack this sickness was basically destroying my life I was rush to the ER for panic attack I was given (Activan).
Avatar n tn I'm post menopausal for 6 years and developed a burning tongue one and a half years ago. Before that, my tongue experienced stiffness and numbness for some months which disappeared but replaced by a burning sensation. Two GP doctors don't know what it is.
Avatar m tn I heard the burning tongue comes with acid reflux,can any one tell me why burning tongue comes with acid reflux
Avatar f tn Hi There I get this burning tongue feeling all of the time, its terrible. I also feek like i have been biting the inside of my mouth involuntarily. I have to be careful what i eat has my tongue and mouth is so sore. It will go after about a week, but will come back intermittently..
Avatar f tn Menopause and hormonal imbalance can cause burning tongue syndrome and it is often refractory to any hormone replacement therapy. Antidepressants and antianxiety drugs such as nortryptiline and clonazepam are found to treat such burning tongue or burning mouth syndromes caused by menopause. One thing that I can think of is a Vit B 12 deficiency. You may not have any other symptom of Vit B12 deficiency if it is in its initial stage.
Avatar m tn A month back I kissed a gal, after that I have a burning tongue and also burning throat. It's lasting for more than a month. What would be the problem? I'm really irritated because of this. Is it the symptom of HIV?
Avatar n tn You symptoms of a burning tongue could be due to vitamin deficiency. It could also be due to trauma or thermal injuries. Sometimes it could be a fungal infection. You will need to consult your primary care physician for proper assessment. In the meantime you can try warm salt water gargles and betadine mouth washes. And take a balanced diet rich in plenty of fruits and vegetables. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I really can't find anything on the net when I google burning tongue. It always refers me to burning mouth. Went to the doctor for my yearly physical and she can't pinpoint the reason. I do have watery eyes from my allergies, could this be what it is? Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn I really can't find anything on the net when I google burning tongue. It always refers me to burning mouth. Went to the doctor for my yearly physical and she can't pinpoint the reason. I do have watery eyes from my allergies, could this be what it is? Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have had a mild burning sensation on my tongue which comes and goes for approx. 2 months. It doesn't affect my taste or anything out of the norm. Just a mild burning sensation. Do you have any idea what this could be? Thanks, Yobuck This discussion is related to swelling toungue, gums, roof of mouth canker sores.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have had a mild burning sensation on my tongue now for approx 2 months. It doesn't affect my normal routine or affect my taste when I eat. It comes and goes and is starting to get annoying. I was at the doctors a week and a half ago for my yearly physical and she didn't seem real concerned. I am a 55 year old male. I have been stressed for the last few months and do have some allergies, could it be from all of this?
Avatar n tn seems worse in the morning and evenings. My tongue has been burning for three weeks. I went to the doctor and she said she didn't know; she would have to read about it. It looks normal and seems to be worse in the morning and evening. What do you think might be the cause?
Avatar f tn Okay...this is not even mildly humourous anymore. When my tongue first started burning, I thought it was freezer burn from eating ice cream. Obviously, now that weeks more have passed, that's not the case. I kid tongue stings all the time and it is so painful. I hate the litocain. It seems worse to not feel your mouth at all! I have 5 more weeks to go. Is there any chance this tongue thing will go away?
Avatar f tn Liz - your burning tongue is a total PH imblance right now. go to and google burning tongue you will find a ton of information on how to rid that awful feeling - I lived with it for tow years and I thought I was going to cut my tongue right out- Thank goodness I found the answer!
Avatar f tn I have had burning tongue syndrome since December 2016 it is going into March 2017 with no relief, what can I do?
Avatar f tn If the stings/burning sensation is acute onset, itis commonly associated with inflammation. Seeing a dentist or ent is advised.
Avatar f tn I have 4 small white raised bumps on the back of my tongue, and very small reddish ones towards tha back and middle. They dont irritate me or hurt, but they are kinda hard. I have rinsed w/ warm salt and water and have also used mouth wash. I noticed this about 2 days ago after burning my tongue with hot food. Ive done that before and I have never noticed anything like this. I am pregnant and I'm kinda scared. Do you know what this maybe?
Avatar f tn I have CFS for about 8 months now and have had white coated tongue as well. Now I notice few small red bumps back of my tongue. is this normal and has one experience the same thing. Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure if this is a neurology question but in the past two weeks I'm experiencing a burning tongue sensation. The problem is I have NOT burnt my tongue but feels exactly as if I had. It all started with little bumps on my lips which have now gone away after using 1% hydrocortisone. But the burning mouth and tongue sensation is only getting worse. Its even difficult to brush my teeth because the toothpaste is too painful.
Avatar n tn 5 to within normal range (I am still waiting for my T3 results as the first lot somehow got lost) anyway I still don't feel right and also have a burning sensation on my lips and tip of tongue which sometimes spreads down to chest area. Has anybody else experenced this or has any idea as to what the cause is. Is this as good as it gets or can I expect further improvement (eg.