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Avatar n tn i have these white bumps on tongue that hurt . what can i take for these to go away This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/422081'>white bumps on my tongue</a>.
Avatar n tn The couging has subsided, but there's still phelm in my throat. Yesterday I noticed that my tongue was coated in an yellowy/orange color!! I scraped it, and brushed it, but to no avail. Is this a common ailment? Anybody??? Thanks.
Avatar n tn All of a sudden both or our throats are bothering us and i have a sore tongue as well with red bumps on the back of my tongue. Any ideas? I've been tested for eveything because of a blood disorder i have and he just got tested but no results back yet.
2065676 tn?1331426040 I had only a little bit of white coating early in tx, but have always gotten a very sore tongue, with horribly painful bumps, from the interferon/ribavirin aspect of tx. Try to drink even more water, and carry water with you at all times. My dentist advised using Biotene mouthwash and it helps a LOT. In some stores they also carry Biotene chewing gum, which is great to have with you when you are away from home (but be sure to carry your water bottle too). Good luck!
Avatar n tn I used 1% hydrocortisone on my lips and that has made the bumps smaller but my tongue condition seems to be getting worse. What can it be? And who should I visit: doctor or dentist? Someone told me it could be an infection trying to get out of my body. Could that be true? Could it be a vitamin deficiency? What can it be related to? I'm an otherwise healthy 25 year old that eats right and exercises. Thanks for your help!!!
Avatar m tn My tongue feels like when you eat too much citrus (a burned feeling) and now I have these tiny white bumps all over that really hurt. Is there some home remedy I can try to make it feel better. I had this happen once before and it does eventually go away. It lasts for about 5 days but it makes eating difficult and is uncomforable.
Avatar n tn become visible. This has resulted in me never getting my tongue very clean, as tongue scrapers just scrape against the surface and cause bleeding. My other concern is that I've started getting regular zit-like bumps on the back of my tongue, where the scum is most populous. They seem like little masses of skin that are sore, and for the most part go away after a week or two.
Avatar f tn I do that, have a deep filling done and suddenly the pain is constant and terrible and now includes my tongue...which is by far the worst and scariest. So far, this is still going on. I have seen three dentists, an oral surgeon, two ent's and a neurologist besides my gp and the prompt care doctor I started with. I have had a brain mri, a neck ultrasound, and a neck CT scan.
Avatar n tn I looked in a magnified mirror and found that a lot of the tiny bumps on my tongue (which our tongues have if you look at them closely) appeared red and almost inflamed. I rinse with hydrogen peroxide and it hurts like heck but it hasn't helped any. Last night I stopped into a "minute clinic" because I wasn't able to get away from work this week to see my Dr., anyhow, the minute clinic told me they don't treat this sort of thing so I was out of luck. I plan on seeing my Dr.
Avatar n tn I keep getting these small bumps that can only be felt by my tongue. They are under my tongue in the corners at the base of the gums and on the inside of my "Lower" lip. The worry is that it is some sort of cancer. I was a closet smoker (one pack a week or less) over the years, on and off, and occasionally burned a little reefer. If I put some rubbing alcohol on in it go away like magic but the skin feels a little puckered afterwords, that doesn't bother me.
Avatar n tn near the vaginal opening on the bottom, i have like a stand of bumps. they are the same color as the rest of the labia minora. they look similar to swollen taste buds that are kind of spread out. both sides of the labia seem to have it, but way more so on the right side. i am worried they might be warts, although they do not look like the ones i see online. does hpv go away on its own after awhile?? please help me! i have been stressing for 2 months over this and i do not want to go to a gyno..
Avatar n tn It's not like a rash, there's no redness except when I've scratched, the bumps aren't red, they are skin colored - it just looks like little fever blisters or something. When they break they are just filled w/ clear fluid and stop itching. They seem to itch more when my hands are warm (my hands are ususally cold - I have raynauds) like while I'm watching tv all covered up. Actually it started a few weeks ago w/ my big toe on top.
Avatar n tn About a month ago I developed a few clear liquid filled bumps on the top of my pinky finger. They were itchy at first. They eventually popped (sometimes I would pop them) and they would turn into little open wounds and continue to release small amounts of fluid. Then the area would get really dry and cracked and stay like that for about 2 weeks. Then it would seem to clear up but start all over agin with the little fluid filled bumps. I haven't seen a doctor about this yet.
Avatar n tn My husband has been having skin rashes around his eyes, raised small red bumps, for several months and just won
Avatar n tn i am assuming that the timing of these bumps and the hpv are just coincidence, but if there is any reason they may be connected, i am open to hearing it. again, i apologize for the length, but hopefully some of you can relate and we can help each other out. i wish good health to all of you, thanks.
Avatar n tn For approximately three months now, I have been experiencing what seems to be very tiny whiteheads/pustules on the back of my tongue and whitish colored throat with a mucusy white coating on the tongue. There are dozens of these small pimple like bumps. I've seen three doctors about it-I've been tested for mono twice and the results were negative. I've also been tested for strep and that was negative.
Avatar m tn The back of my tongue has bumps and what appears to be oral thrush. No pain or bleeding. Can you confirm this, and what should I do about it? What could be the cause? Thanks.
Avatar m tn He's applied anti-fungal cream twice daily for about a month. And also took a herbal remedy called Candex that I used once before with success for a female yeast infection. His symptoms go away for a little while then come back again after any friction or after wearing swim trunks for too log, or going on a bike ride, or masturbating, or having sex, or even looking at it!
547181 tn?1255150106 Oddly I've never really liked my dad's spaghetti sauce and figured that would be WAY to acidic (I had the tongue bumps) for me to ever eat but oddly it was the one thing that tasted DELICIOUS to me when I was on treatment. Go figure! Sorry, it's just a part of the game but remember you are killing virus every day and that is the important the rest of your life to enjoy food again (believe me after treatment it becomes VERY difficult not to eat everything thats not nailed down!
Avatar n tn One should avoid licking their lips as saliva contains the enzyme amylase, which can damage the already compromised lip tissue. Honey can be used on the lips as a natural remedy. Cheilitis is associated with many conditions from Vitamin B12 deficiency, iron deficiency anemia, be a symptom of allergies.can also be caused by taking the (retinoid) drug Isotretinoin (brand name Roaccutane).
Avatar n tn I took 3 difficuan(spell), no sugar, and eat yogurt. It got much better but not completely gone yet. Also, I have tiny bumps on the back of my neck too just like yours. It is more like sore pimpos. It subsided after two weeks. I will test next week for my 13th weeks. Let me know, what yours dr. finds. I need to know. I might have caught a disease from this sex worker. Who knows what they have cause so many men used it including stupid of me. Thanks.
Avatar f tn but I bit my tongue. Ouch, dang tongue bumps ; } This is why I like to hang out with other people Txing....
Avatar f tn he has approximately 10 bumps under his skin all over the body (like a hazel nut or a wallnut), it doesn't hurt him. The doctors aren't really interested, they say it is nor dangerous. He has also milia around his eyes. He is also very tired all the time, he has big problems with impotency. When he is very tired, he always feels a pain in the area of gall bladder (he has it removed a couple of years ago, but the pain remains). He has also diarrhea problems.
Avatar n tn However, just yesterday, I started itching all over and today I've noticed small, faint red bumps scattered all over my body essentially. These are, undoubtedly, the cause of the itching (though the itching is not incredibly bad). I have had an allergic reaction before to an antibiotic (don't remember what kind it was, but I was taking it for acne when I was a teenager) except that was full blown, head to toe hives that itched AWFULLY.
Avatar n tn My face always appears to have acne, but it's not normal. The bumps are painful, numerous and more like sores (the majority on my forehead) and they too, when touched have the same foul odor. At first I got sores in my scalp(1st outbreak), then my chest(2nd outbreak), now on my back. At one time my partner had them on his waistline. First I feel itching and tingling in the spot they develop.
Avatar f tn Scrotum did turn red the skin and pealed in about 30 days after exposure. I remedy it with tea trea oil. Nothing ever came back. But the tongue thing stayed for years. Vitamin D3. Ascorbic acid helped. Sodium bicarbonate have almost cleared it.
Avatar f tn It is a UTI and yeast. Also a tear between my lady area and anus. I have bumps down there too (warts), which means it can be an STD, but it doesn't make sense to me because I've only been with 1 person, my boyfriend. He's only been with me. We haven't had any other partners. I've been with him over 2 and a half years, and never had any problems. Do you know any other reasons why I might have genital warts?
Avatar m tn The tingling would last for about 3 - 5 sec and happen constantly through-out the day almost every few minutes. This happened for about a month. I also noticed my tongue was whiter than usual (especially in the back), and I had to cough-up small amounts of mucous once in a while - my saliva seemed very thick. 6 months later the tingling has died off a lot and now only occurs about maybe 8 - 10 times a day -- and some days even less to maybe only once or twice.
Avatar n tn It also had little red and white dots and bumps all over it. It for sure was my worst side, for exactly the reasons you said. It never stopped hurting. Drink through a straw. Try cream soups at a warm but not hot temp. I am not cured yet but these tips are what helped me. Good luck, I know exactly how awful this is.
Avatar f tn The Benadryl doesn't work .. most antihistamines have no effect whatsoever. The only counter remedy I have even been able to find is an albuterol inhaler and a menthol cigarette to open my lungs as much as possible so I can cough out the toxin. This is not only dangerous but very painful. So again if you have any ideas ... please help. I would like to go on living in this country ... not hiding from it.