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9038886 tn?1402125726 My sister had a pacifier till she was 3 and her teeth are perfect. So there is no actually fact that pacifier will cause problems in the future...genes/hereditary does. Now if your baby has it everyday of every hour till they are 5 (permanent teeth develop around 4/5) then that will cause problems. If your baby latches well then yes a pacifier is fine. It would be idea to only let your baby use it during nap/bedtime amd help wean them off when they seem 3 the latest.
10203682 tn?1418693754 Hospitals and parents give babies pacifiers to help soothe them. Babies are orally soothed. S ucking helps relax them and trust me, that is really beneficial in a baby! :>) Pacifiers also don't do anything to a child's teeth. In fact, they are said to actually help form the soft palate. My sons did not take to them. You'll feel like your child at times needs something to soothe them. So, we really did try to give them pacifiers.
Avatar f tn My oldest used a plug occasionally and had no problem giving it up. My second always wanted to suck, she will soon be 6, I took the plug away before 2 and now she ***** her finger when tired. My third would never take a plug. It really does depend on the child.
Avatar f tn One of my biggest peeves is seeing a toddler walk around with a pacifier! Its so off putting, unnecessary and causes speech and teeth issues. Luckily both my sons were done on their own around three months so I never had to wean them from it.
Avatar n tn I gave my son a pacifier and idk when I took it from him I did because he I can break that habbit then his thumb also cause my mom gave me one and took it away to early and I started sucking my thumb and here I am 25 still cant break the habbit :-(
Avatar f tn There is really no fear of an infant or toddler using a pacifier regarding teeth. More of an issue to let them have a bottle at bedtime than a pacifier due to sugar on the teeth (found in milk). Just wanted to clarify that. My kids didn't use one but lots of infants love them.
889551 tn?1416184483 Lexi hasn't had her well check yet because she had a seizure on her birthday, so we pushed it back until the 10th of this month after she visits the neurologist. Her EEG came back totally normal, and we're very grateful for that. At the follow up appointment a few days after her birthday she weighed 20 pounds and 2 ounces and was 30.5" long. She's walking now and waves "Hi" and says Hi. She babbles nonstop and is constantly on the go.
Avatar f tn I started my first on stage 1 baby food when she became interested in what I was eating which what between 3-4 months I took her bottle away at a lil over a year old she never used a pacifier but I would have taken it away when teeth started to appear because it can cause the teeth to grown in wrong...
Avatar f tn t think it matters in the long run. Both my boys are healthy and no teeth problems and they are both very attached to me. Your husband might not mind once baby is here if it helps baby calm down. Every baby is different too. Some take it and some don't.
Avatar f tn And honestly, I would just leave her alone with it. I asked my pediatrician about problems resulting from pacifier use and she said that there is no evidence that there actually is an issue. We weaned my son from in at 6 months old because it would fall out of his mouth while sleeping, and he would wake up screaming. This was happening every 15 minutes, so we just took it away. One night and he was fine. He switched to his thumb and now at 27 months still ***** his thumb.
Avatar n tn Chewing gum, using even a chewing instrument that therapy stores make is preferable to a pacifier. I think for most, seeing an adult with a pacifier is disturbing. What you do in the privacy of your own home is your business. But this may hinder future relationships if someone sees this and feels uncomfortable with it. In all honesty, I would personally.
4444857 tn?1383325813 My friend never wanted to give her baby a pacifier, because she didnt want to have her addicted to it. but now her daughter is 2 years old and her front teeth are "buck teeth" from sucking her thump and your two middle fingers. I personally will give my child a pacifier, and then wean him or her off as he or she gets older.
Avatar f tn Now with my son 2 years ago all you ever heard was pacifiers were bad and caused teeth problems. So who really knows.
Avatar m tn My son is only breastfed unless we are out somewhere, which is rare, so basically he only eats from me. from day one he has used me as a pacifier. he has to feed from me to go to sleep, and he fights his sleep so he will be eating trying to.go to sleep while shaking himself awake so takes quite a while and most times he will over eat and still trying to eat so he will cry because he is full and hurting his tummy. Idk. I need advice. I'm not even sure this all made sense.
Avatar f tn I never used a pacifier with my Boy and I didn't have any problems! The cons are getting him/her away from it when the time is right! I never had any problems not using one. I guess I was blessed! I would not even get the baby used to one at the beginning because the pain comes later when you have to take it away :) Good luck!
787406 tn?1339203183 We always felt that it would be easier to get rid of the pacifier then the thumb. Both of our children used a pacifier. No teeth problems and I don't believe that there is any scientific research showing that it causes a problem. I've got a feeling that you object more to seeing an older kid running around with a pacifier in their mouth.
Avatar f tn Let your baby use a paci and they still had straight teeth when they got older? I'm tired of hearing they can mess up my babies teeth as she gets older...
1047019 tn?1256719961 and she needs to get it fixed cause it WILL effect her permanent teeth when they do come in .,......juice, milk, they can all cause teeth problems for childern....
Avatar f tn I had hpv 6 years ago, im worried about transferring it to my 2 year old son. He constantly has a pacifier in his mouth, im worried that when he dropped it in the bathroom floor, where towels sometimes lay, and put it back in his mouth he could have contracted it.
7757724 tn?1396279586 Tommie tippie for dummy (pacifier) and bottles and if I was to bottle feed again aptimal (don't know if you get that I'm in UK)
696943 tn?1229366600 I have a 16 month old who has 6-8 teeth. At what age do you start brusing them? And do you go about doing that so they don't swallow it.
9399295 tn?1403752593 Is it normal for a toddler to chew his food so loud it sounds like a pig eating or something seriously its getting sooo annoying just to hear him chewing like that is driving me crazy ! ...
Avatar f tn People say they are not good for your baby because they get attached to them, but a pacifier is better for the baby then sucking a thumb or a finger. Its also better foor the babys teeth.
773214 tn?1295135069 So many parents struggle to get their kids off the pacifier when they get older, and also there is the issue of the child waking up crying in the middle of the night every night because his paci has fallen out of his mouth. I take it you are not breastfeeding? If you are, I'd breastfeed him at night (breast milk, unlike formula, does not harm the baby's teeth) and if not, I'd try to give him something to hold that soothes him.
Avatar f tn No, I won't be using a pacifier. I do have a couple on hand though for those fussy days & I'm stressed out. My first didn't use it. My 8mo. Didn't use it, though when my mom baby sat she tried to give it to her, but she would only nibble on it. So baby #3 won't mIss anything he's never had, exactly. I don't want my baby to get dependent on a pacifier.
Avatar f tn And it has done a lot of good, I see no problems with them. If a child is still sucking on a pacifier when it's walking or is 1 plus years, that's the parents not the object. At five months I will break my daughter of it, because I don't want her depending on it. As she starts to get more familiure with her hands and fingers, hands I will encourage her to suck on them instead.
Avatar f tn See if you can switch him over to a pacifier (also called a dummy or a binky). If he insists on the sippy cup, be sure it contains water ONLY (not milk or formula, you can really decay their teeth if you give something like that for them to drink at night). If water in a sippy cup is satisfactory, what the heck, let him have it.