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167 tn?1374177417 We were concerned about his development because he didn't really communicate in terms of pointing or anything recognizable in speech. I had called his pediatrician because a few close friends had suggested that they thought he might have autism. The pediatrician didn't seem too concerned about it and ruled out autism immediately which was a relief. As of right now, the only actual word he says is "no.
Avatar n tn Her mum who is a speech and language teacher practised naming things and giving simple instructions like 'find teddy' but I think limiting her television viewing was also crucial to her speech and communication development. I'm sure your little grandchild will come on well, try not to worry- hope this is an encouragement to you.
Avatar m tn My baby boy is 2yrs 7 months he started out life as a healthy baby boy carried full terrm with no complications at three months old that all change he could not hold down his bottle and was diagnosed with severe reflux he lost a lot of weight and started going backwards from there he started having seizures which are now controled by medication he cannot eat he has a g button for feeding he chokes on his saliva because he does not know he needs to swallow he cannot sit and can barely hold his he
Avatar n tn Now I may be looking into things too much, I know many normal children will show Autistic behaviours but the key thing for us is that he doesn't talk and is showing some Autistic traits at the same time. He has a hearing test on 28th August and he is on the list for Private and NHS Speech Therapy which will probably happen in September or October.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm a worried parent, my 2 year 4 month old toddler hasn't spoken a word yet and doesn't appear to understand what I'm saying beyond, "no", "don't do that", "lets go", "go to bed", "go outside". She doesn't point, when she's looking for food, she leads me by the hand and takes me into the kitchen where she looks up at the press for food.
Avatar n tn She is also very slow in her speech development although I must point out that we have a bilingual houshold. She can say about 3 words. But all in all she seems active and response well if we talk to her. Any advice much appreciated.
Avatar f tn As I said, a lot of these things can be just a toddler being a toddler but while we wait for our evaluations (speech, infant development) for which we have been wait listed, I'm trying to gain as much knowledge and perspective as I can so that I can better advocate for my boy.
Avatar n tn 3 words at age 2 is way behind in language and she would qualify for speech therapy at the least. There probably is a reason for her screaming and crying, but she can't communicate that reason to you. My daughter has tantrums really bad. I think if she could communicate why, she wouldn't have some of them. Or at least I could remedy what was wrong in some of the instances.
Avatar n tn // What can my child say? ( Speech development is very exciting for parents as they watch their children become social beings that can interact with others. Speech at this age is becoming clearer and the child begins to form sentences.
Avatar f tn However, while it is not unusual for a child to display various rates of developemnt in the various spheres of development, it does make sense to pursue the Speech/Language evaluation and therapy. From your various very detailed descriptions of your daughter's progress in various areas, I do not see her language behavior as indicative of any serious emotional condition. Could it be symptomatic of some type of learning disability?
Avatar n tn My son was born at 5.9lbs in the 10th percentile, and I was always concerned about his weight...he did creep up to the 40/50th percentile by age five, but all through his toddler years, eating was a huge issue. You could count his ribs. I feel like I made it worse by trying to force the issue, monitoring food intake, and in general, letting him see how it upset me when he didn't eat. When my second son was born he went on a hunger strike for about four days, and I was in tears over it.
492921 tn?1321293496 After the first several weeks she did really well. As a toddler though she wasn't chewing her food properly and had to see a speech therapist and do excercise with small foods like cheerios. That only last a few months. She's now 14 and has NO issues chewing or eating...
Avatar n tn Usually it is the Speech and Language Therapist that assesses all aspects of receptive and expressive speech as well as auditory processing and working memory and social interaction skills. Depending on their results they recommend other professionals see the child. In my case that took a further 6 months waiting and on top of that 18 months of observations and assessments.
293845 tn?1228001130 My daughter did - Make sure he is not too close to the TV but I 100% believe that these educational shows started her quick development.
Avatar n tn People have a hard time understanding his speech. There's simple common things I feel he should understand at his age but he just dont get it. Like when he hit the old lady in Sears...I made him apologize to her and all the way home kept asking him: Why did you hit that lady? To which he replied: "on the butt" if I was asking him WHERE he hit her...I was asking him WHY he hit her! At times I feel he's hyperactive. He loves to aggravate and antagonize his 7 year old sister....
Avatar f tn If you are concerned about how his development and milestones, I would strongly urge you to get him a multi-disciplinary evaluation at a Children's Hospital in your area. They will look at his development, speech, intelligence, etc. It is an extensive series of exams that will let you know if there needs to be some occupational therapy to bring him up to speed for his age group. The earlier those interventions are put into place, the quicker he will catch up, if this is the problem.
Avatar f tn now let me say that she exhibits odd behaviors, I believe she might have asperbergers syndrome although she has never been diagnosed. she gets speech and language services at school but as far as I know no o ther issues have been mentioned. she acts very sneaky. she always comes in to my home and acts as though seh never saw me before, even afte I may have spent a whole week with her and she appeared to have a nice time.
Avatar m tn 1 As I refer to above, I had some experience of what may well have been BPD in childhood as far back as infancy and at the toddler stage, all of the pre-school years, 0-5, of early childhood development. My mother nearly died in the first month after my birth, the implications of which it is not my intention to go into here.
Avatar n tn Fortunately the brain of a young child is very adaptable and my son has been showing increasing progress in his speech and language development. As his brain matures I believe, like with his older brother, his ADHD symptoms too will become less severe and he will be able to learn behaviors that will help him cope better with this condition. The startle reflex too might gradually fade away as he matures neurologically.
973741 tn?1342346373 My son has a friend with adhd that says he hates ALL sports as he was put in things when he was in the toddler years through kindergarten and it made him feel bad about himself, like he couldn't do it and hence, now protects himself by saying he hates all sports. It is unfortunate because boys on our block play sporty games and he will not participate. granted, some kids don't like sports but pushing when they are little or struggling with the idea of it can leave a bad taste in their mouth.
Avatar f tn Morning! Well AF is making a slow arrival today! So I guess i'm done for now, well at least I didn't waste my test ;) Good luck to everyone testing, we need some more BFP to add to the list Saturday!
Avatar f tn Unfortunatley she is unable to do many of the things your little ones can, she cant sit or doesnt babble some of her responses are slow all this is under investigation for a possible underlying cause. Its so hard trying to find anyone else who knows about congenital hypothyroidism and I am glad I have found other parents.
1219510 tn?1266713553 We just noticed it and it seems to be when he is relaxing right before going to bed. He is speech delayed and could have a minor case of Autism (although my feeling is he does not). He breathes normally when playing and sleeping. I feel so much better knowing that this could just be a phase that they will outgrow.
Avatar f tn , I cannot turn my hand with palm facing up. Hand dexterity is ridged and slow. There is some cross talk between my right and left hand, allowing my left hand to move better if I perform same function with my right hand. (Like moving my wrist up and down, or making a fist. Physical tasks seem to always take me twice long to accomplish, but they always get completed. “IF THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY”. Growing up I had great family support and was treated as normal.
Avatar f tn I've had this problem since I was a toddler and it always happened during fevers. im 20 now and it doesn't happen as often but when it does it's when I can't sleep, sick, or have been staring at a tv or computer screen too long. it feels like I'm hyper sensitive with sight sound and touch. everything is intensified and almost faster and harsher and is perceived as scary in my mind.
127124 tn?1326739035 I'm a speech-language pathologist and my goal is to go back to school to get my PhD (maybe when the kids are more independent:)
Avatar n tn Hello, I'm not a health care specialist, just someone that has had chiari malformation surgery and has done research, so don't take my word as gospel, but basically "yes" to both questions. All types of Chiari are congenital - that means you are born with it. And you can pass it along. That's not to say you will for sure, I've heard the statistics are around 14% chance - not a huge number, but a number to pay attention to. I believe there are 5 types of Chiari.
Avatar n tn I am in my second treatment of spraying four different types of solution into my nose and over a period of time it burns away the lining of my synisis allowing or helping my eustation tube to begain to work. It is slow but my ear stays open more often and I am hearing better. I still use the sprays to help move the fluid down my throat.I live in chicago and my doctor is at the Mid West Sinus Center University Head and Neck Associates. Jay M. utton M.D.
Avatar n tn I now take an anti-depressant for the depression, which helps. The tiredness has contributed to a slow weight gain over the years from lack of exercise. I wish that someone could help those of us with this disorder to feel better on a daily basis. I have been warned to avoid iron supplememts as people with thallasemia minor can ingest too much iron and get toxic levels. You might want to consult your doctor before taking extra iron supplements.