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Avatar f tn The spots are mainly on his underarm, back, and shoulders. But now a few of them have showed up inside his mouth (cheek) and on his face. Sometimes they are clustered together and sometimes it is just a spot here and there. He had 2 rounds of bloodwork that came back normal. He did have a virus about 2 weeks ago (no fever, just a viral respitory infection). They also checked him for strep too that was negative.
Avatar n tn Hi, Last week I got this rash on my hand it was very itchy, then later that night my thumb got sore. Day later: both my knees and my feet were in pain. this went on for the rest of the day. Next Day: my right arm hurts but the pain in my feet and knees are gone and so is the rash. After that day: No pain at all :S Day after: Pain in both my right and left arms Next day: Pain in both my right and left arms and slight pain in ancle.
Avatar n tn My 19 month old son has come out in a big rash all over the right hand side of his tummy and chest and on the inside of his right arm. He was awake lots in the night crying and was sick earlier on today too. Does anyone have any idea as to what it could be as i am worried.
Avatar f tn Last night she really coughing but this morning she has woke up with flushed cheeks and a slight rash under the skin on her chest and red blotchy rash on her arms any ideas?
Avatar n tn Have you ruled out heat rash??? I don't know how itchy it is but heat rash involves blocked sweat glands and it can definately form into a raised rash. Another possibility is discoid eczema. Unexplained dermatitis is a real thing as well. I have 'something' going on with one of my fingers. It will flair up into an itchy, very small raised rash, and then I scratch and the skin gets shiny and it peals. It does this a couple of times a year and is ONLY on my pinkie. ?????
Avatar f tn My son is 2 and within the last week, has begun shrugging his shoulders frequently. He had just finished a round of antibiotics for a double ear infection and the dr told me that his right tube was getting ready to come out. Could this shrugging be due to ear infection not being cleared up, or his tube falling out? Or should I be worried about other possibilities?
Avatar n tn toddler has raised,red bumps with small,white heads on extremedies, they itch and appear to be insect bites.
Avatar f tn He took one look and knew it was a type of yeast infection - basically, it starts as slight diaper rash but develops into a larger rash that doesn't respond to typical treatment. She was prescribed econozole - however, many actually get relief from over-the-counter topical creams (apply to the skin where the rash is) for yeast infection. Perhaps your daughter's doctor, pharmacist, or nurse could advise you over the phone if it's worth trying.
Avatar n tn For a few months I experience upper arm pain close to my shoulders when I lift my arms up. At the same time I have a constant sinus infection. Can there be any connection? What doctor should I see for my arms/shoulders? Second question. I was taking Selexa for two weeks and I got a bad skin rash. I stopped taking Selexa three weeks ago but rash doesn't go away. What can be the reason?
Avatar m tn unfortunately the other day I did not know i was about to have a breakout... a couple hours prior to noticing a blister my toddler child shared a fork with me for dinner. What are the chances that my child will now have cold sores too? I have been doing some research online and the pictures of children who have cold sores is horrible! Is there any sort of preventative treatment for children to make sure they do not suffer from a painful and horrible breakout?
4413671 tn?1354204833 Have them get some wipes for sensitive skin and keep the nose and rash area clean he may need some cream for the rash, what do his parents say about it ?
Avatar m tn My 5 year old son developed a rash on his buttocks this morning. Since then it has spread to his thighs, arms, shoulders, trunk, neck, and last to his face. It does not seem to itch and he does not have a fever. Anyone had this experience?
Avatar m tn Hey, around a month and a half ago I just out of no where got these little red dots on the upper part of my shoulders, lower neck at sides, and a few on upper chest. I've never had anything like this happen before, that I can remember. If you look at them close enough, they sort of look like dried out skin, but red. Each one is about 0.
Avatar m tn By 10-oct -2010 i had rashes over my shoulders and two rash in my chest area which are non-itchy and i am very much scared about my hiv status please help me what i have to do now?whether i got hiv by this ?how can i know about my status?Many sites says no documented case by fingering but in wiki one person replied got hiv by fingering.what is the right time to test for hiv? i am fearing a lot whether i am going to lose everything in my life? anyone please help me., Thank you.
Avatar n tn Hi there! I'm a 35 yo female. Last week I got a slight sunburn on my belly and shoulders. It's been somewhat itchy, but not too bad. Yesterday while taking a shower I noticed tiny red marks/rash on my stomach. I have always bruised easily. These marks look like petechiae. It's just on my abd and shoulders. Should I be concerned? They are already starting to fade, but I am still concerned.
Avatar f tn I started getting this rash when I was fifteen, back then it just started out around the side of one of my breasts. It was just a small spot or two but it never really went away. I've noticed over the years that the rash would multiply. I'm twenty three now and the "rash" has spread: it's on my chest, my shoulders, the back of my shoulders, my neck and is slowly starting to climb to my face. Like I said, it's not itchy or painful.
Avatar f tn Woke up this morning to a full body rash .... I'm talking shoulders to feet.... Went to the doc and immediately got sent to the ER for lab work to make sure it wasn't cholestasis... Lab came back negative for that however I do have PUPPP... Fingers crossed that these pills help!!!
Avatar m tn It started on my back and has now appeared on my shoulders and upper arms. The rash is smooth and does not itch. It is also not a continuous rash, but appears in isolated splotches. I do not have health insurance, and plan to go to a walk in clinic in my area sometime during the week, but am trying to see if it is something I really need to be worried about. This hasn't been a huge deal to me until the past couple of days when I noticed a new spot on my right arm.