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4413671 tn?1354204833 The runny nose maybe an allergy, I would have him checked out by the doctor the rash may be coming from the runny nose having an effect on his skin and making it sore ..
2065896 tn?1373685384 I have a runny nose 12 months of the year. I take cortisone nose spray and anti histamine tablets to no avail. I have had allergy tests that have come back negative but food allergy tests have come back with a number of food allergies. Could a food allergy cause a runny nose?
Avatar n tn He was fine for a week or so and last week had a runny nose and cough and now he has developed a rash of some sort. I noticed it yesterday when I changed his diaper and it was on his chest, tummy and back. After his nap yesterday it has spread to his neck and hairline and there are a few spots on his face. He is still quite active and eats & drinks normally, sleeps normally. The rash does NOT seem to be itching as he has not been fussy nor does he scratch or touch it.
Avatar m tn In the first 2 weeks I had a runny nose and cough. Now after 3 1/2 weeks I have developed a strange rash on my body. The rash looks like small pimples, some raised with a white head some just a slight pink color. They are random on my body and show up on my chest, nose, cheek and legs. They are very random and never appear in large groups. Usually they are solitary and by themselves. On my chest I have about 10.
Avatar f tn Also, he had a very runny nose during the day and a very stuffy nose at night. Over the past couple of days the runny and stuffy nose symptoms have continued and the coughing is getting worse. The coughing is especially worse during the night. His stools don't look exactly normal either. They have been darkened and sometimes have a really dark reddish tint to them. He also has not been eating as much and as well as he normally was, but he is still drinking as much as usual.
Avatar f tn I also had a dry cough that produced little to no mucous. About 5 days later I started sneezing a lot and I got a runny nose. I went to the doctor and she told me I had bronchitis and a cold but I did not tell her about my sexual activity. Should I be worried about hiv or any other std or would it be to soon to have any symptoms.
1639005 tn?1300588524 Then just as quickly as the temp and rash appear they disapear. No other symptoms of a cold, no runny nose, no reddness of ears or throat. Just the sudden fever and then the rash. Each time the dr.'s do a cbc & his monocytes are very elevated. This is the only test they have done yet.
Avatar f tn I feel like my whole life revolves around my allergies and I’ve constantly got itchy, red, swollen eyes, a runny nose, red rashes etc and it’s really starting to get me down :(
Avatar f tn The rash on the face is probably a heat rash, it will go away on it's own. As for the runny nose, that will go away on it's own too, just maybe make sure the fan isn't pointing right at her.
7732297 tn?1397446837 So my 4yr old has a cold:( she is so congested and coughing and getting the sweats. Ive been giving her cold & flu medicine for the cough & runny nose then tylenol for the fever/sweats but i wanted to know if there were any home remedies that you mamas used to help your babies feel better?
Avatar m tn He went and got tested and it was negative but what if he was in the window period? Today is the 28 and I have a runny nose cough and sore throat.
7757724 tn?1396279586 I know this is the wrong section, but no one actually visits the section it's supposed to be in. I know a lot of you are mothers already. My daughter has had a cold for ten days now, It has improved. she doesn't have a fever but still has a slight cough and runny nose. But the thing is, is that today it is a bright yellow. It was clear and watery before but now a thick bright yellow. Is this normal?
377493 tn?1356502149 My 18 month old is only about 20lbs. He was over this at 1 year of age, but lost a significant amount of weight during a very nasty virus that lasted over 3 months. He was and is being monitored by his pediatrician. My concern is this. He was doing a great job of gaining, but he and I were travelling for 2 weeks. We were in a part of the country where they are experiencing a serious heat wave (we are not at home). He has dropped a bit of weight again.
Avatar m tn Well im 14 and i've had a runny nose for a couple of days and now i have a small rash under my nose..i think it was caused by the excessive wiping and im wondering how to get rid of it.
Avatar m tn All began with discomfort in nasal Cavity, after a day nose began to get runny and with wattery secretions, also being congested, temperature: 37- 37,2 Celsius for about 2 days, no sore throat, no rash no muscle pain or arthralgia, slight cough. Is it possible to be ARS manifestations?
Avatar f tn I didn't get a runny rose until later in my pregnancy. Maybe around the second trimester. Ugh probably one of the more annoying symptoms.
Avatar f tn Not to detract from your situation though.. I once had a too runny nose also - then had surgery to staighten a deviated septum and open the nose some without removing turbinates. I was good for a few years, then started getting beat-up by the dryness condition. -But the point is I know where you're at, and it is annoying. In my present condition, I see some improvement when eating - apparently because the salivary glands are stimulated and the nose-throat are better moisturized.
Avatar f tn One year olds can sometimes put a foreign body in the nose which can cause runny nose. Check that out with an ENT. Also check out a deviated nasal septum. Hay fever and allergic rhinitis should be ruled out. Persistence of RSV should also be looked into. Normally the food allergens cause only gastric symptoms. However if the allergen is absorbed and reaches the airways it can cause hay fever and asthma like symptoms. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn My dad is 84 and has a runny nose 3 to 4 times a day. It is just water that comes out of his nose. Just clear and he has to have a tissue right away. And he doesnt have a cold or anything. Has anyone had or heard of anything like this?
Avatar n tn but she has a lot of stuff down there so i cant get around much.i leave to go back home and my runny nose goes away.
Avatar n tn It may just be a small reaction such as your runny nose, but as you keep consuming the beverage, the reaction could get worse.
Avatar n tn im 30 week pregnant and I have a runny nose/ cold and it's very uncomfortable to sleep. What can I do or take?
Avatar f tn Have fever, sore throat, blocked nose, runny nose, headache, sweating but no rash.
Avatar f tn I don't have allergies but have been congested my whole pregnancy and it can be annoying. As soon as I lie down to sleep I can't breath through my nose, my nose is constantly runny through the day and I need to keep cough drops/hard candy on me at all times. Hardly the worst thing imaginable but certainly a bit annoying!