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Avatar n tn Would you recommend an 19 mo. old infant to use Tobradex for a chalazion? We just got a rx but we are not sure this is safe for an infant under two years old. The side effects for long term use mention glaucoma and vision problems? Should I be concerned about this?
Avatar m tn By Wednesday it was worse so I went to opthamologist who disgnosed Chalazion and prescribed warm/hot compresses several times a day and TOBRADEX eye drops 4 x a day + TOBRADEX ointment at night. It is now Saturday, six days later, with eye definitely worse. Does this seem like good advice? Is it usual that a Chalazion will get worse after initial appearance and after treatment has started? I am away from home for work which makes me less secure about medical care.
Avatar n tn When I called the spcialist this morning, they want to see her again and they want us to start with the tobradex ointment again. They also mentioned seeing an Eyelid specialist. I am not even sure what an Eyelid specialist does. At this point I am not sure what to we stick it out with this Pediatric Opthomologist group or do we seek out a second opionion? I am at a loss as we have tried so much. One thing I will add is that my child has red hair and very fair skin.
Avatar f tn com) and use it twice a day - it comes with instructions #3 a 60 day course of low-dose oral erythromycin can be helpful - dosing should be at the very lowest range, based on weight - oral antibiotics 'for infection' like amoxicillin or cipro are not helpful - the erythromycin works by loosening up the secretions of the eye lid oil glands #4 TobraDex ointment (spelled exactly that way) rubbed into the eyelashes and along the edge of the eyelids at bedtime for 3 weeks can "break" a stye
Avatar n tn My daughter, 2 years old, went to an eye md on Monday 1/25/2010 and she says my daughter has chalazion, she prescribed tobradex oinment to apply on the surface of the chalazion. We started the med on Tuesday night and today Wedesday there were oozy stuff (some blodd) in the chalazion area. Is that normal? should i continue with the oinment? would there be a scar after this? is there anything i can do to prevent this later on? thank you so much here's a picture of her eye [IMG]http://img.
Avatar m tn My 3 year old had to have surgery to remove a large chalazion from her lower eyelid. The opthamologist used 7 stitches to close the incision which really concerned us because before surgery he had stated that it would probably only take 3-4 stitches. 3 days after surgery it looked as though one or two of her stitches had come loose because there was a gap in her skin. We immediately contacted the opthamologist and he looked at her the next day.
Avatar m tn Eight months ago I started getting multiple chalazion on my left upper eyelid which were small and didn't bother me. At the time, I was only cleaning my eyelids once per day. But then around last December of 2016 my upper left eyelid developed another chalazion which was larger (about the size of a m&m) which was causing astigmatism and blurry vision.
Avatar n tn Hi There, My three year old daughter has had this chalazion on the outside of her bottom eye lid for almost 2 months now and with my GP's guidance, we have tried an oral antibiotic which did nothing, and then we tried a topical ointment which again did nothing so my GP referred me to children's eye doctor who was wonderful and he gave us tobradex to apply topically to the outside of her eye.
Avatar n tn I was told that the eye itself looked very infection/abrasions noted. I was put on Tobradex drops for pain management. I have not noticed any improvement with my eye since using the drops. I'm wanting to know if I should be seen by an opthamologist. Does an opthamologist treat problems associated with the eyelids/muscles when the eye appears to be healthy?
Avatar m tn Today I called the doctor here She said that the whitish pimple on the Chalazion could be s sign that it might drain. Said to put TOBRADEX onitment on it. I see her on Thursday. Thanks again.
Avatar m tn I'm taking Doxycycline 100 mg/24 h to treat recurrent chalazion/internal hordeolum but this seems not to help. I've been told that Doxycycline doesn't help treat acute bacterial infection but MGD. I have a bit of eye discharge in the mornings. I guess this is due to the draining internal hordeolum. Would Cephalexin 500mg or Tobrex be better options to treat this condition?
Avatar n tn Yes, I've had my stye for 6 months now, I've beed trying to get rid of it. I went to an eye doctor, he said it was a "pimple"... that sounds like BS to me. He also prescribed me TobraDex Stye Ointment, but I've seen NO results out of it. I also tried the warm compress, but my stye is too old and solid to react to it.
Avatar m tn Hi All, Around 4-5 months ago, i experienced pain in my upper cheek (some redness as well), then when it subsided, it kind of moved up to my eyelid and became a Chalazion. My opthalmologist removed it surgically. After a 2 months, i had similar pain, but only at the corner of my eye. The pain subsided, then a lump formed (different site from my previous Chalazion) turning out to be a Stye.
Avatar m tn After i was injected triamcinolone acetonide in one chalazion in my upper eyelid a year and a half ago, infection spread to my lower eyelid and conjunctiva. Since then I have been using several antibiotics with little help: ofloxacin, ciprofloxacin, monofloxacin, fusicid acid, chlortetracycline... Also anti-inflamatory drugs like Tobradex and FML which help reduce inflamation but not treat the cause.
Avatar f tn Developed another eye infection and was given Tobradex (antibiotic and steroid). 2. Redness went away for a few weeks, and then came right back again. I was given Alrex to take for a month. It worked--redness went away, so I was told to try Pataday again. 3. Redness was gone for a few weeks, came back. I was told that my immune system is in overdrive and that allergies are causing all of this.
Avatar n tn I went to ophthalmologist and was prescribed Tobradex (antibiotic/corticosteroid). This medication helped after I used it for a couple of weeks. I stopped using it, and everything was fine for a while, my lower eyelids were back to normal, without that awful wrinkles and puffiness and redness. But in about 10-14 days the problem started again. I again used Tobradex for about 3-4 days. Everything went back to normal, but all the symptoms are back once more.