Tips on losing weight after quitting smoking

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Avatar f tn I have a friend who recently found out she is pregnant. She is a heavy smoker. And is finding it impossible to quit. I was a smoker before i got pregnant, but didn't have a hard time quitting so i really don't know how to help her. Can anyone share some tips on how you quit smoking? And maybe some stories of babies who had a smoking mother, she seems to think it won't hurt the baby because so many people claim to have smoked the entire time and had healthy babies.
Avatar f tn so I quit smoking in aug put on my big girl pants and am trying again! And with the quitting smoking after 35yrs I mean big girl pants...:) I wAs holding on to a glimmer of sunshine dropping pounds!
Avatar f tn Its been over 12 hrs and the cravings have just become unbareable i am getting snappy with everyone and extremy emotional. And tips on helping with these cravings besides food.....
644974 tn?1312758070 But if quitting smoking means putting on some extra weight, who cares!!! You quit smoking!!! That is considered the hardest addiction to kick! So congrats again, and dont worry about the weight gain! :) I am very proud of you! I haven't been able to manage to quit, but I am still cutting back.
Avatar f tn I am six weeks and I am having the hardest time trying to quit smoking. Any tips?
Avatar f tn Ok I'm not a smoker but my s/o is and I was worried about even being around ppl that smoke. Its very hard for a person to stop smoking. When your pregnant, u don't need stress. Doctors will tell you to cut back on smoking and slowly ease yourself off if you go cold turkey it's possible you could stress and that stress is transferred to your baby. Take your time. Quit smoking should have happened before you got pregnant.
Avatar f tn Are there any bipolar woman here who can help with tips on quitting smoking. My bipolar is going nuts when i try cold turkey and hubby is cornered into a wall. Without meds i am unable to control my feelings.
Avatar f tn Congratulations on quitting smoking! One of the biggest issues with smoking during pregnancy is low birth weight babies. You've stopped at a time when babies really start picking up their weight. That occurs over the last several weeks, so you are giving your baby a good chance of picking up weight and being born at a more healthy weight.
Avatar f tn I was a big smoker also when I found out I was pregnant I stopped at 10 weeks after I stopped a gained alotta weight tho smh I'm not sure what u can do because I went cold turkey but there are support groups u can call and they will help u
Avatar n tn I agree, I think weight gain is preferred to smoking. Congrats on quitting! Also on loosing so much weight before you got pregnant. Whatever you gain now you can loose later. Your weight gain so far probably is on the high side for having started at 197. But if your blood sugar is okay then I would say keep doing what you're doing. You're 28 weeks, so have you gotten your results back from you gestational diabetes test yet? I would use that as a guide.
11970398 tn?1443134602 Quitting cold turkey was the easiest for me. That way you're not hung up on that " oh,it's just 1 more cigarette before bed" ect. Knowing you still have those security cigarettes makes it harder. I quit the very moment I found out I was pregnant. It was hard and I was a total b for a week but after that week hump it got much easier. Best of luck to you.
Avatar f tn Do not expose yourselfor baby. I was a big smoker, like have the flu still smoking style. I quit after a week of finding out I was pregnant, hardest thing I've my life, cryed myself to sleep after my last cigarette. My husband quit with me, so that was a big help!!!! Your husband should at least try not to smoke around you or be discreet about it around the home if he's not willing to quit also. Your probably past the worst part.
Avatar f tn I just recently found out i was pregnant...I'm a habitual user of marijuana and cigs, so it's been really hard to wing off of it. I cut back a lot on cigarettes, haven't smoked a full one since i found out.. but can't seem to as much with mary Jane. Any tips on how to quit without letting it put stress on you and your baby?
Avatar f tn So doctors Estimated about 3 weeks. Just from a hospital visit. Im 20 years old and this is my first. I just want to know for those women on here who have had previous pregnancies what I should and should not do? And also tips to quit smoking cigarettes because I've been smoking since I was 14, sadly.
127596 tn?1210922622 m absolutely amazed at the night-and-day difference between the effects smoking - and not smoking - have on my sinuses. After a day or two of not smoking, I can breathe all day, every day, without any congestion. It's incredible. Definitely a plus. I have about a 50% hearing loss in my left ear; it's from a culmination of loud music and myriad head traumas. Anyway, since some of my hearing is gone, I've had a very keen sense of smell for years now.
2088051 tn?1334542007 s lots of characters smoking, because at least I wanted to light up after watching them. Finally, try to replace smoking with exercise. Nicotine represses appetite, so removing it from your body plus the oral habit of putting something to your lips can be bad. (Weight gain, constant gum chewing, biting pens.) Also I'm a stress smoker, so combating my stresses and learning how to deal with it helped me quit. Besides that, sometimes you need a couple running starts at quitting.
Avatar n tn Any advice or tricks or tips on how you lady's have quit smoking successfully? I have tried and been unsuccessful 3 different times now. The habit of it I think is what gets to me. When I get bored is when I go back for a cigarette. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Avatar f tn Well, hormones are wacky so never say never but it is more likely a rapid weight gain. 20 pounds in 90 days is a lot very quickly. I would up the exercise and try to soothe yourself some way orally so you don't eat (gum, chew on straws, etc.). Congrats on being smoke free! AWESOME!!! That's not easy to do so good for you!
Avatar f tn Anyone have tips on how to quit smoking cigarettes?
Avatar n tn I am pretty much 120 pounds overweight now, and I was actually quite skinny 6 years ago. I believe now that I have become a severe food addict. Well, I actually think it's not so much the food, but whatever "reward" my brain gives me from fat, salty, heavy foods.
Avatar f tn Dont panic though just work really hard on quitting. Weed has no proven effect on baby and is prescibed to women with really bad morning in alot of places. So if you want to truely know my opinion...
898040 tn?1284036509 I found out I was pregnant, while I was smoking. It's a controversy whether or not to wean yourself off because baby is going through the same withdrawals. I weaned myself off, I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks, and quit at two months, I was continuing to wean and almost got sick smoking one, so I was done after that, I couldn't do it anymore. Good job on 48 hours!!!
Avatar m tn Congratulations on quitting, I quit yesterday myself and so far so good. This is my second time quitting also and I hope I don't start back up. Best of luck to you.
Avatar m tn i see a lot of pp they smoking like me (i use too) and they never losing weight, i restart smoking and losing everything , why?but the thing really is annoying is this nausea , probably now i know , why i was feel very week the beginning on this week , eating very little (because the cigarette) but now i eat i little more but the nausea kill me . any suggestion?
Avatar f tn But daughter was healthy weight, 3 days late and perfect. Any advice on how to quit would b appreciated but no judgement please..
Avatar n tn since quitting smoking is so stressful in the first place, it seems like that would make anxiety worse, rather than make it better.