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Avatar n tn the tip of my tongue is numb, i have no other noticeable symptoms except that i have had canker sores on either side of my mouth for about 3 weeks now, my tongue has been like this for 48 hours now, what are possible causes for this?
Avatar m tn This is accompanied by simultaneous ipsilateral (same side) numbness of the tongue. This numbness is caused by compression of the second cervical root (C2) in the atlantoaxial space. . Do discuss this with your doctor (both dentist and orthopedic specialist) and get yourself examined. Maybe a MRI of cervical spine may be required. Metallic taste in mouth is a common side effect of many medications. It could be due to infection of gums or cavities in teeth.
Avatar n tn The tip of my tongue keeps feeling numb as does the right handside of my bottom lip. Its not totally numb but maybe more tingly. Can you help me figure out what could be causing this?
Avatar n tn There is a syndrome called burning mouth syndrome, in which the mouth burns, but sometimes it could just be tongue tingling and loss of sensation. Causes can include viral infections (like a common cold), dental procedures, allergies, medications. The anterior tongue is supplied by the nerve called the facial nerve, other parts of the tongue are supplied by other nerves.
382218 tn?1341185087 Has anyone had sudden numbness of the tongue and lips, and if so, what caused this? Last night this sensation seemed to come on quite suddenly, and I thought to myself, here we go with another relapse. But after a few hours it was gone, and has not reappeared today. There was nothing out of the ordinary regarding my diet and activity level yesterday, no sudden rise in body temp, no infection (to my knowledge), etc.
Avatar n tn I cannot give you a formal medical opinion over the internet unfortnately as this site is purely educational Sensory symptoms alone, particulalry if symmetric and on both sides do not consitute any kind of diagnosis of MS or stroke MS usually present with discrete gradual onset episodes of either blindness in one eye, loss of function of one limb or side or loss of sensation on one side of the body, that last from 1-3 weeks, then resolves.
Avatar n tn It is an awful thing to 'have to put up with' I also have ulcers on the back of my tongue and roof of my mouth, this cannot be normal.
Avatar n tn I am and have experienced the same burning and now slight numbness in the tip of my tongue for the past three months. The tip of my tongue is evidently red. In fact you could draw a clear line from the normal pink of the rest of my tongue yet a swab test proved nothing abnormal!!!! Stings terribly eating anything but bland foods. Chocolate is painful and yes brushing teeth too as the toothpaste stings so badly.
Avatar n tn The tip of my tongue had been numb for almost 5 days, the lower left quadrant of my face was totally numb now and my left hand up to my elbow was going numb as well. I was on vacation and so I called my neuro. He advised me to go to an ER and have an MRI done. Of course, the ER staff told me I would have to have blood drawn, give a urine sample and eventually I would go for a CT scan.
Avatar n tn However, the numbness (or tightness) around my right eye persist most of the time. I am also experiencing some numbness on my tongue and throat occasionally, most of the time at evenings or at nights. Do not have swollowing or speech problem so far as some others have experienced. I"ve done a MRT scanning and the possibility of having tumour has been ruled out. thank you again and I am very very happy for you that you are getting better!!
Avatar n tn Then the symptoms subsided. He's complained quite a bit lately about numbness in different parts of his body. Of couse, he WON'T go see a doctor. Any suggestions besides getting him to a doctor, and if so, what kind of doctor? Thank you.
Avatar f tn Tingling in the fingers or toes lessens over time; occasionally have bad days. I do tend to have numbness in the tips of my fingers most of the time. These things I've gotten use to. What I've finally discovered from reading here, is the cause of the hair loss which was extreme over the last six months. I've slowed it down to a tolerable level using a hair product called Nioxin, that you can get at a beauty supply store.
Avatar f tn I woke up one day with my thumb, index finger and middle finger on my right hand numb and tingling. 2 weeks later my bottom lip and tip of my tongue went numb. 2 weeks after that my thumb, index finger and middle finger on my left hand went numb. Then 3 weeks after that both lips, my chin and area around my mouth and part of my cheeks went numb. This is all in a 3 month timeframe. My numbness has gotten so bad I can barely eat (entire mouth numb including tongue) and I have trouble talking.
Avatar n tn I've had the same problem with my tongue for the past 2 years now. The tip of my tongue burns most of the day and I keep getting ulcers on the side of my tongue. Sometimes it's really bad and sometimes it's bearable. My tongue has become so sensitive that I have a hard time eating ketchup, vinegar salad dressing,citruses and even soda can trigger it. Also my tongue feels dry all the time. I've been to quite a few doctors and they have not been able to help.
Avatar n tn I have even had these knots on the bottom of my foot. One of the strange ones is that my finger tip will swell. About one month ago I had surgery, and it made my body go into over drive. One day I had about 100 bumps. Went to the doc. He gave me predizone. Didn't really help. Also they tell me to take claritin daily...doesn't help. Once or twice my complete hands will swell. Funny thing is that when I was pregnant with both kids, I had not one problem the whole nine months.
Avatar n tn Hello, Anxiety is one of the causes of numbness but it is not the only cause of numbness. Numbness and tingling are abnormal sensations that can occur anywhere in your body, but are often felt in your hands, feet, arms, or legs. Are you a diabetic or do you take alcohol? Parasthesias are common in alcoholics and diabetics. Many other causes of numbness are there.
1353816 tn?1277072617 I have been having for the last year numbness in the tip of my toes and tongue. Sometimes in my lips too. I've been with CFS for 13 years and medicated once a day with one Naprux 500 mgrs (Naproxeno) Xanax 1 mgr and Foxetin 20 mgr. Could my meds be causing this?
Avatar n tn Due to stomach flue I had stopped these vitamins since I wasnt eating anything and the symptoms that had subsided started again and now they are there. At times I have also felt tingling in my upper head/brain? and tip of tongue - making me think it is there at all the tips of my body... does it have to mean anything?? I dont know.. I am also doing some light exercises like moving the feet clockwise and anticlockwise, stretching toes back and forth, massaging my feet - seem to help a bit.
Avatar f tn Also, consider neuropathy. It is a disorder of the nerves which causes numbness, tingling, unusual sensations and sometimes pain. Diabetes Mellitus can cause neuropathy. Other causes like vitamin deficiencies, alcohol consumption and certain medications can cause neuropathy. Discuss these options with your doctor when you happen to meet him next time. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn If you search numbness and tingling of the face on the internet it always come back MS.... I know, I should stop reading and researching as I'm only making things worse and getting myself even more anxious. So I have to know if there are others out there who expereince numbness or tingling as a result of anxiety? And I don't mean in a panic attack mode, I mean throughout the day, which brings on the anxiety. I hope this makes sense. I am so scared.
Avatar n tn I was assaulted and had basically the same sensations, numbness from top of right eye, cheek, nose, teeth.
Avatar m tn When the tongue issue started, it seemed to affect my entire tongue and at night I would wake up feeling like my throat was closing up (my tongue felt swollen, but I'm not sure if it actually was). Now, only the tip of my tongue is affected. 4) These episodes were almost exclusively a nighttime problem upon going to bed. It always strikes within 30 minutes of being in bed, just as I'm drifting off to sleep. When the symptoms started occurring during the day, I went to the ER.
559187 tn?1330786456 The numbness and tingling are on the tip and right side of tongue. Sometimes it even itches. I've had thrush a few times, but this doesn't look like thrush as there and there is no yeasty white coating. This even affects my talking. Any ideas?
660300 tn?1224793961 I knew going in that I had a slightly higher than average risk of temporary numbness of my lip/chin because of the proximity of my lower impacted wisdom teeth to my inferior alveolar nerve. When I woke up after surgery, the oral surgeon said he didn't think there would be any complications and he didn't think he'd even come close the nerve on either side. Once the anesthesia wore off, I realized the right side of my lip and chin were very numb.
Avatar n tn For 2 weeks I have had a perpetual mild numbness in my right thumb, index finger, outer arm, shoulder, and top of breast. The numbness is not severe, but there is a defnite lack of sensation. It slightly extends to my lower trunk and back. I also experience what may be L'Hermitte's sign. When I flex my neck forward, I get a buzz in my low back which moves into my hips. It only lasts for a couple seconds and is not painful, just uncomfortable.
Avatar m tn but numbness on the tip of my tongue, swollen (grooved) tongue edges, and enlarged red papuliae on the tip of the tongue are a constant. Lately, in the last 3 weeks, I also began getting blood blisters/purpura on the inside of my cheeks, i.e., on my buccal mucosa, and occasionally on my upper and lower lip. My complete blood count was thrown off, but seems to be improving. Right now everything is within normal range except my lymphocytes (my lymphocytes are currently @ 1.3 ... normal is 1.
Avatar n tn In any case, your symptoms could localize to the cervical spine (although the tongue and lips are above this level, numbness of the tongue and lips in isolation to other signs in the face/neck suggests a non-neurological problem like hyperventilation or an electrolyte, vitamin, or hormone (ie thyroid, calcium) related disorder, testable by some simple blood tests at the neurologists office).
Avatar n tn I hurt my neck about four weeks ago exercising and believe that I may have torn a ligament in the back of my neck- since then I have had swelling at the site of the injury, numbness in the jaw and face, roof of the mouth, numbness on my left side, fingers and foot, difficulty focusing, headaches, trouble with my balance, etc.
Avatar n tn So of course I immediately had some pain so I went to the bathroom to try to clear the cavity of the candy. All of a sudden the tip of my tongue started tingling. Seconds later the tingling started to spread towards the back of my tongue. I just thought of the worst case scenario. I was on the edge of having a panic attack because I thought it was going to continue towards my throat and like suffocate me however that was not the case.