Tiny bumps behind my ear

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Avatar n tn We are both natural redheads. (Skipped generations) I have a tiny eraser shaped stingy lump behind my left ear located on the neck. I thought my husband pinched me, but that was a month ago and the lump is actually there. It's concerning me. Help!
Avatar n tn Hi All, I am a 23 year old female and about 3 months ago I found a hard, immovable lump behind my right ear. There is one behind my left ear too but it is much smaller. I went to my Dr and he said it was just part of my normal anatomy. I wasn't convinced. I went to see another Dr who said the same but done a blood test anyway. The results came back clear.
Avatar n tn I have a two bumps. One behind my ear and one under my armpit. What does it mean? I ask my doctor about the one behind my ear he told my it had something to do with fine hairs, I asked anther doctor about it and she told me it could be assist and that i couldn't remove it because it was attach to one of my mane glands. I recently just discover another bump under my armpit, both on my major glands i havn't seen a doctor yet, but i don't have to know something is wrong with me.
Avatar n tn They burn when I pee and they are a little itchy. What are these? I'm very worried. Also my glands behind my right ear are swollen. I' m headed to the doctors this week, but I can't wait. I'm very stressed out. Do I have an STD. I am sexualy active, but I have never had any kind of problems with my vagina my whole life. Never even had a yeast infection. HELP ANYONE??
Avatar m tn I’m 13 years old, 101 pounds, 5 feet tall, blah blah blah…About…4 months ago, I think, I was fixing my hair and the back of my flat iron bumped right behind the top of my ear (I mean, not just the skin part, the top where the ear’s actually connected to the skull…make sense?) and it hurt. On a scale of 1 to 10, the pain was about a 4.
Avatar f tn Also When I was a baby I had really bad ezcema until I was around five years old. I've had a lump behind my ear for as long as I can remember, could this of swelled up when I was a child and never gone down? The doctors just tell me not to worry but they've never done any tests on it. I also have a few lumps on my head at the back near the hairline.
Avatar n tn then the next day or a couple of days after, i felt a bump on my head. i started feeling pain on parts of my head like tiny bumps with pain. yesterday another one appered on the top of my head. and it hurts when i press it. what can this be. please help.
Avatar n tn They extend from my lobe, up around the edge, slightly around the backside and onto the skin near where my lobe attaches as well as the skin behind my ear. My guess is an allergic reaction to something, but I have no known allergies and would have expected it to have faded by now (several hours later) if that were the case. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn ) to the right side of my penis, scrotum, penis head, web of fingers, wrist, behind ears and around eyes (very mild around the eyes). The rash is characterized by small, tiny bumps with slightly pink colored skin around it. When irritated it becomes itchy, and if scratched it leaves a filmy transparent fluid. Of course, I've read up on Herpes, but I have not had any blisters, headaches or pain urinating. I've been using tea tree oil to sooth the itch, but only for a week so far.
Avatar m tn com/attachments/medical-conditions-diseases/5731d1199427054-tiny-red-bumps-upper-under-arms-elbows-hands-tiny-red-bumps-arm.jpg I have a hard lump behind my left ear that is painless and movable. I also have a few bumps (could be from shaving) on my outer vagina. They look white. I also have a sort of white pigment spots on my arms and on the palms of my hands. What could this mean?
Avatar f tn I've had it all my life on both years, but it healed on my right year and now I only have it in my left and like you said, I have a bump behind my ear that's bigger that my normal right ear.
Avatar n tn There are no bumps on my legs or face though. I only have a few on my lower arms and like 3 bumps on my neck. But my torso and lower back are covered with them. The weird thing is that they don't itch at all!! I been checking all different websites and question from people but all their bumps itch really bad, so it really doesn't help me out too much. I am really nervous about what i have so if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you soo much!!!
Avatar m tn I had a similar problem twice, first behind my right ear, followed several months later by my left ear. In my case the skin was practically dissolved. Both times I cured it by applying a Neem cream, day and night, with cotton pads placed to absorb the liquid. It took several weeks to heal. Bad news though, now about 2 years later it has returned.
Avatar n tn I was told that these are just salivary glands and is normal (Even though I do not remember noticing them to the same extent when I was younger). However, when I pull my lip back in a certain way, I can see many tiny raised bumps on top of these larger bumps, and the tissue just looks very different than that behind my upper lip. I tried to tell my dentist, but he did not seem to pay much attention or examine more thorougly than normal, and thought I was just becoming more aware of my mouth.
Avatar n tn For the last 2 yrs I have also been getting painful sharp pain in my right eye. Something strange is growing behind my right ear one is almost like a blister more oval, the other a little bigger and hard they feel sore if I press it. May Dr says I may be hypothyroid what really concerns me is cancer. Is there a chance I may have it or can these symptoms be normal? I appreciate your opinion.
Avatar m tn Fine all winter until the mid spring weeds emerged. Tiny bumps developing first around the head behind the ears and beneath the (arm) pits. If left untreated, these would spread rapidly and intensify to the point of acute hair loss and scabbing patches. Prednisone, starting with an initial 10mg dose once daily for the first two days, then to 10mg every other day for the next four days, and finally settling into a half dose (5mg) every other day till the end of the season (around mid october).
Avatar m tn ) to the right side of my penis, scrotum, penis head, web of fingers, wrist, behind ears and around eyes (very mild around the eyes). The rash is characterized by small, tiny bumps with slightly pink colored skin around it. When irritated it becomes itchy, and if scratched it leaves a filmy transparent fluid. Of course, I've read up on Herpes, but I have not had any blisters, headaches or pain urinating. I've been using tea tree oil to sooth the itch, but only for a week so far.
Avatar n tn I'm not active, I've only had sex twice, and I don't plan upon continuing to do so, but I still don't like it. Like, when I speak to my boyfriend about intimacy and he's saying things in my ear, it doesn't have the same effect on me. I'm attempting to think of what he's saying, but mentally, thinking of my bumps, which would make an intimate moment between us very awkward.
Avatar n tn However, this morning I noticed a lump behind my ear, where the ear meets the head, in that crease. Its tender to the touch. I'm waiting on return calls from the doc and dermatologist. I'm so sick with worry, they dont seem to know what this is or be too concerned. I dont know if the two problems (ear and vagina) are related but I dont know what to do, who to turn to. Something is obviously not right. Would appreciate any insight.
Avatar n tn I woke up two days ago and my eye was really sore, the later that day it looked like a few tiny little bumps of course I made an appointment with my doctor and she said I had an infection in and I guess around my eye. She prescribed me eye drops to use 3 to 4 x a day so I still am not sure what this is but if someone can give me some insight I would really appreciate it.
Avatar n tn I was taking a decongestant, which reduced the congestion in the ear, but it always returned. My doctor said that he could see fluid behind the ear drum, and gave me antibiotics, which did not help. After five months of this, a friend told me that a simple one week course of steroids could possibly clear this up, so I asked my doc for it, and he accommodated me. The treatment worked very well, and also stopped my migraines and joint pain for a while.
Avatar m tn Now my throat is all read with bumps behind it and one of my tonsils looks like an olive. Never had tonsil issues in my health history. Mild soar throat and mild cough only when I smoke. Would weather changes cause this or smoking? Does transmission route make a difference in seroconversion window? Also really tired and feel like sleeping all the time.
Avatar f tn Yesterday morning he woke up and had little tiny red bumps (look like goose bumps but they're very small) on the back of his neck right at his hair line and behind his ears. Throughout the day I noticed they we're spreading to his face, shoulders, & chest areas. Also on his face along with the tiny spots are what look like scratches from a cat.
Avatar f tn Also i had one bump behind each ear but they felt like they were under the skin so it wasnt a blister i dont think and i had tiny bumps behind my ears i dont know im extremely stressed i feel like if it does come out to be hsv-1 my family will blame me even though i would never intentionally have infected them...i hope im just overreacting also my doctor got lesion on her tail and it still has yet to go away its been like close to a month. Am i tripping???
Avatar m tn I see skin wanting to peel off my ear like it would be sunburned. There are some tiny bumps behind my ear that sort of feel like small pimples. Any idea what this is? Please help me!
Avatar m tn Not to swallow or anything, just red. However, the last month and a half I've had two tiny bumps pop up on my top gums as well, not too far from my wisdom teeth area, and they too are almost symmetrical one on each side. They don't when the tongue touches them, but are painful to the touch of my finger. When I move my tongue over them it sounds like I can hear a little popping sound.
Avatar n tn I have had these crystal filled bumps on all parts on my face but my chin has mostly been affected. I had a skin peel a few years ago because my doctor thought it might help the condition. It did not help. I have never had them professionally removed; I did not know that was even possible. I have noticed that eventually the crystals work themselves toward the outer layer of the skin and come out, but new ones quickly take their place.
Avatar f tn Ok solast Thursday I gave me boyfriend oral sex tht lasted a minute.& 3 days later (sunday) I went to sleep & had my fan on high& windows open. In the middle of the nite I woke up& my throat was super dry& hurt. i drank tea& went back to bed. Then when I woke up in morning my throat hurt a lil & I looked in& on the way back of my tongue was bumps there are 3 on each side forming a V & way further down on my tongue are just a bunch of bumps.
Avatar m tn They are slightly red but mostly are skin tone and my thighs feel like a flame is underneath them. I feel it down to my knee on my left leg and I see a tiny dark dot halfway to behind my knee. Seems like herpes got me and I let it happen. I said no and was very nervous and scared but she said it was safe. Horrible.