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Avatar n tn Hello. I am a 40-year-old female. I woke about 10 days ago with numb lips. They were gone the next day but came back a few days later and have been near constant for about six days. The numbness moves around in my lips and also it moves around to various parts of my face. In my face, it's not full-on numbness, but more a stiff feeling, which comes and goes. It extends to the ears, the forehead, and to the chin.
Avatar n tn Then my right index finger tip when numb, a week later my left thumb, then the right thumb and left index finger also went numb. Started having pain in different joints, toes, knees, fingers. Occasionally have confusion. A few months ago I started being awaken by vibrating, and smells. Upon complete waking, smell is gone also vibrating. Now I vibrate internally anytime, day or night. Seems to be more pronounced when tired.
Avatar n tn My hands go numb quite frequently. Also I have a hard time sleeping because of numb toes. If I stand up and stomp my feet it helps a little but as soon as I lay down, it comes back. I was wondering if this could be peripheral neuropathy. I have not been diagnosed with diabetes but I do have hepatitis b core antibodies in my blood plasma. Also, at one time I was on the verge of liver damage due to prescription medicines and tylenol.
Avatar n tn Recently I have been waking up feeling like my mouth can't move, and noticing my lips are numb and then tingling. I am happy that I am not alone in this! Although, I take my studies very seriously, I dont feel asthough I am stressed at this point in my life. I am nineteen, and I should be in the prime of my life. This condition is the only thing making me stressed! Please write back. Your responses are to hear!
Avatar m tn Irregular heartbeat Breathing problems Numbness or tingling in the hands, feet or lips Confusion or nervousness Unusual tiredness or weakness Weak or heavy feeling in the legs.
Avatar n tn Anyway, I went to the doctor this morning and she said swelling like this (tongue, lips) is called angiodema. She said if I continue to expose myself to this allergen (whatever it may be) the next stage could be anaphylaxis. I'm really scared. I have 2 little kids and I'm terrified of something happening. I can't avoid the allergen if I don't know what it is.:( Please help.
Avatar n tn Today, my feet are numb from the tip of my toes to the back of my feet, and up to my ankle. I have gone to medical doctors, foot doctors, neurologist, chropractor that used the needles proceedure. The only one that gave me any relief was the chropractor. He diagnosed the problem as periferial nuropophy. Since then other doctors have jumped on the term of peripheral neuropathy.
Avatar f tn I too felt some sort of relief that only I knew that I had a numb chin and lips. The tingling does seem to indicate that the nerve is tryng to knit together again as I have definitely felt an improvement over the past few days so feel fairly optimistic that it will correct itself almost entirely. I have tried gently massaging my chin when I shower and although it may not be much help it feels as if I am doing something to improve things!
Avatar n tn If you refer to a post about two weeks ago regarding undiagnosed illness for people like yourself, experiencing similar symptoms, it may be helpful. As I write this my lips are tingling and my left side is weak and painful. I have been like this since the fall of 2001 and am still waiting for a diagnosis or cause. My fingers feel like they are unthawing, as if they had been in a snowbank.
Avatar n tn been experiencing the same thing for several years now. Mostly off and on symptoms like face going numb and tingling, different parts of my body going numb etc. But lately getting more and more frequent. At times my legs feel like tree stumps and they just dont want to move. 6 years ago had similar sytoms and Dr's did a series of tests...
Avatar n tn I have episodes of tingling in my hands, arms, nose, lips with dizziness and palpitations. I frequently am fatigued with a headache and nausea also sometimes. Now and then I'll be sitting or standing and my head will feel like it's being filled with pressure, but a friend owned a blood pressure cuff and checked it at that moment and it was fine. I suffer from anxiety, but I have always wondered, what came FIRST the physical symptoms or the anxiety ABOUT the symptoms.
Avatar f tn I have been on Zoloft for 6 wks now and I too have face (mainly left side) tingling and numb face, lips and chin. I thought, omg stroke!! I feel so much better after reading your posts, guys!! Anxiety is SO evil!
Avatar n tn I had been feeling relief for the most part from the tingling, and then last night I woke up with my right leg tingling slightly and my toes felt like they were going to sleep, but then it went away and I went back to sleep. Then I woke up with my left arm doing the same, it didnt last long, and then went away. I thought this stuff was over or at least fading! Im trying to stay calm, but still am worried that this shot has really done something bad to me.
Avatar f tn On my 2nd day I woke up with a horrible pain on my right leg I got out of bed walk and and it went away, I didn’t have any palpitation feeling on my thigh anymore, but on the second day the tingling sensation had started; feet, toes, lips mouth, everywhere!! So I decided to hit the internet and after readrying some post here I realize i was not alone with this. Of course I was freaked out about GBS, and still am a bit, but I guess anxiety is playing a big part in this.
Avatar n tn About 2 weeks ago I began feeling a dull ache in my armpits, followed by bouts of what feels like my hands/arms falling asleep when I go to bed. Sometimes the pain/tingling is so great it wakes me up or I have difficulty sleeping. The sensation of "falling asleep" has diminished some, but my hands still tingle and arms ache even during the day. The pain is worse when I'm sleeping than during the day though and is greater in my right arm than my left.
Avatar n tn I had also been waking up in the middle of the night with weird neuropathic symptoms - numb top-center scalp, numb lips, numb/tingly forehead, all of which would subside when I sat up. Is there some sort of circulation problem going on here? every time I have been to the ER my blood pressure/pulse/temp is normal. Though I am at rest by then.
Avatar n tn I had also been waking up in the middle of the night with weird neuropathic symptoms - numb top-center scalp, numb lips, numb/tingly forehead, all of which would subside when I sat up. Is there some sort of circulation problem going on here? every time I have been to the ER my blood pressure/pulse/temp is normal. Though I am at rest by then.
Avatar m tn Hi im a female, im 19 and have the same problem with my body going numb all the time it'll start with my hands, than go down to my feet.
Avatar n tn Since then I have been hypocalcemic. This has caused daily numbness and tingling in lips, hands and feet (also Chovstik's sign daily). I am on a regiment of Tums and Caltrate to offset the low blood calcium. Of course this has been causing constipation (a fun cycle!). Most recently even following calcium replacement, I have had consistent numbness, burning, pain and tingling in my feet. I was playing soccer this week and both feet went numb and felt like pins and needles.
Avatar f tn Does anyone here have tingling and other weird sensory symptoms on a daily basis? Mine has been here for 6 years, but it seems that they are getting worse. I find it hard to believe that people can have these weird sensations from anxiety alone. I have had a brain MRI and c-spine MRI, the only thing that showed was a bulging disk. Anyone else have this?
Avatar n tn The tingling and numbness has now also moved to my feet - started with toes and now is on the entire bottom of my foot. Last night it was as if someone held a lighter under my feet. I have, occasionally, a very heavy feeling in my feet, ankle, legs - as if someone has poured lead into my legs. All of my symptoms go away most of the time and remain gone for months but then decide to pay me a surprise visit again.
Avatar n tn During this time blood is sent to vital areas of your body like your brain, heart and lungs, and less blood is sent to to other areas. This could cause tingling in the fingers, toes, and face. People like us also face the problem with stress that when the symptoms come on we stress about that which only leads to the symptoms getting worse. If you have had a clean bill of health I would try not to worry about it and attempt to manage the stress instead of the symptoms.
Avatar n tn couldn't sleep because of the tingling. I basically only sleep when exhausted. The tingling started to act up more again; possibly because I might have overdone it yesterday. Anyone have suggestions how to sleep???
Avatar n tn I am still having left-sided tingling, lightheaded, extremely tired feeling, but this week, while experiencing another really bad headache, my entire mouth (lips, and area around them), (not just left side) has been numb and tingling for 2 days, doesn't that sound more like TIA or stroke symptoms or something? I know they should be "transient" but I still am thinking... hoping... for something vascular or something...anything... that can be fixed or cured, cause I know MS has no cure.
Avatar n tn The tingling spread into my gums and teeth and few seconds later my lips and cheek. The tingling turned into numbness, however, the numbness only occurred on the left side of my face. Naturally now I was thinking it was a stroke. After about 10 minutes the numbness was gradually subsiding and was going into my left hand. I couldnt feel my fingers and that lasted for about 10 minutes also. After that the numbness disappeared completely. I called a friend who is in nursing school.
665881 tn?1248930597 I get the tingling almost everywhere as well as spasms & twitches. My feet, legs , face & hands are the most affected though. Sometimes I feel a pulse (like electricity) then the twitching will start & other times I feel the tingling then I what ever body part will go numb. My hands & feet , half of my leg stays numb all the time & I have Bells palsy on the R. side of my face. I also get the zaps & zings everywhere & have tremors.
601516 tn?1224888237 tingling zaps in hands and feet pm hands feel like they are being shocked feet feel like they are being shocked but there is kindof a little burn on my right toes with it face feels weird lips feel funny, almost numb back hurts almost unbareably hips still hurt vision really bad very very confused different kind of crawly feeling in arm. felt like hairs were blowing or moving.